Baby Gifts Mums Recommend

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:17 March 2015 

Baby Gifts Mums Recommend

Mother knows best, this is also the case for their recommended baby hampers in the Hamper Emporium range. Having problems deciding which baby gift to purchase for a baby shower? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Discover the baby hampers mums recommend and pick out the best baby shower gift for your friend, relative, wife, girlfriend or fiancé.

Bashful Bunny Baby Hampers for Girls and Boys

Sometimes it is hard to decide which gift to buy. There are so many different suitable gifts on the market, so you are showered with a large choice of quality items. However, there are times when you come across a gift that is simply perfect. The Bashful Bunny Baby Hamper is one of those gifts. 

The Bashful Bunny Baby Hamper is available for girls and boys and contains a variety of items for the baby as well as mum. This combination is a success with modern-day mums and we cannot really say that we blame them. The hamper contains a beautiful, cuddly toy that is perfect for a newborn baby, but also has some sweets and cookies for mum. 

Bashful Bunny Baby Hamper is not only suited for baby showers, but also for dad who just wants to surprise his beautiful wife with a luxurious present. The hamper just radiates sweetness, so it is a gift that many mums and babies will appreciate.

Hello Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper

The Hello Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper could not be missing from our shortlist of recommended baby gifts. Peter Rabbit has been going for a few years, so it is likely that some new mums will remember Peter Rabbit from their childhood. Continuing the tradition of Peter Rabbit can be achieved with this particular Baby Hamper. The gift contains a cute Peter Rabbit toy, building blocks and even a Peter Rabbit book. 
The hamper is the perfect gift for the nursery and the newborn baby will definitely enjoy listening to the adventures of Peter Rabbit. The beauty about this particular hamper is that the items are not only functional, they are also educational. Mums recommend this hamper, simply because it gives their newborn an intellectual head start in life.

Natural Collection Baby Hamper

Sometimes people prefer organic products instead of commercial, mass-produced gifts. We totally understand that point-of-view and a lot of mums do as well. The Natural Collection Baby Hamper will definitely fill that need and only contains natural, organic and recycled products. When you choose this recommended baby gift, you also choose a gift that is environmentally friendly. 

The Natural Collection Baby Hamper also has some items that mums will need for baby’s first bath, such as natural baby shampoo and bath lotion. When you are unsure what gift to buy for a baby shower, then you simply cannot go wrong with this one. The hamper has plenty of useful things for baby’s first bath and mum will not have to worry about dangerous chemicals in lotions or shampoo. 

Welcome Hamper

The Welcome Hamper is a definite favourite for mum who have just given birth. After months of sobriety, mum is probably dying to celebrate with a nice glass of bubbly. 

When you choose the Welcome Hamper, you will get a nice amount of items for the mum as well as some gifts and accessories for the baby. The Hamper contains a nice bottle of bubbly, a Pinot Noir Chardonnay, but some nice chocolate and butter cookies as well, so mum can relax and spoil herself. 

Paddington Bear Hamper

Mums who like brands will go mad for the Paddington Bear Hamper. Paddington Bear is popular all over the world and is recognized as a fashionable and trendy brand. For that reason, the Paddington Bear Hamper had to be an all-time favourite. The newborn baby can sleep comfortably in an organic grow suit in red strips and a matching hat for the outdoors. The Hamper also has some soft organic cotton mittens that will look absolutely adorable. 


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