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Neutral Baby Hampers

Gender of the baby unknown? No worries with these Gender Neutral Baby Hampers. We are your one stop online baby hamper store in Australia. With a variety of Hampers and Gift Baskets you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for any baby occasion. Our range includes hampers for Baby Showers, Christening Gifts, Birth / Hospital Gifts, Corporate Maternity / Paternity Leave Gifts, Baptism Gifts and gifts for any other baby or newborn occasion. 

Choose the Perfect Gift from a Large Range of Baby Hampers!

Getting the perfect gift for a newborn baby is easier than you think. With the help of Hamper Emporium, you can find an amazing selection of baby hampers with outstanding baby items such as books, toys and baby clothing. Want to know more about our range of baby hampers? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Hamper Emporium’s luxurious baby hampers for newborns!

How Do I Select the Best Baby Hamper?

Before you start searching in our large range of baby hampers, you will have to ask yourself if you are going to be shopping according to the sex of the baby. Not all parents will tell you the sex of the baby before the birth, which can be a little trickier when you need to search for a good baby hamper.

Customers who already know the sex of the baby can start searching in a range of dedicated baby hampers for girls or boys. Our hamper range will have a suitable choice for every newborn baby, so you will easily find something you are happy with.

If you do not know the sex of the baby there is no need to panic, because we also have a range of neutral baby hampers that can be gifted to baby girls and baby boys. Good examples of such baby hampers are the “Natural Collection Baby Hamper”, the “All in White Baby Hamper” and the “Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper”.

Are All Items In These Hampers Suitable For Newborns?

The safety of the newborn baby is incredibly important to the Hamper Emporium, so we only included items that have been deemed safe according to Australian, New Zealand and European standards. Each baby item added to our hampers has been evaluated and tested by the manufacturer, but has also been checked by the Hamper Emporium team for your peace of mind.

Customers will also notice a large amount of organic products in our baby hamper range. Hamper Emporium believes in organic products, considering they are a lot better for the baby’s skin and general health than non-organic products.

What Kind Of Products Can I Find In Baby Hampers for Newborns?

The products in Hamper Emporium’s baby hampers for newborns can vary quite a bit. The reason for that is that every customer has their own preferences where baby products are concerned. Customers who search our range for a suitable baby hamper can therefore find dedicated hampers with bath products, toys, teethers, clothing and teddy bears.

Can I Get Gifts for The Parents from this Hamper Range?

Some of our hampers for newborns also contain presents for the new parents. The most common types of presents you will find for new parents are bottles of champagne, biscuits, cookies and chocolate. 

Since all presents for parents are included in the baby hamper, customers do not have to go looking for a separate hamper to celebrate the baby’s birth. This provides customers with a cost-efficient baby gift that is appreciated by everyone.