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Recommended Australian Christmas Hampers for Your Wife!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 June 2017 

Do you need an excellent present for your wife this holiday season, but are you always stuck on what to buy? No problem, because the Hamper Emporium has you covered this Christmas with a large collection of Australian Christmas hampers. So, to help you find the perfect present for your wife this year, be sure to check out our overview with recommended Australian Christmas hampers below.

The Jurlique & Moet with Personalised Leather Accessories

Our first recommendation in our overview with Australian Christmas hampers is the Jurlique & Moet with Personalised Leather Accessories. This hamper from our overview with Australian Christmas hampers contains everything your wife loves; this includes champagne, chocolates and even personalised leather gifts!

The chocolates inside the Jurlique & Moet with Personalised Leather Accessories are obtained from Butlers Irish Chocolates, one of the world’s best chocolatiers. The hamper contains a selection of the finest confections from this chocolatier, so no matter what your wife’s chocolate preferences are, she is bound to love this one.

Our Jurlique & Moet with Personalised Leather Accessories also contains a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne. The flagship champagne from the Moet & Chandon label is an excellent choice for the holidays, since this luxurious champagne is the perfect aperitif for celebrations!

Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather

One of our latest additions to our collection is the Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather. The Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather is specifically designed for women, so it only contains products women adore. Therefore, this hamper could be an excellent option for your wife this holiday season.

Like the hamper we described earlier, the Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather contains some leather products that can be personalised too; this includes a beautiful pink keyring and coin purse. To personalise these leather products, simply add the monogram of your wife to the designated field on the product description page.

Of course, the Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather contains much more than personalised leather items, because this hamper also contains some fragranced hand creams from MOR Cosmetics. The hand creams were obtained from collections such as MOR Belladonna, Marshmallow and Snow Gardenia, so your wife is bound to get a fragrance that will become her new favourite.

Inside the Veuve Rosé with Personalised Leather, customers can find a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé too. If you have shopped with us before, you already know the name Veuve Clicquot, because one of our luxury hampers containing this champagne is a best-seller. Still, a good rosé tends to be more popular for women, so the Veuve Clicquot Rosé could be an excellent gift for your other half.

Pure Indulgence Hamper

Is your wife someone who can never say no to some sweet treats? If so, be sure to consider the Pure Indulgence Hamper from our gifts collection. Inside this hamper, your wife will find countless sweet treats from brands such as Maison Fossier, but also a finger-licking selection of chocolates she will cherish during the holiday season!

Our hamper designer also added a bottle of luxurious champagne to this hamper, which matches the Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses perfectly. If you are familiar with the history of Biscuit Roses, you already know that these biscuits were especially made to dip in a glass of champagne. So, if your wife is having a glass of Moet & Chandon, be sure to recommend trying the champagne in combination with the delicious Biscuit Roses from Moet & Chandon.

The chocolates inside the Pure Indulgence Hamper are provided by none other than Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao. All chocolates from this brand – included in this gift hamper – have won awards. So, this is almost a guarantee that your wife will like the chocolate selections inside.

Our Pure Indulgence Hamper also contains a collection of cosmetics, because women like to take good care of themselves! One of the cosmetic brands that offers the best where skincare and fragrance is concerned is undoubtedly MOR Cosmetics, so our hamper designer added some products from MOR Cosmetics to this hamper.

The products from MOR Cosmetics selected by our hamper designer include the MOR Blood Orange Body Butter, MOR Belladonna Hand Cream, MOR Marshmallow Hand Cream and MOR Snow Gardenia Hand Cream. Each of these products has rejuvenating and moisturising ingredients, so many women would love having these in their collection!

Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper

Another great gift for your wife this holiday season is the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper. The Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper contains a selection of Morgan’s French Vanilla Almonds and Butlers Irish Chocolates, but also some prosecco rose, aromatherapy, a robe, scented candle and more!

The aromatherapy diffuser and candle inside the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper are provided by the Aromatherapy Company. The diffuser and candle feature a lovely & relaxing fragrance of orange and jasmine; this means that this aromatherapy is ideal for some relaxation in the living room or while having a bath.

To ensure the ultimate pampering experience for your wife this Christmas, our hamper designer also included the Retreats White Microplush Robe. The Retreats White Microplush Robe makes sure your other half stays nice and warm after a relaxing bath or shower. It is also the ideal robe to wear after a nice massage. So, if you plan on pampering your other half this holiday season, the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper is essential!

Other Suitable Australian Christmas Hampers for Your Wife

Do you like our hamper options above, but do you want more choices before deciding on a gift? If so, we recommend heading over to the main catalogue to discover more gift baskets especially designed for women.

We also need to mention that we regularly update our hamper collection, so if you need a hamper for your wife in the future, be sure to check back with us regularly. The Hamper Emporium can also provide you with valuable advice, so give us a call if you need some gift advice this Christmas!

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