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Baby Hampers For Mum & Bub

If you want to give a new mum a special treat to celebrate her new arrival the Hamper Emporium has the best variety of hampers available. We have a range of girl, boy and neutral hampers available which will spoil not only the newborn bundle of joy but the mum and dad as well. Order today and receive delivery free Australia wide.


Uncover the Best Baby Hampers for Mum and Bub at the Hamper Emporium

The Hamper Emporium is known to have a fine collection of premium baby hampers, which can contain items for mum and bub. Today, we look a little closer at our baby hampers, providing you with the information you need to choose the best baby hamper for your recipient. So, read on to discover which baby hamper you should use to delight mum and bub.

Giving a surprise gift to the greatest individuals in your life is never a hassle especially when it comes to online shopping, which comes with free delivery just like what the Hamper Emporium has to offer. You can choose from a great array of hampers with just a click of your computer mouse. We have hampers available for the best Mum and Bub in the world starting at a very low price.

How to Make a Baby Boy Hamper?

The Hamper Emporium uses a variety of products in baby hampers. Our baby hampers for little boys usually contain a lot of blue-themed products; this includes plush toys, clothing, and baby books. You could also add other items, which are also used in our baby hampers; this includes organic baby bath products, hooded towels, and more products that could be used at bath time.

What Do You Put in a Baby Shower Hamper?

Looking for a baby hamper that could be gifted for a baby shower? If you want to obtain a suitable baby hamper for a baby shower, you must include some essentials for the baby; this includes a teether, baby clothing, and baby bath products. Of course, you could add some other things too, but be sure to incorporate some of the baby products the parents still need.

How to Make a Baby Hamper Basket?

In addition to the products you will need inside a baby hamper, you will also need something to present your hamper; this could be a wicker basket, but also a handcrafted wooden box or a pre-designed cardboard box. If the box matches the occasion, you can present your baby hampers beautifully.

Of course, the products included in a baby hamper also matter. When you create a baby hamper, it must always contain a combination of toys and functional baby products, but you could also include countless items for the new mum. Just look at some of our new baby hampers to uncover that perfect combination of presents.

What to Put in a Baby Hamper?

There are many items you can include in a baby hamper. Common items you will find in baby hampers include toys, baby books, and baby clothing. Of course, it could also contain some lovely items for the new mum, this may include chocolates and nibbles.

At the Hamper Emporium, you can discover baby hampers with a variety of products. Our team selects some of the best toys, but also delightful baby books and high-quality baby clothing. So, if you need some inspiration for a baby hamper, be sure to check out how the experts at the Hamper Emporium create them.

How Do You Wrap a Baby Hamper?

The presentation of a baby hamper is just as important as the items inside, because you want a beautiful and clean presentation. Fortunately, the Hamper Emporium takes care of hamper presentation for you, so customers do not have to worry about wrapping our baby hampers.

Our baby hampers are always presented in a gorgeous keepsake box. The keepsake box usually has a neutral crème colour; this ensures that the hamper is suitable for both girls and boys. Of course, you do have to look at the content beforehand, since we do provide some dedicated baby hampers for both girls and boys.

What Are the Most Popular Baby Shower Hampers?

Some baby hampers in our collection are more popular than others. To give you an accurate overview of the most popular baby hampers, we have created a summary of our top three hampers below.

The Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper (Girls and Boys)

At the Hamper Emporium, you can find the Guess How Much I Love You Hamper. Our hamper experts have created a dedicated version for girls and boys, so make sure to pick up the right one if you decide to choose the most popular hamper in our collection.

Even though the hampers are designed for girls and boys specifically, the products inside the hamper are inherently the same, but vary in colour. Products that can be found inside the Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper include a plush hare toy, baby clothing, books, and a nice selection of nibbles for mum.

Not quite sure about the gender of the baby? No worries, since there is also a neutral Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper; this hamper can be gifted to both girls and boys.

The Natural Collection Baby Hamper

For parents who prefer organic and natural products for their newborn, we recommend the Natural Collection Baby Hamper. The Natural Collection Baby Hamper only contains organic and natural products, featuring brands such as EcoStore.

The Natural Collection Baby Hamper also comes with an interesting extra, more specifically the Sophie La Giraffe Teether. The teether is made from natural ingredients, including food-grade paints and natural rubber. Of course, the teether is also functional, providing the baby with some much-needed relief once the teething process kicks in.

The Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper

Peter Rabbit has been one of the most popular baby characters for years, so it is no surprise that many baby toys and items are embellished with the likeness of Peter Rabbit. If you have been looking for a hamper that is jam-packed with Peter Rabbit toys, then we certainly suggest the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper.

The Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper in our collection contains everything Peter Rabbit lovers want. It contains a Peter Rabbit toy, storybook, bib, clothing, and even a food set. So, it is no wonder that the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper is one of the most popular choices at the Hamper Emporium.

What Is the Best New Baby Hamper?

To ensure our range of baby hampers stays fresh and interesting, our team regularly adds new baby hampers to the collection. Curious what our recommended new baby hamper is? It is the Ollie Owl Celebration Baby Hamper.

Inside the Ollie Owl Celebration Baby Hamper, customers can find Australia’s finest sparkling wine complemented by an Ollie Owl plush toy, a storybook, and Marquise blanket. All the items also have neutral colours, which makes this new addition to our range suitable for both girls and boys.

Looking to surprise the parents of a newborn baby? Or would you like to pay the new baby a visit and surprise him or her with a wonderful selection of baby products? Whichever one it may be, the Hamper Emporium can help you with a tremendous collection of quality baby hampers. These baby hampers cannot be compared with most baby hampers on the market today though because each of the products inside our baby hampers is hand-selected by our hamper designer to guarantee superior quality for each of our customers.

The products inside our baby hampers are incredibly versatile, and this is also needed considering how many baby gifts are available nowadays. Inside our baby hampers, you can easily find essential baby items such as singlets and growsuits, but also more unusual items that may benefit the baby, more specifically organic bubble bath, shampoos and teething rings. Our hampers are also diverse where gender is concerned because we have numerous neutral hampers that could be gifted to both girls and boys. So, if you still need a baby or christening gift this year, be sure to take a good look at our extensive collection of baby hampers.

Can I Customise Baby Hampers from the Hamper Emporium?

It is certainly possible to customise a baby hamper from the Hamper Emporium. Firstly, you can use the free greeting card that accompanies your hamper and add a personal message for the new parents. However, you can also take advantage of the branding options at the Hamper Emporium.

The Hamper Emporium provides customers with the option to add custom ribbons, gift tags, and even engraved gifts to a baby hamper of their choice; this service can be found under our corporate branding section since this service is predominantly used by businesses to add their corporate brand to a gift basket. Of course, it can be used by individuals who want to make their hamper extra special too.

What Can I Do If I Cannot Decide on a Baby Hamper for Mum and Bub?

Cannot decide on a hamper? No problem, because the Hamper Emporium has an entire team at your disposal. Contact us for some additional assistance and some recommendations, and we are sure you will find the hamper you are looking for.