The Hamper Emporium – Christmas Hampers Delivered!

When you need a reliable service to purchase Christmas hampers, the Hamper Emporium will be the perfect choice. Not only do we provide an extensive range of Christmas hampers to individuals and businesses, we also provide many delivery options that will make your holiday gift buying experience a lot easier. Want to know more about the delivery options for Christmas hampers? Find out everything about Hamper Emporium delivery below!

What Is The Free Standard Delivery Option For Christmas Hampers?

The free standard delivery option is available for every Christmas hamper on the Hamper Emporium. No matter what size Christmas hamper you purchase on our website, the free standard delivery is always going to be available.

Delivery times for your Christmas hamper under the free standard delivery option will somewhat depend on your location. The average waiting time for customers living in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC is one to three business days, while people living in WA or NT metro can expect a waiting period of five to eight business days.

Customers can continue to use the free standard delivery option throughout the holiday season. However, we do need to mention that the delivery time may be delayed during this busy time of year, considering that the Australian post tends to be somewhat slower during the holiday season. If you still want to benefit from a free standard delivery, we recommend counting an extra two days on top of your estimated delivery time.

What Is The Same-Day Delivery Option For Christmas Hampers?

Customers who want their Christmas hamper right away can get their hamper delivered on their doorstep the very same day of ordering. Customers who want to take advantage of this particular service will need a Sydney Metro postcode.

Hamper Emporium customers can order up to twelve Christmas hampers and get them delivered with the same-day delivery option. In order to make the same-day delivery, customers should place their order before 1pm on a business day. 

Please note that the same-day delivery service does not cover public holidays, so it is not possible to take advantage of a same-day delivery on Christmas day. However, customers can still use this option from Monday to Friday on normal business days throughout the year.

When you use the same-day delivery option during the Christmas season, please take into account that deliveries may be made as late as 8pm. Hamper Emporium is extremely busy during the holiday season, but we always make sure our customers get the service they have paid for.

What Is The Next Day Capital City Delivery?

Customers who are not eligible for the same-day delivery option, but live in a major city, can still speed up the delivery time of their Christmas hamper. In order to take advantage of this delivery option, it is recommended to place your order before 1 pm on business days. 

The Next Day Capital City Delivery option is available throughout the year, but is especially useful during the holiday season. Please note that Hamper Emporium can deliver your Christmas hamper up and until 7 pm the next business day, so it is recommended to make sure someone is home to accept the delivery.

What Is The Express Delivery?

Anyone who does not live in Sydney Metro or a major city can also speed up their delivery time with the Express Delivery option. With the express delivery option, your Christmas hamper will arrive as early as the next business day, however, these times can vary during the holiday season and depend on the availability of the courier in your region.

The Express Delivery option can be used from all areas outside major cities. Just like our other delivery options, customers need to place their order before 1 pm on a business day. Contrary to our other delivery options, the Express Delivery option is available for PO Box addresses.

What Can You Tell Me About Bulk Deliveries?

Bulk deliveries is an option that is mainly used by businesses, who tend to ship various Christmas hampers to different addresses. However, individuals who need to send a number of gift hampers to various addresses can also be eligible for our bulk deliveries service.

Customers or businesses eligible for bulk deliveries can contact Hamper Emporium to request a special delivery option or a pricing arrangement. If you are interested in multiple gift hampers, the Hamper Emporium may be able to arrange a special deal for you.

Can I Request A Special Delivery For A Single Hamper?

Some situations require special delivery instructions, for example when you want to deliver a beautiful gift hamper to someone in hospital. You could also be sending a gift hamper to your doctor’s office or a business you want to thank, which also requires some additional instructions for the courier. If you order your hamper from Hamper Emporium, you are able to leave special instructions for the courier.

Customers who are sending a gift hamper to a business, office or another public area should always include special instructions to the gift hamper to guarantee the safe delivery of the gift. Good examples of special instructions in this case are: “leave with the reception desk” or “deliver on the third floor”. 

There are also customers who want their Christmas hamper delivered on a specific date. Customers who want their hamper delivered on a specific date should add this date in the special instructions window, which will appear during the checkout process.  

Customers who want to deliver a Christmas hamper to a patient in hospital should mention the room number and the name of the patient in the special instructions window. The hamper will be delivered to the hospital and brought to the room by one of the attending nurses.

What Happens If I Cannot Be Present For The Delivery?

If you are not entirely sure if you can be present for a delivery, you can always use the authority to leave option. The Authority to Leave or ATL option allows the courier to leave the hamper at a secure location at the address you have entered. If there is no secure location available, your parcel may be taken to a local newsagent or the courier might leave a card to arrange a redelivery.

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