Wine Christmas Hampers

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 March 2015 

Wine Christmas Hampers

Many of us will agree that the best drink during Christmas is wine. The big question however is, what wine will best suit the occasion? Is it red or white wine? The truth is, it doesn't really matter what the colour of wine you'll pick this Christmas, as long as you have your own wine on the table to celebrate the season of giving and sharing, then that is all that matters! The Hamper Emporium therefore has dozens of impressive wine hampers to offer you this Christmas. Some of you may even find the pricing quite favourable so look no further and see what the site has for you. Whether you are looking for a personal or corporate gift the large range of Wine Christmas Hampers is sure to impress. 

Your Wine Selection for Christmas

Selecting the best wine out there is easy but finding one that is of high quality and at the same time affordable is quite challenging. This is why the Hamper Emporium gives everybody a chance to avail of some of the world's best wines at an affordable rate this Christmas. The vast selection of wines you can opt for are as follows.

1.    Red Wine & BBQ Hamper - Red wine is the first choice when there's an occasion to celebrate and Christmas is not an exception. This $135 hamper is one of the best containing wine hampers of the Hamper Emporium because of its Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz. This wine oozes with amazing taste of high quality berries. Many would claim that if you let it decant for at least an hour, you will experience the tasty berries prominently. Now, what wine would you opt for this Christmas? If you need a well balanced wine that is affordable and comes with other goodies, this is simply perfect. The Shiraz is also a good pair to your Christmas menu especially if it's a Wagyu steak!  So if you want the best value hamper, something wherein it gives you what you deserve and paid for, opt for this Red Wine & BBQ Hamper and you are guaranteed to have a subtle wine experience, which the Hamper Emporium assures you'll feel the wines punches afterwards. Some also feels that the wine included in this hamper is easy to drink and comes with utmost sophistication.

2.    Christmas Delights Hamper - Christmas hampers are not just about the biscuits and chocolates but the most important content is the wine. Without any wine the celebration wouldn't be complete. So if you want an ultra perfect Christmas experience, this hamper is highly recommended. It comes with the freshest wine ever, delicious and of course pocket friendly. For only $159, you get to enjoy a light hamper, showcases fruity tastes not just with its wine but with its goodies from different chocolate and biscuit manufacturer worldwide. It's only here on the Hamper Emporium where you experience great value quality products. Brands from Baylies which is popular when it comes to chocolate biscuits, Elsa's Story products which everyone should also avail, Belgian Butters and more.

3.    Sweet & White Hamper - This hamper is super affordable. Where else can you purchase a $99 priced hamper which comes with three pieces of wine? Yes, you heard it right, 3 pieces of wine namely Brown Brothers 2012 Chardonnay that comes in a 375ml elegant bottle. This wine is extraordinary in terms of its taste and structure. The colour is subtle and the aroma is truly relaxing. Imagine having this for Christmas, it's an all time favourite. Next is the popular Sauvignon wine from Brown Brothers still, which will tear you apart between the love for melon versus passion fruit. This bottle of wine is another must have this Christmas, something that you will never regret drinking. Of course, the last bottle that will complete your wine collection for only $99 is the 3rd Brown Brothers 2013 Victorian Pinot Grigio. If you love citrus effects, then this is your 1st bet! It comes with neutral acidity yet with oozing citrus scent and yummy taste.

4.    Champagne Hamper with MOR Christmas Cracker - Wine and champagne lovers surely knows a lot about Piper-Heidsieck Brut NV Champagne. For many, this affordable classic champagne must always be present in special gathering especially Christmas. This is why the Champagne Hamper with MOR Christmas Cracker of the Hamper Emporium is priced for as low as $149 to give others a chance to lavish on this wine as well as enjoy the yummy treats in this hamper. Chocolate treats from Maxim's de Paris and Willie's are included. The best part of all, this hamper has MOR Christmas handcream in a 50ml sized pack. What else can top this hamper? For the price of $149 you already have a taste of the world's bursting fruity champagne, bunch of chocolates, and mouth watering biscuits and sweets.

5.    The Best of all Christmas Gift Hamper - Planning the best Christmas with your family does not necessarily require an expensive hamper, however if you have the extra cash to splurge, the best to opt for is the The Best of All Christmas Gift Hamper. From the name itself, it is indeed the best hamper of the Hamper Emporium at a reasonably priced $245 amount. However, what's the greatest thing about this hamper is its 2009 Scarpantoni wine. This is considered by many as a very refine wine that will really soothe your taste bud. It's a ready to drink wine that is fresh and unbelievably pleasant to drink. In addition, it comes with great delights that will give you an impression that the Hamper Emporium really does its best to please all its customers. In this hamper you'll have a taste of not just the finest wine but also the finest biscuit and chocolate.

Everybody Loves Wine 

Who doesn't love to drink wine? Special occasions must have classy wines on the table, celebrations must be paired with tasty wines to make the moment even more special. This thought is truly understood by the Hamper Emporium hence different types of wines are present to almost all its Christmas hampers. So when looking for the best wine Christmas hamper, don’t hesitate to check the Hamper Emporium.