What are the Best Christmas Chocolate Hampers for the Office?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:2 November 2016 

The season of giving is upon us. Holiday shopping for people in the office is a bit stressful compared to shopping for family members. There are a lot of things to consider when gift shopping for your colleagues, bosses, and employees. What is an appropriate gift for your boss or your co-workers? When and how do you give them? You surely don’t want to appear rude or inappropriate.

Most people prefer to give Christmas hampers to be on the safe side. To give you more tips on what to give, read the following tips so you are better informed about gift giving etiquette in the office.

What are Some Office Gift Giving Etiquette You Should Consider?

We want everyone to enjoy the spirit of giving during the holidays, and so we compiled a few tips in order to enjoy and survive gift-giving in an office setting.

1.    Be aware of your company’s policy on giving gifts.
There are large companies which have these types of policies. If there’s nothing in place, then feel free to go overboard or to the limits of your budget.

2.    Look at your company’s corporate culture.
There may be gifts that might be unacceptable. There are companies that are quite conservative, and there are also those that are quite relaxed. The more relaxed the corporate culture is, the wider your gift choices. Good judgment is really important in choosing your gift based on corporate culture.

3.    Stay within your budget.
Don’t spend too much just because you want to impress your boss or a co-worker; instead, give gifts because you want to express appreciation for a good year. This will be a good tip to remember especially when you want to go overboard in buying a gift for your boss. Nobody wants a suck-up.

4.    You do not need to feel the pressure to buy a gift for someone who gives you one.
If you have the budget, you can reciprocate. If not, a thank-you note is the best way to let them know that you appreciate the gesture. It is also wise to refrain from giving gifts in front of others. Give your gifts to your boss and co-workers discreetly or outside the office.

5.    Wrap your gifts nicely.
If you want to make the recipient feel special, do not devalue your gift by wrapping it sloppily. You can also include the gift receipt if you think that there might be a need for the recipient to exchange the item.

What Could Be Great Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues?

Here are a few ideas for you, which includes Christmas hampers and chocolate hampers.

1.    Gift certificates
A massage or a facial treatment to his or her favourite spa might be appreciated by your boss. A month-long treat to your boss’ favourite coffee shop is also a good Christmas gift.

2.    Subscription cards
If you see a co-worker who loves listening to music, a subscription to a music streaming site might be a fit.

3.    Consider gifts that can be shared
Christmas hampers that are filled with gourmet items is a great gift. Such hampers are big enough to be shared throughout the office or can be brought home and shared with the family.

4.    Chocolate hampers
As we’ve mentioned Christmas hampers, chocolate hampers is a good way to treat everyone in the office. Who doesn’t like chocolates? A basket filled with the nicest sweets can be shared around. You will not spend a fortune but you will be able to treat a lot of people.

What are Your Options for Christmas Chocolate Hampers?

Treat your co-workers with nice chocolate hampers this coming Yuletide season. The Hamper Emporium, one of Australia’s leading online gift-shopping websites, has a lot of Christmas hampers to choose from. Whether it’s for the boss or for your colleagues, there is a perfect Christmas hamper for you.

First on the list is The Best of all Christmas Gift Hamper. Please the crowd in the office when you pass around this Christmas hamper with a wide selection of treats. This hamper contains an exclusive Shiraz from Brown Brothers and a great selection of handcrafted chocolates from England. It also features delicious biscuits, a handmade cake with real Barossa Valley Brandy, and a traditional Christmas pudding. You can start the office party with this Christmas hamper.

Another options is the Christmas Star & Chocolates Hamper, which is a great gift for the big boss. With this hamper, you have the gift of the finest champagne and Australian chocolates. Chocolate hampers like this contain the well-loved Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier from Brown Brothers and a variety of Morgan’s snacks and Butlers chocolates. It’s a real treat for the boss or co-worker with a sweet tooth.

The Christmas season gives you a reason to indulge. From handmade cake and delicious spiced fudge to gourmet Cranberry and Hazelnut Seeded Crisps, you’ll never go wrong with the Sparkling Xmas Hamper. This chocolate hamper also comes with one of the most awarded sparkling wines in Australia, the Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier from Brown Brothers.

Another amazing chocolate hamper is the Christmas Delights Hamper. It is for the colleague who loves traditional Christmas treats and favourites. Because this hamper has a huge selection of chocolates to enjoy, you can bring it to start the festivities.

Last but definitely not the least, give the gift of the Gourmet Treats Festive Hamper. If you are looking for Christmas hampers that are overflowing with treats, this is the right one. We can’t even specify all the special treats that you can find inside this one. It has a delicious array of sweets and nibbles that will definitely put the recipient or recipients in a truly festive holiday mood.

Where Should You Get Quality and Affordable Christmas Hampers for the Office?

The Hamper Emporium is the best online source of all hampers. From Christmas hampers to corporate hampers, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. The Hamper Emporium also delivers country-wide so you need not worry about selecting the best Christmas hamper and having it delivered to your or your recipient’s business place.

Spare yourself from unnecessary stress. Browse through the best selection of chocolate hampers and treat your office and clients to the best gifts ever!

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