What Is a Good gift for a Newborn?

Author: Emily McWaters   Date Posted:22 February 2018 

gift boxes for newborn babiesFinding the perfect gift for a newborn baby is easy on the Hamper Emporium, because our collection of gift hampers contains some of the finest baby products. Of course, we understand that many of our customers would love some recommendations where baby products and gift hampers are concerned, so we have provided these suggestions below.

What Baby Gift Baskets Are Most Suitable for a Newborn?

Baby gift baskets for newborns must contain quite the unique selection of baby products. Fortunately, the baby gift baskets range of the Hamper Emporium provides that unique collection of baby products. Below, you can find some of our top baby gift baskets, which all contain some unique baby products the newborn will love.

The Jurlique All in White Baby Hamper with Champagne

When you need the perfect combination of baby clothing, toys, and baby bath products, the Jurlique All in White Baby Hamper with Champagne from our baby gift baskets range will be perfect. Inside this exquisite hamper, customers can find Marquise baby clothing, various baby bath products from Jurlique, and even an organic teether.

The Jurlique & Orla Kiely Baby Hamper

Another exquisite choice for newborns is the Jurlique & Orla Kiely Baby Hamper. Inside this hamper, customers will find many high-quality baby products; this includes Jurlique bath products, a delightful knot hat, and much more.

When you take a closer look at the Jurlique & Orla Kiely Baby Hamper, you will notice that all the products have a neutral grey colour. With all grey baby products, customers can use this baby hamper for both girls and boys.

Which Gifts for Mum and Baby Does the Hamper Emporium Provide?

At the Hamper Emporium, customers will not only find hampers with baby items, since our range also contains hampers with gifts for mum and baby. If you are curious about these gifts for mum and baby, be sure to check out the following hamper choices.

The Sparkling Pink Baby Hamper

Customers looking for that subtle combination of gifts for mum and baby will certainly appreciate the Sparkling Pink Baby Hamper. The Sparkling Pink Baby Hamper is specifically designed for baby girls, but also contains a nice gift for mum.

Gifts for mum and baby inside the Sparkling Pink Baby Hamper include Chandon Brut Rosé, a Marquise 100% Cotton Daisy Growsuit, Marquise Girl’s Stretch Wrap, a cream plush teddy bear, and AB See, a delightful book written by Elizabeth Doyle. With this combination of gifts for mum and baby, the gift basket will certainly go down well with both mum and baby.

The Ollie Owl Celebration Baby Hamper

Another exquisite choice for both mum and baby is the Ollie Owl Celebration Baby Hamper. Inside this hamper, there are plenty of newborn baby gifts, but also a nice bottle of Australia’s finest sparkling wine for the parents.

The newborn baby gifts inside the Ollie Owl Celebration Baby Hamper include Twiggies Ollie Owl, a soft companion for the baby. It also includes Hello World, a book specifically created for newborn babies, and a Marquise soft cotton stretch wrap for those comfortable moments with mum.

What Are the Latest Newborn Baby Gifts at the Hamper Emporium?

The Hamper Emporium regularly adds new newborn baby gifts; this ensures that our range of baby gift hampers stays interesting for regular Hamper Emporium customers. Below, you will find some of the latest additions to the newborn baby gifts range, so if you are looking for something unique, be sure to pick up one of the baskets below.

The Gumnut Babies & Jurlique Hamper

One brilliant addition to our baby hamper catalogue is the Gumnut Babies & Jurlique Hamper. The hamper contains Tales from the Gum Tree, a children’s book by May Gibbs. The book is also complemented by a matching bib, beanie, bamboo booties, mittens, and records book, giving this lovely hamper a clear and attractive theme.

Our Gumnut Babies & Jurlique Hamper also contains some Jurlique baby products, more specifically a calming baby oil, gentle shampoo, and a body wash. So, with this hamper, the new parents have everything they need for baby’s first bath.

The Aromatherapy Co. Baby Nourishing Hamper

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly more popular for newborn babies, since it can help them get to sleep faster or be less fussy generally. Therefore, we certainly suggest picking up one of the Aromatherapy Co. Baby Nourishing Hampers.

Inside the Aromatherapy Co. Baby Nourishing Hamper, customers can find many bath products for the baby. It contains cute rubber duckies, aromatherapy baby soap, a diffusion set, and much more. Head over to the product description page now to uncover what other terrific products you can find in this nourishing hamper.


For the best baby hampers for mum and bub, there is only one address, the Hamper Emporium! Check out our full range today and discover more amazing gifts for the birth of a new baby!

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