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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:23 June 2016 

The Hamper Emporium: Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper

Christmas is a time to be jolly and make merry. For most of us, when we think of this cheerful season the first notion that pops into our minds is the thought of alcohol, chocolate, and of course, the colour red! Looking to surprise your loved ones with such Christmassy themed hampers? Don’t worry, at the Hamper Emporium we’ve got you covered. 

Nothing says Christmas like our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper! Filled with the most delicious treats from top brands in the World, this splendid gift hamper incorporates three traditional Christmas gifts; wrapped in one big exquisite package. Get this hamper for your loved one this Christmas and we guarantee it will be an instant hit.  

Like all the Christmas gift hampers on Hamper Emporium, every single item on our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper is meticulously selected to bring nothing but joy and love to your friends and family. With this hamper, the lucky recipient will get to enjoy a lavish box of Maison Fossier pastries, a sumptuous collection of delicious chocolates; and not forgetting a classic bottle of real Victorian Shiraz. It’s simply the perfect red Christmas gift for that special someone you’ve been planning to surprise this Christmas.  

The Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper Contents:  

At Hamper Emporium we take pride in providing nothing but 100% customer satisfaction, and that’s why; when it comes to quality, we do not compromise. All our popular gift hampers are elegantly filled with amazing treats, and exceptional assortments from some of the finest brands in the world.  If you pick one of our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hampers this year, you will get the following: 

Biscuits and Sweets: 

For sweets and biscuits, we have included two scrumptious treats in this hamper from our all-time favorite manufacturers; Maison Fossier and Morgan's, as follows: 
  • 125g of Maison Fossier’s Feuilletes Chocolate Chip Puff Pastries: As far as biscuits go, the classic Maison Fossier’s pastries are truly a mouthwatering delicacy. These heavenly chocolate chip treats are baked with the purest butter puff pastry; and are just perfect for a light dessert or tea time.  The Maison Fossier Company has been providing the world with the most luxurious biscuit brands since the 17th century, with a true authentic flavour. With these wealth of experience, the quality of their rare but delicious Maison Fossier biscuits is so incredible that we had to include it in many of the Christmas gift hampers available at Hamper Emporium. To get more of these pastries, you can check them out on our catalogue.
  • 175g of Morgan's Crème Brûlée Roasted Peanuts:  For those who love traditional Christmas treats, these crunchy roasted peanuts which incorporate the superior crème brûlée flavours of burnt toffee and custard, are just perfect. Made in Sydney, these delectable products by Morgan's are the ideal Christmas peanuts.  

Wine and Champagne: 

To spice up our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper, we chose to add the unparalleled 750ml bottle of the 2010 Brown Brothers Cellar Release Shiraz. Exclusive to the Hamper Emporium, this limited release by Australia’s favorite winery - the Brown Brothers - is one the best Victorian Shiraz this country has to offer. It oozes a uniquely distinct fruity aroma of blackberries as well as classic pepper notes, which leaves you craving for more.  This magnificent bottle of wine is the best among the vintage ones, making it the perfect gift for your loved one during this year’s festive season. We had to include it in our finest gift hampers. 


Last but not least, our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper would not be complete without a premium assortment of finger-licking chocolates.  As is the norm with many of our Christmas gift hampers, we decided to include only first-rate chocolate brands in this hamper - each with something special to offer. These are:    
  • 100g Butlers’ Handmade Chocolate Collection: An irresistible collection of beautifully decorated handmade milk, dark and white chocolate truffles, made by Ireland's favourite luxury chocolatier, Butlers Chocolates. Founded in 1932, this must-try chocolate brand is well known for its pure ingredients and rich flavours.
  • 50g Willie's Cacao Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Raisin: Studded with raisins and hazelnuts, this delectable Peruvian treat is one smooth, moreish square of chocolate. One bite of this enticing delicacy, and you’ll be asking for more. The Willie’s Cacao chocolate brand is always trying out new flavours to give the world something truly unique.
  • 92g Butlers Red Floral Ballotin Chocolate Selection: A splendid selection of six divine chocolate pralines and truffles in dark, milk, and white chocolate; all wrapped in an exquisite, floral-themed gift box by Butlers Chocolates.

With these remarkable assortment of treats in our Chocolates & Red Christmas Hamper, you can now see why it makes such an excellent choice for gifting your loved ones this year. What’s more, if you’re looking to get several Christmas gift hampers, we have various similar Christmas gift baskets, which would blend impeccably with our Chocolates & Red Hamper. So, be sure to explore your options by checking out all the other Christmas hampers on the Hamper Emporium catalogue – have a look at all the amazing options we’ve made available for you

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