Best Value Australian Food Hampers from the Hamper Emporium!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:23 March 2019 

Good corporate gift ideas with free deliveryEvery Christmas hamper from the Hamper Emporium has something outstanding to offer. So, choosing the best value Australian food hampers from our range has been far from easy. However, Hamper Emporium has made their final decision amongst a large range of exquisite Australian food hampers. Curious what our choices are? Discover the best value Australian food hampers from the Hamper Emporium below!

What Is the Best Value Champagne Hamper from the Australian Food Hampers Catalogue?

The best value champagne hamper in our Australian Christmas hampers range is without a doubt the Champagne Triple Treat. Instead of getting a hamper with only one bottle of champagne, why not choose our Champagne Triple Treat and get three bottles?

Our Champagne Triple Treat from the Australian Christmas hampers collection contains three gorgeous bottles of champagne coming from France – the Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV Champagne, the Piper-Heidsieck Brut NV Champagne and the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne.

What Is the Best Value Office Share Hamper from the Australian Christmas Hampers Range?

Businesses looking for the best value office share hamper should go for the Deluxe Christmas Hamper. The Deluxe Christmas Hamper is the gem amongst corporate hampers, because it contains everything your employees, colleagues or business relations would like to receive during the holiday season.

In addition to a bottle of Cape Mentelle Margaret River Shiraz, Cape Mentelle Wallcliffe Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, and Dom Perignon Brut Vintage, recipients get a variety of chocolates, biscuits, sweets and savoury nibbles. The range of products in this hamper is extremely diverse, which means that the recipients you have in mind will definitely find something they like.

What Is the Best Value Hamper for Female Recipients from the Australian Christmas Hampers Range?

When you need a great hamper from our Australian Christmas hampers range for a female recipient, we can recommend the Pure Indulgence Hamper, which is a hamper that was especially created to pamper any female recipient.

Inside the Pure Indulgence Hamper, you will find top brands such as Moet & Chandon, Maison Fossier, Butlers Irish Chocolates and Luken & May. There is also a nice selection of MOR Cosmetics, including the popular MOR Marshmallow Moments Gift Set!

What Is the Best Value Christmas-Themed Hamper from the Best Christmas Hampers Range?

The best value Christmas-themed hamper in our best Christmas hampers range is the Best of all Christmas Hamper. This hamper is filled with Christmas-themed treats, including shortbread, handmade cake, panforte and chocolates.

Customers who get this particular hamper also get an Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz Cabernet from the Island Estate winery. Being a highly awarded wine, this lovely drop of red will not disappoint your recipients.  

What Is the Best Value Whiskey Hamper from the Best Christmas Hampers Range?

Many of our best Christmas hampers contain a good bottle of whiskey, which includes the Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskey Hamper. Still, the whiskey is not the only product you should buy this whiskey hamper for, because it also contains international gourmet products that will tantalise your taste buds.

The reason why we consider our Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskey Hamper as the best value whiskey hamper is the quality of the Glenmorangie Original Scotch Whiskey. Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskey is sold and loved all over the world, considering the unique tasting characteristics of this single malt whiskey.

Glenmorangie is trademarked by a citrus aroma, vanilla taste and a clean finish, which can certainly count on the appreciation of hardened whiskey lovers. When you need a whiskey hamper for someone who adores quality whisky and does not like commercial whiskey releases, you can be sure that the Glenmorangie will be loved.

What Is the Best Value Combination Hamper from the Best Christmas Hampers Range?

Our best combination hamper from the Australian luxury gift hampers collection is probably the Moet & Christmas Cake Hamper. The hamper itself contains a combination of various chocolates, cake, and champagne, this makes the hamper a splendid choice for customers that do not know the personal preferences of the recipient.

Even though our Moet & Christmas Cake Hamper is a great choice, we can also recommend the Celebrate Xmas Hamper as a combination hamper. The Moet & Christmas Cake Hamper is quite similar to the Celebrate Xmas Hamper. The only difference between the two is that the last hamper contains a delicious bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne instead of the Moet & Chandon Champagne. Since both champagnes are incredibly popular and loved all over the world, it all comes down to your personal preference.

What Is the Best Value Hamper Without Alcohol from the Australian Luxury Gift Hampers Catalogue?

Customers who need a hamper without alcohol, but with many Christmas treats, should choose the “Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper”. The “Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper” is a good example of how people can have fun without alcohol, since this hamper radiates Christmas as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

To make the “Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper” from our Australian luxury gift hampers range extra special, we included some of the finest Australian Christmas products such as Baylies Epicurean Delights Traditional Handmade Cake, a Trentham Tucker Chocolate Cranberry Cake, Morgan’s Popcorn Toffee Peanut Crunch, Trentham Tucker Gourmet Fruit & Nut Cake, and so much more.

There are also international treats to enjoy, which also fit the holiday season. When you choose the “Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper”, you will also L’Orto di Franco Semi-Dried Tomato Halves, a healthy and delicious snack for the holiday season.

What Is the Best Value Christmas Hamper for Male Relatives?

When you need a gift for a male relative, we can suggest our Classic Port Hamper from the Australian luxury gift hampers collection. Penfold’s Father is a favourite drink for many and it is also considered as one of the best port brands in the world, which means you cannot go wrong by choosing this particular hamper for a male relative.

Of course, a good port hamper also needs a number of nibbles to complement the excellent bottle of Penfold’s Father 10-Year-Old Grand Tawny Port. To ensure the best tasting experience for the recipient, we added excellent products such as Morgan & Albert’s Nibbles, Baylies Gourmet Crackers and more.

If the male relative you have in mind does not like alcohol, we can refer you back to our “Everything but the Ham Festive Hamper”, which is also a great choice for when you cannot decide on a hamper for a recipient you do not know that much about.

Where Can I Find More Good Value Australian Luxury Gift Hampers?

Hamper Emporium’s catalogue is packed with good value Christmas hampers; this includes anything from Sydney gourmet hampers to Melbourne Christmas hampers. Of course, we stock excellent value hampers for residents of other areas too.

Do you have a question about one of our Sydney gourmet hampers or Melbourne Christmas hampers? Feel free to contact the Hamper Emporium team for some additional information.

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