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What Quality Products Does The Hamper Emporium Use In Their Chocolate Christmas Hampers?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:8 October 2015 

When you come to Hamper Emporium for your chocolate Christmas Hampers, you will be in for a real treat this year. For Christmas, you will be able to enjoy some of the best chocolate brands in the world. Some of the high-quality chocolate brands we have included in our Christmas hampers this year are Fardoulis, Butlers and Willie’s Cacao. Curious about the chocolate brands in our Christmas hampers? Read on to discover more!

What Can You Tell Me About Fardoulis Chocolates?

Fardoulis chocolates was founded in 1985. Their first invention was an after dinner mint, which was a gorgeous piece of two-tone milk and dark chocolate. Their after dinner mint was a big success in restaurants and cafes, which enabled Fardoulis to come out with more chocolate delights. 

After their success with chocolates for cafes and restaurants, Fardoulis set their eye on the wedding market. They came out with a range of wedding chocolates, available in a beautiful line of gift boxes. Due to the big success of these wedding chocolates, Fardoulis had to include them into their normal range.

Over the years, Fardoulis has grown out to be one of the most successful Australian chocolate manufacturers. They are currently known for their excellent flavour combinations, as well as their beautiful range of personalised chocolate gift boxes.

When you take a look at our range of Christmas hampers, you will notice that we have used the Fardoulis gift boxes quite often. Hamper Emporium is crazy about Fardoulis chocolates, especially considering their full flavour and creaminess. If you are not really sure which one of our chocolate Christmas hampers to go for this year, we can certainly recommend going for one of our hampers containing chocolates from Fardoulis.

What Can You Tell Me About Butlers Chocolates?

Butlers Chocolates is a chocolatier that carries a lot of history with it. The company itself was founded in 1932 in Dublin’s Lad Lane. The founder of Butlers Chocolates was Marion Butler, an Irish woman with a true passion for chocolate. Marion Butler kept on creating her gorgeous Butlers chocolates until 1959, when the company was purchased by Mr Seamus Sorensen.

Fortunately, Seamus Sorensen saw the success of Butlers chocolates and decided to keep running the business as he had bought it. Butlers Chocolates was eventually taken over by the next generation of the Sorensen family in 1978, who continued to produce the traditional Butlers chocolates as well as putting some innovation and new flavours into the mix.

Butlers Chocolates remained in Lad Lane for quite some time. The company eventually moved to another location in Dublin in 1988 and started expanding to various retail outlets one year later. The first Butlers Chocolates retail store was opened in one of the busiest streets in Dublin, Grafton Street. In 1998, Butlers Chocolates expanded their empire by providing their chocolates online as well, offering a large range of handcrafted chocolates and hot chocolate milk.

Since the start of their expansion in 1989, Butlers Chocolates has not stopped expanding. The company has opened several cafes and shops, but the heart of the company remains in Dublin. In short, when you want a taste of real Irish chocolate made with a passion, you simply cannot afford to miss the Butlers Chocolates in our Christmas hampers.

What Can You Tell Me about Willie’s Cacao?

The story of Willie’s Cacao is quite an interesting one, especially when you learn more about the man behind the famous chocolates. The man behind Willie’s Cacao chocolates is William “Willie” George Harcourt-Cooze, a British chocolate maker born in London on the 29th of April 1964. Willie himself became just as famous as his chocolates given his association with the Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory documentary in 2008. 

When Willie married model Tania Coleridge, they travelled on horseback in Venezuela for their honeymoon. The honeymoon itself may not seem connected to the chocolates he is known for today, but the trip to Venezuela would have a big impact on his future as a chocolatier. 
The couple fell in love with Venezuela and purchased a big property where he could produce the chocolates he always dreamed of making. They planted approximately 50,000 cacao trees, leading to the production of 100% cacao bars.

We also need to mention that there is a considerable difference between normal chocolate and the chocolate coming from Willie’s Cacao. During his time in Venezuela, Willie discovered a variety of beans and flavours that enabled him to produce some extraordinary chocolate flavours. So if you like a bit of adventure, you simply need to try some chocolate from Willie’s Cacao!

Why Did Hamper Emporium Choose These Chocolate Brands?

Our chocolate Christmas hampers need to appeal to every type of recipient. For that reason we have searched for high-quality chocolate, but also chocolate that has a unique story to tell. All the chocolates available in our hamper range have a very rich history, which also ensures the quality of the chocolates you receive.

How Can I Find Chocolate Christmas Hampers In The Store?

Finding our chocolate hampers is actually quite easy. On the left side of your screen, you will notice a side-menu with a bunch of categories. To see our chocolate hampers, simply click on the chocolate baskets link. However, you will also find additional categories that may be interesting to you, including the Christmas and Gourmet links.

How Can I Contact Hamper Emporium For More Information About These Chocolate Brands?

All information about the chocolate in our Christmas hampers is usually displayed in the product description of the gift hamper. We also have additional information pages that can tell you more about the products we use and our available hampers. However, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact Hamper Emporium for help. 

To contact Hamper Emporium about the range of chocolate hampers, please call 1300-459-452. You can also send us an email by sending your question to

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