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BBQ Hampers


Enjoy some delicious BBQ with that perfect glass of wine or one of the world's finest brews with The Hamper Emporium's collection of BBQ hampers. Our selection of wine, beers, seasonings and nibbles bring out the flavours of all your favourite Aussie meals. Try the Red Wine & BBQ hamper. Available in different sizes, this hamper features a classic Australian Red and a range of enticing flavours to spice up any BBQ. These quality products are perfect for the summer months.

BBQ Hampers

The BBQ hamper is one of the most enjoyable hampers of all time. It's a perfect hamper that will match almost any type of occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries and whatever reasons behind the celebration, the BBQ hamper will always be the best and the most fun hamper to give away. This is why the Hamper Emporium prepared dozens of BBQ hampers to choose from, just in case you want to experience an outdoor party that everyone will surely enjoy. The Hamper Emporium is the leading hamper provider that most Aussies love. So when planning your BBQ party, you should not fail to check what the Hamper Emporium has in stored for you.

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

With a starting price of $99, this Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper is truly an economical one that can satisfy one's craving for a BBQ taste. Thanks to this hamper's contents, BBQ party will never be dull. It comes with Cat Cora's products that are sumptuous ingredients when marinating a meat. There's more to this hamper aside from savoury items, it also presents wine & champagne, Garlic and Tomato Tapenade, crackers and even peanuts!

Micro-Breweries of Australia Hamper

For as low as $109, you and your recipient will definitely enjoy the BBQ party you've been wishing. The Hamper Emporium knows that a BBQ party will never be complete without any beer & Cider! With this hamper, people celebrating with you will get a taste of different types of beer ranging from English bitter beer, a malt beer, 330ml ale from Lord Nelson, and more. What is even better are the savoury products that are included. So hurry and grab this hamper now!

Everything but the Cheese Hamper

An outdoor party does not require too much preparation. The main items needed are simply the meat to be grilled, the savoury items needed when marinating the food and of course beers. However, with this Everything but the Cheese Hamper, you will receive more than what is needed when doing a BBQ party. You will have a chance to savor on great tasting pantry items, like the made in England cheeses, onion marmalade and Quince Jelly. There's the wine & champagne, a bamboo cheese board and more savoury items all for only $169.

Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper

Men definitely love BBQ party and when giving away an outdoor present, make sure to choose the Hamper Emporium's Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper. The name of this hamper truly represents the contents inside. You will enjoy Germany's Bitburger Beer, the pride of Belgium which is the Chimay beer that has a bitter and fruity taste in it, another Belgian beer which is the Hoegaarden White Beer, Netherlands very own Le Trappe beer and last but not the least is the Menabrea Lager of Italy. There are savoury stuffs too and this hamper can be purchased for only $109.

Beers of Australia Hamper

The greatest tandem when doing an outdoor party is to consume the best beers out there, marinate your meat with tasty savoury stuffs and of course, peanuts will always be present. So when looking forward to this kind of party, the Beers of Australia Hamper is the perfect choice from the Hamper Emporium. You don't have to spend too much cash for world class beers for some of these beers are already found in Beers of Australia Hamper. There's the most loved beer of beer fanatics, the Mildura Beer. If this is not enough to satisfy your beer cravings, there are Lager products and Ale too. You can then use to marinate your meaty dish with Jack's Black Label Beef Jerky and other savoury delights in this hamper. Lastly, you guys get to enjoy the peanuts of Morgan & Albert's as well as the potato chips offered by Thomas Chipman.  

Have a BBQ Blast!

As you can imagine, a BBQ party without these awesome treats will never be fun. So when planning your very first BBQ party or whatever outdoor party you want, don't forget to check on the Hamper Emporium's greatest collection of BBQ Hampers. All are made economical and deliciously tempting. Now, you get to save big yet enjoy the food and beers without feeling guilty of the splurges you’ve made. The Hamper Emporium definitely knows how to satisfy one’s needs and wants in its own simple ways.