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All You Need to Know About the Delivery of Your Australian Christmas Hampers!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 June 2017 

Are you considering getting your Australian Christmas hampers from the Hamper Emporium this Christmas? Be sure to read the information below, because this will tell you everything you need to know about the delivery of your Australian Christmas hampers this holiday season!

The Cut-Off Dates

The Hamper Emporium aims to deliver the Australian Christmas hampers to customers on time. Therefore, we must implement some cut-off dates to ensure your Australian Christmas hampers are delivered before the most wonderful time of the year! The cut-off dates vary every year, since we must consider weekends.

Cut-off dates for this year’s holiday season will be released well-before the start of the holiday season, so you can check when you need to order your Australian Christmas hampers for. So, if you plan to get a hamper for a friend or relative during the holiday season, be sure to order before the cut-off date to get it in time.

Consider Busy Couriers!

Even though we send all hampers in a timely manner during the holiday season, it is the busiest time of the year for couriers and the postal service. Therefore, it is more likely for you to experience delays in delivery, even though couriers and the postal service do their best to avoid such delays.

To ensure you get your hamper on time – even if a delay occurs – it is best to add an extra week when you order. Even though it is unlikely your hamper will take an extra seven days to arrive, this is the safest way to guarantee you have your recipient’s gift.


Packaging Quality

The Hamper Emporium offers free delivery on all Christmas hampers this holiday season, but this does not mean that we don’t take excellent care of the package your hamper is delivered.

Our Hamper Emporium team has chosen an excellent courier to deliver your hamper, but even so, we can never guarantee how a package is treated once it leaves our warehouse. To avoid problems or damage during transit, we ensure the hamper cannot move in its packaging when being transported. We also add extra padding inside the package; this makes sure that the hamper is less susceptible to shocks.

Even though damage to hamper is extremely rare, there is always a possibility during the busy holiday season. If you open your package and your hamper has been damaged in transit, please contact the Hamper Emporium immediately. If your hamper was damaged during transport, then we could provide you with a replacement. For more details about this service, please contact the Hamper Emporium today.

Product Quality

The Hamper Emporium offers many hampers containing gourmet products. Naturally, we must ensure these products are fresh and of the highest quality, because only the best is good enough for Hamper Emporium customers.

To ensure the finest quality for the gourmet products inside our hampers, all products are checked by our team by hand; this guarantees the best possible quality and the freshness of the products.

Before a gourmet product – or any other product in our gift hampers – makes our collection, our team checks it thoroughly. We research the experiences of consumers, but also check the reputation of the brand before anything from this brand is added to the hamper collection.

Seasonal Products

We do need to mention that some of our hampers contain seasonal products; this means that the seasonal products could be replaced inside the hamper when out of season. However, we always replace seasonal products with items of equal or higher value. Therefore, you will never be disappointed when acquiring one of our seasonal hampers.

Delivery Times

Please note that there are different delivery times for our hampers, which vary according to region. For example, if you live in Victoria or Queensland Metro, your delivery time will be different than the deliver time for customers living in Perth, Darwin and regional areas.

To help our customers determine the estimated delivery time of their hamper a little easier, we have added an overview of our usual delivery times below each product description on the Hamper Emporium website.

Even though our estimated delivery times are quite accurate, we do need to mention that these estimated delivery times can vary somewhat during the holiday season. Since couriers and the postal service can be delayed, please account for such a delay when you place your Christmas hamper order.

Free Standard Delivery

All Australian Christmas hampers this holiday season are eligible for free standard delivery; this means that you do not have to pay anything on top to get your festive hamper delivered on your doorstep.

Naturally, there are other delivery options available to customers who want to speed up their delivery time. Extra delivery options available to you will be displayed during the checkout, since delivery options can vary depending on your area too.

Premium Delivery

If you want a guaranteed delivery on your requested day – an option that is extremely interesting during the holiday season – you could choose our premium delivery option. The premium delivery option is available for customers in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Gosford, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Adelaide and Perth. However, this option is not available for PO Box and Parcel Locker addresses.

Additional Delivery Options

The delivery options above are some of the main options our customers use, but there are more to benefit from; this includes the same day delivery, next day delivery and express delivery. For more information about these delivery options, please head over to our delivery page for more information.

Require More Information About Your Christmas Delivery?

Do you need more information about the delivery of your Christmas hampers this holiday season? Cannot find the information you need on the product description or delivery page? Feel free to contact the Hamper Emporium team to get more information on deliveries. We will be more than happy to provide you with the delivery information you require this holiday season!

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