Top Christening Gift Hampers

Author: Emily McWaters   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

baptism gift hampers for babies Stuck on what to gift to a little one for a christening? No need to worry, because we have you covered at the Hamper Emporium with a tremendous range of christening gift hampers. To discover our finest gift hampers for christenings, please read our overview of gift hampers below.

The Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Hamper

Our Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Hampers is the best baby hamper in our range, containing not only excellent presents for the baby, but also for the parents for this special occasion. Therefore, it could be the perfect christening present for both the baby and the parents.

Inside the Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Baskets, parents can find the best baby brands of Australia; this includes Pure Baby and Marquise. Both brands are known for their excellent baby clothing, and the use of organic materials. So, even parents preferring organic materials, will be more than happy with a Sophie & Moet Gift Hamper.

The Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Baskets contain Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne for the parents as well. The champagne is also complimented by delicate French and Australian nibbles; this includes the Maison Fossier French Palmier Pastries and Morgan’s Honey Roasted Peanuts. In short, everything the parents will need for a romantic evening together once the busy day is over.

The All in White Baby Hamper

When you need a gift for a christening, but do not like to gift specific colours, you could consider one of our All in White Baby Gift Baskets. Inside our All in White Baby Gift Baskets, customers can find white baby clothing from Marquise and Pure Baby, suitable for baby girls and boys.

One of our All in White Baby Gift Baskets is also suitable for customers who want a present for a birth, but are not yet aware of the gender of the baby. In addition to these specific gift baskets, there are other neutral options in our range as well, so you can easily find the perfect gift despite not knowing the gender of the baby.

The All in White Baby Hamper also contains the same nibbles for the parents as can be found inside the Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Hamper, so you could also gift this hamper to give the parents a relaxing and romantic experience together.

The Natural Collection Baby Hamper

If you are looking for the finest organic baby hamper at the Hamper Emporium, you should consider the Natural Collection Baby Hamper. Inside the Natural Collection Baby Hamper, the parents can count on quality organic products from brands such as Bubba Blue, Nature’s Child, EcoStore, Sophie La Giraffe and Pure Baby.

Even though we have many organic hampers, the Natural Collection Baby Hamper contains everything a little one may need during his or her early life. It includes clothing, a teething ring, bath products, nappy balm, a hooded towel and even face washers.

In conclusion, the Natural Collection Baby Hamper is certainly a hamper that must be considered for both baby girls and boys, because these exquisite brands have so much to offer. So, if you are stuck on choosing the perfect present, be sure to consider this one.

Sophie La Giraffe with Grey Stripes

If you are looking for a hamper filled with organic baby clothing, we might have another option for you. Inside our range of christening gifts, parents can find the Sophie La Giraffe with Grey Stripes Hamper, containing clothing from Pure Baby and Marquise, as well as several products from Sophie La Giraffe.

Pure Baby is an Australian brand known for its organic baby clothing. However, their range is not limited to baby clothing, because they also release clothing for young girls and boys. The organic materials they use are certainly recommended for babies who are sensitive to certain materials, so the Sophie La Giraffe Grey Stripes Hamper could be a serious consideration for these children.

Of course, Marquise is also a brand many Australian parents are familiar with, because this brand has been creating baby clothing since 1932. The brand is known to provide the most comfortable clothing pieces, since the quality between Marquise baby clothing and other brands cannot be compared.

To create the best baby clothing, Marquise only uses the finest cotton fabrics. Most of their cotton fabrics are also considered organic, which means Marquise is also a good option for babies with sensitivities to chemicals.

We also need to mention that Marquise does not limit its range to clothing, because they also have an exquisite range of bassinet blankets. These bassinet blankets are also available at the Hamper Emporium, so be sure to check our hampers with bassinet blankets as well if you are interested in these blankets from Marquise!

Discover Special Chocolate Hampers for the Parents

At christenings, it can be a good idea to give a special present to the parents as well. New parents often do not get a lot of time for each other, so gifting one of our romantic chocolate hampers in addition to a christening hamper for a new baby is ideal.

The Hamper Emporium offers several chocolate hampers that could be perfect for the parents. Inside these chocolate hampers, you will often find premium chocolate brands from well-known chocolatiers; this includes Butlers Irish Chocolates, Willie’s Cacao and Morgan’s.

Most of our chocolate hampers also contain a selection of additional gourmet treats and a bottle of bubbly, which guarantee to provide your recipients with a lovely romantic evening.

Choose the Best Christening Gift with Our Help

Are you still stuck trying to choose the perfect christening gift despite our overview? No need to worry, because you can still count on our professional advice. To get some advice on christening gifts, simply contact us via telephone, email or website chat.

Alternatively, you could have a look at our “new baby” range to see our full collection of christening gifts. In addition to the baby hampers we already suggested, there are still more options waiting to be discovered by you. So, head over to the “new baby” range if you wish to keep your options open!

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