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Classic Port Hamper from The Hamper Emporium

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 June 2016 

In just a few months’ time, it will be Christmas, and like it has always been, it will be the perfect time for making the people you care about feel special by gifting them. At Hamper Emporium, that is exactly what we are known for. Over the years, we have helped numerous people find gifts for their family, friends, lovers or work colleagues. We stock a vast variety of custom gift hampers, but arguably, The Classic Port Hamper is the best. 

It’s versatile, and it can be gifted to virtually anyone. It features a bottle of 10-year old wine, sweet olives, crackers, sweets and other savoury nibbles. What’s more, in our commitment to help you spread the Christmas spirit, we have made sure the hamper is affordable. In the Classic Port Hamper, you will find;

•    750ml of Penfold’s Father 10 Year Old Grand Tawny Port- Do you want to welcome the festive season in style? Initiate a high celebratory gear with this Grand Tawny Port. The company behind this drink has been in the winemaking industry for the last 169 years, making it one of the oldest as well as the most experienced wine manufacturers in the world.  

According to information shared by Grand Tawny Port, “It takes a minimum of 10 years to blend this unique wine. The company matures the ingredients separately in seasoned oak casks and then they add fruit extracts to give you a truly authentic Australian wine. The fortified, fully mature wine has 18.5% alcohol volume, making it an easy choice for Christmas celebrations.” There is no better time to enjoy this fruity wine. Your Christmas poultry dinners will benefit from added value. Take it neat, straight or on the rocks before, during or after the meal. 

•    100g of Butler’s Handmade Chocolate Collection – If you want the recipient of your Christmas gift to share some with his or her family and friends, you will find this collection of handmade chocolates suitable. In total, there are 7 pieces of chocolate that have been expertly prepared from milk, white hazelnut, butter and espresso. As these are alcohol-free, they are ideal for everyone- children, adults and senior citizens. 

•    70g of Comtesse du Barry Terrine De Champagne Aux Noisettes – Just as the name tells you, this is a French product featuring hazelnut and pork terrine. You should serve it with a crispy chardonnay so that you enjoy the flavor best. Since it is used as a starter or an appetizer, it is among the most versatile terrines that you will find anywhere. Since the company is based in Gimont, France, it has access to the most nutritious and delicious ingredients that the country can produce. 

•    180g of Le Cordon Bleu Green Olive Spread with Fennel- Is your family planning to have a fish or meat diet this Christmas? If yes, increase its taste and nutrition by adding this olive spread to the meal. The spread has 80% green olives, fennel, capers, olive oil and water. Additional ingredients are concentrated lemon juice, spices and salt. With this spread, anyone can transform any ordinary gourmet food into a finger-licking delicacy. 

•    130g of Baylies Gourmet Crackers with Sesame Seeds- Planning to prepare recipes of gourmet food for your family this festive season? Take these crackers and have them as an appetizer for the main course. They are handmade meticulously with authentic Australian virgin olive oil. By adding a pinch of sesame seeds in each cracker, the producer ensures health for the beneficiaries of their snacks. We at the Hamper Emporium particularly endorse any snacks with sesame for obvious nutritional benefits. 

•    170g of Valley Seed Crisps Fig & Olive- Crisps are enjoyable snacks that can go well any time of the day. However, we do not blindly pick any crisps for inclusion to our gift hampers. Instead, we carefully select the most nutritious and tastiest available. This is why these seed crisps find themselves in this hamper dedicated for the festive period. We selected the fig and olive variety of crisps because it is the most popular in Australia. You will fall in love with the sweet flavor and its accompanying salty aftertaste. Nibble on them alongside your favourite dips and cheeses. 

•    120g of Brewer’s Nut Company Premium Nut Mix- For many years, nuts have provided humans with an organic source of high quality nutrients. Examples are vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This is the reason we decided to include this mixture of nuts in the Classic Port Hamper. If you want your loved one to know that you care for his or her health, this nut mix will effortlessly make that declaration. It features a delicate selection of the best cashews, Brazilian nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and Australian peanuts that are roasted and salted to establish a luxurious taste. Whether you nibble on them whole or with a beverage, they make your Christmas most memorable. 

•    135g of Maison Fossier French Galettes St Remi – Maison Fossier is by far France’s best biscuit maker. It makes treats that no other brand across the globe can match. For this reason, any one you gift with our Classic Port Hamper will immediately want to nibble on the galletes. And yes, anyone witnessing this will ask for a bite of the ancient tradition biscuit brand. But don’t worry; the package contains enough pieces for everyone. 

•    100g of Jules Destrooper Almond Florentines – For a long time now, Jules Company has made exceptional traditional cookie treats. They have even outdone themselves by combining the alluring ancient recipes with modern ingredients to arrive at unique snacks. It was very easy for us to include these in our Classic Port Hamper because we understand the quality therein. Just like any wise recipe maker, the company keeps the formula of these biscuits a closely guarded secret. Who cares about the preparation method when you can sink your teeth in these cookies anytime?

Apart from the Classic Port Hamper, we encourage you to explore the other hampers we have on offer, each is uniquely themed. However, start by determining exactly what you want to buy for your loved ones. And if you are not sure, can help. Contact us on 1300 459 452, +61 2 9645 3516 or and we will be happy to help. 

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