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Hamper Emporium’s Ideas for Christmas Hampers

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:26 November 2015 

The search for Christmas gifts is not always that easy, considering you have to take the personal preferences of the recipient into account. Obtaining a fantastic Christmas gift does not have to be difficult though, because you can always count on the large range of Christmas hampers on the Hamper Emporium website. Do you still need some Christmas hampers this year? Then be sure to take advantage of our Christmas hamper ideas below!

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Fathers or Male Relatives?

Hamper Emporium can recommend a number of Christmas hampers for fathers and male relatives, but our absolute favourite is the Jameson Whisky Christmas Hamper. Jameson whisky has been the favourite whisky brand of many men all over the world, so why not choose one of our Christmas hampers with a delightful bottle of Jameson whisky?

The Jameson Whisky Christmas Hamper contains the Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch Whisky. The Jameson Select Reserve release is based on the same distilling principle all Jameson whiskies are known for, more specifically a triple distilled blend of pot still whisky and grain whisky.

A good whisky needs a considerable amount of time to mature, this is no different for the Jameson Select Reserve. The Jameson Select Reserve is matured in American oak barrels and traditional sherry casks, which creates a signature taste unlike any other whisky.
Of course, not everyone is as crazy about whisky, so we also have an alternative choice for people who need an alcohol-free hamper. The best alcohol-free Christmas hamper in our range is the Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper, a hamper that is bursting with holiday-themed gourmet products.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Mums or Female Relatives?

Hamper Emporium also has great Christmas hampers for mums and female relatives. If we had to put one Christmas hamper forward at this time, we would choose The Sweetest of Gift Hampers.

The Sweetest of Gift Hampers is a collection of gourmet chocolates, delicate biscuits and delicious pastries. Inside this hamper, you will find top brands such as Maison Fossier, Butlers and Grand Temptations.

Our Sweetest of Gift Hampers is without a doubt the perfect gift for sweet tooths. If the female relative you have in mind loves a good selection of chocolates, or is always snacking on biscuits, this Sweetest of Gift Hampers will be the perfect gift for them.

A good hamper for your female relative can also contain cosmetics, so we can also recommend our Pure Indulgence Hamper from the Christmas hampers range. The Pure Indulgence Hamper contains a variety of MOR Cosmetics products, but also chocolates, champagne and French biscuits.

Luxurious Christmas Hamper Ideas?

Hamper Emporium’s Christmas hamper selection is bursting with luxury, but there are a number of hampers that radiate luxury a little more than the others. One of our most luxurious Christmas hampers is the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper, containing an outstanding bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne is made with grapes harvested from more than fifty different growing areas, also referred to as crus. Because of the great grape variety, Veuve Clicquot champagne is able to deliver a unique flavour that cannot be found in any other French champagne. 

Luxurious chocolates are also a vital part of the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper. The luxurious chocolates in this hamper are delivered by Butlers Chocolates, an Irish chocolatier known to provide superior quality. Their chocolates also received a number of international awards, so these chocolates are some of the best you can find in the world.

Christmas Ideas for White Wine Lovers?

Hamper Emporium can recommend the White Wine & Nibbles Hamper for white wine lovers. The white wine in this hamper was delivered by Brown Brothers and carries their popular Devil’s Corner Tasmania label.

The Brown Brothers Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc was released by the Brown Brothers wine house in 2014. The Sauvignon Blanc from Brown Brothers is better for wine lovers than wine collectors, considering that the Sauvignon Blanc was made for immediate drinking. 

Customers who want to serve the Brown Brothers Sauvignon Blanc with a gourmet meal will have plenty of choice, given the fact that the Sauvignon Blanc goes with a broad amount of flavours. The Brown Brothers Sauvignon Blanc goes remarkably well with seafood dishes, calamari, parmesan cheese or Asian-inspired seafood salads.

Hamper Emporium also provides you with some additional treats that can help you make gourmet meals or a nice cheese platter. These gourmet treats include Random Harvest tapenade, Partridges Artisan Bakehouse crackers, Cat Cora’s olives and Tasmanian Fruit Pastes.

Christmas Ideas for Champagne Lovers?

The Christmas gifts range on Hamper Emporium has a splendid range of champagnes available. The majority of our Christmas hampers contain a nice bottle of French champagne, but our finest dedicated champagne hamper is the Champagne Triple Treat.

To create the Champagne Triple Treat, Hamper Emporium needed to start looking for the most popular champagnes in the world, while not neglecting the quality rating of each champagne. In the end, we came up with three outstanding champagnes: the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial, the Bollinger Special Cuvee and the Piper-Heidsieck.

The Moet & Chandon Champagne House can be consider as the founder of champagne, because it was this champagne house that introduced champagne to the world for the very first time. Their finest release, the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne, was created centuries ago and is still the most popular champagne in the world.

Most people that adore a good glass of champagne will also know Bollinger and Piper-Heidsieck champagne. Even though the characteristics of these champagnes vary considerably, both champagnes are served in high-end restaurants to some of the most critical gourmet lovers.

The champagnes you can find in our Champagne Triple Treat can be used for a variety of occasions, so the hamper is not only a great Christmas gift. The Bollinger, Piper-Heidsieck and Moet & Chandon champagnes are also popular gifts for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries and birthdays.

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