Wine Christmas Hampers

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:23 March 2019 

Many of us will agree that the best drink during Christmas is wine. The big question however is, what wine will best suit the occasion? Is it red or white wine? The truth is, it doesn't really matter what the colour of wine you'll pick this Christmas is, as long as you have your own wine on the table to celebrate the season of giving and sharing, then that is all that matters!

The Hamper Emporium has dozens of impressive Australian food hampers containing good wine this Christmas. Some of you may even find the pricing quite favourable, so look no further and see what the site has for you. Whether you are looking for a personal or corporate gift, the large range of Australian food hampers is sure to impress.

What Are the Best Australian Food Hampers Containing Wine This Holiday Season?

Selecting the best wine out there is easy but finding one that is of high quality and remains affordable is quite challenging. Thus, the Hamper Emporium gives everybody a chance to obtain some of the world's best wines at an affordable rate this Christmas. Below, you can find a brief overview of the exquisite wines we offer in our Australian food hampers collection.

The Red Wine & BBQ Hamper

Red wine is the first choice when there is an occasion to celebrate and Christmas is no exception. Our Red Wine & BBQ Hamper from the Australian food hampers collection is one of our most affordable choices, even though it contains a high-quality wine from Islander Estate.

The Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz is made from the finest grapes and this certainly comes through in the overall complexity of the wine. Many would claim that if you let it decant for at least an hour, you will experience the tasty grapes even more prominently.

Now, what wine from our Australian food hampers range will you choose this Christmas? If you need a well-balanced wine that is also affordable and comes with other goodies, our Islander Estate Shiraz with complimentary nibbles is simply perfect.

The Christmas Delights Hamper

Australian Christmas hampers are not just about the biscuits and chocolates, since the most important factor for many recipients is the wine. Without wine, the celebration would not be complete. So, if you want an ultra-perfect Christmas experience, this hamper is highly recommended.

The Christmas Delights Hamper from our Australian Christmas hampers catalogue comes with a highly-awarded wine, the Devil’s Corner Pinot Nor. For an affordable price, recipients can enjoy a showcase of fruity tastes, not just from its wine but also from its goodies.

Our Christmas Delights Hamper from the Australian Christmas hampers catalogue contains some of our finest brands; this includes Willie’s Cacao, Butlers Irish Chocolates, and even Baylies Epicurean Delights. So, this hamper from our Australian Christmas hampers range is not just suitable for Aussie wine lovers, it is also a good choice for foodies!

The Sweet & White Hamper

Our Sweet & White Hamper from the Australian Christmas hampers collection is super affordable. Where else can you purchase an affordably-priced hamper, which includes an excellent vintage from the Brown Brothers winery?

The Sweet & White Hamper provides your recipient with an outstanding bottle of Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc. From this exceptional wine, connoisseurs can expect a minerally aroma, followed by a flinty complexity that appeals to almost anyone.

A good white wine requires some accompanying chocolates too, so our hamper designer included some delicious chocolate selections from Butlers Irish Chocolates to make the wine-drinking experience complete.

The Moet & MOR Hamper

Wine and champagne lovers surely know a lot about the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne, one of the most popular champagnes in the world. To ensure easy access to this champagne for all our customers, we included a lovely rosé from Moet & Chandon in this affordable gift basket from the best Christmas hampers range.

To create a hamper perfect for female recipients, our hamper designer added some products that will be appreciated by most women; this includes Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses and various products from the MOR Marshmallow cosmetics line.

The Best of All Gourmet Hamper

Planning the best Christmas with your family does not necessarily require an expensive hamper. However, if you do not mind a little splurge this holiday season, you could choose the Best of All Gourmet Hamper from our best Christmas hampers range.

From the name itself, it is indeed the best hamper of the Hamper Emporium at a reasonably price.  However, what's the greatest thing about this hamper is a bottle of Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz. It is considered by many as a very refined wine that will really soothe the taste buds. It is a ready to drink wine that is fresh and unbelievably pleasant to drink. In addition, it comes with great delights that will give you an impression that the Hamper Emporium really does its best to please all its customers. In this hamper you'll have a taste of not just the finest wine but also the finest biscuit and chocolate.

Why Is a Wine Hamper from the Best Christmas Hampers Range the Best Choice for the Holiday Season?

Who does not love to drink wine? Special occasions must have classy wines on the table. Celebrations must be paired with tasty wines to make the moment even more special. This thought is truly understood by the Hamper Emporium, hence why we use different types of wines in our best Christmas hampers. So, when looking for the best wine Christmas hamper, don’t hesitate to check the Hamper Emporium.

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