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Christmas Chocolates & Brown Brothers Red Wine Hamper

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:20 June 2016 

Christmas is a time of pleasurable indulgence and great joy when picking gifts for your family and friends. And at Hamper Emporium, we provide an impeccable collection of presents for you, your family and friends to make merry this season. Our Christmas gifts assortment ranges from perfectly crafted wines to highlight hampers packed with luxurious drinks and foods, with festive trimmings, delightful chocolates, and savoury treats including mince pies and fruit cakes. At Hamper Emporium, we help you share the joy of Christmas with colleagues, family, and friends the right way. 

Our Christmas Chocolates & Brown Brothers Red Wine Hamper contains an impressive range of nuts and chocolates that are perfectly designed for this festive season. What makes this hamper even more beautiful is the fact that the wine is from a multi-award winning single-yard Shiraz 18 Eighty-Nine. With a favourable pricing and free delivery Australia wide, you can only have yourself to blame if you missed this hamper! 

Christmas Chocolates & Brown Brothers Red Wine Hamper Content 

As the prominent provider of Christmas Hampers, we offer you the simplest yet unique gift solutions that will definitely leave you happy and satisfied. We mix the best assortments to bring you a gift hamper like no other.  Our Christmas chocolates & brown brothers red wine hamper content is a perfect gift for your loved ones. We have included: 

Wine and Champagne 

For the wine, we chose a wine from the award winning company “The Brown Brothers.” 

•    The 2013 '18 Eighty Nine' Shiraz—a wine from award-winning Brown Brothers Heathcote. Picked up from red and dark berry fruits and standard pepper notes of Heathcote Shiraz. Expertly made to form perfect juicy fruit and a fine tannin structure on the taste. This wine will not only add flavour to your hamper but will also add a touch on your romance. Besides, this wine is very important not only during this festive season but other occasions such as dinner dates, anniversaries, and Valentines. 

•    The recipients of this wine can enjoy an amazing feel of dark and red berries fruits. In addition, the palate of 18 Eighty Nine Shiraz is also remarkable because its smell satisfies your tasting experience. Its fine tannin structure and generous fruit palate are appreciated by numerous experienced wine tasters and lover. Besides, the 18 Eighty-Nine Shiraz have won various awards from a variety of occasions such as the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge, the 2015 Melbourne Wine Awards, and the 2015 Perth Royal Wine Show. 

Sweets and Biscuits in Our Christmas Chocolates & Brown Brothers Red Wine Gift Hampers

For sweets and biscuits, we chose wonderful delicacies from the Morgan’s.  This company is reputable for the manufacture of the best sweets and biscuits not only here in Australia but also in many other regions across the globe.  Their nibbles are the most recent gifts we have included in our Christmas gift hampers. Morgan’s are well known for their exceptionally high-quality ingredients and their superb combinations. Therefore, we are quite sure these additions will not disappoint! 

•    Morgan's Christmas Roasted Cinnamon Almonds 175g—made in our local firms in Sydney, these cinnamon premium Australian almonds are superbly roasted in sugar and cinnamon to give you the best taste you crave. 

•    Sydney made Morgan's Christmas Dark Chocolate Dusted Ginger 175g—this dusted ginger is covered in 50% cocoa finest dark chocolate to give you the best taste. Made in Sydney.

•    Morgan's Christmas Milk Chocolate Cranberries 175g—a festive treat of lovely whole cranberries coated with smooth premium milk chocolate. Also made in Sydney. Like the above contents of this hamper, this chocolate cranberries can also be used on other occasions besides the Christmas seasons. If you are a chocolate lover, you can have them whenever you want. You can also purchase them on valentines as gifts to your loved ones.  

It is said by many that colours are a great way to dye a blank picture. Colours are a perfect way to show our emotions, our style, and our feelings. Red is normally attributed to powerful emotional energy while black (in chocolates) reflect mystery. The combination (of black and red) in our Christmas Chocolates & Brown Brothers Red Wine Hamper depicts a strong personality without your need to show it. Our colour combinations are very important additions in all our Christmas gift hampers. 

Hamper Emporium we believe we are in the business of giving. For this reason, we are committed to giving you the best products and services possible. Founded in 2007, we have strived to reach out to as my people as possible to ensure that everyone in Australia gets the best gift hampers to enjoy their festive seasons and other occasions. This is the reason we have become the best in this industry. Everyone from big corporate bodies and small shops trusts us to deliver exceptional hampers for their special occasions. 

We provide the finest products at very affordable prices because we know how important it is to show affection and depict care to your colleagues, friends, and family. And thanks to the partnership we have had with local food producers and distributors, we offer you premium quality at an excellent value. 

Hamper Emporium we are here for you, you can reach us on 1300 459 452, or +61 2 9645 3516 for those calling from overseas; available between 9 am and 5 pm (AEDT) working days. You can also contact us through our email address For more information on delivery and much more you can visit our page For corporate Christmas/gift hampers, you can email us at  

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