What Are Great Gift Ideas for Your Spouse?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:23 March 2019 

When it comes down to buying your spouse a lovely gift for the holiday season, you are often left with tons of ideas but nothing concrete. You want to buy your spouse the best gift possible but finding that one special gift often seems out of reach.

Fortunately, customers can count on The Hamper Emporium and its range of Australian luxury gift hampers this holiday season. In our range of Australian luxury gift hampers, you will have no problems finding the perfect Christmas gift for your spouse! Want to get familiar with some of the best Australian luxury gift hampers in our catalogue? Check out the suggestions from The Hamper Emporium team below!

What Is the First Great Gift Idea for My Spouse?

If you are looking to surprise your spouse with one of our Australian luxury gift hampers, the first gift basket that will catch your eye is our Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper. The Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper is one of those romantic gift baskets that is used throughout the year, so you can use it for another special occasion outside the holiday season too.

The Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper from our Australian luxury gift hampers catalogue is packed with luxurious products that will deliver gourmet enjoyment. It includes a genuine bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne, complemented by a delightful range of chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates, Ernest Hillier, and Willie’s Cacao.

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What Is the Second Great Gift Idea for My Spouse?

If your spouse is not the biggest champagne lover, there are a bunch of alcohol-free Australian food hampers you could take advantage of instead. One of these Australian food hampers is the Sweet Epicure Hamper, one of our finest combinations of chocolate, shortbread, and tapenades.

At The Hamper Emporium, the quality of the products inside our Australian food hampers is important, so customers can count on receiving the finest brands when they choose the Sweet Epicure Hamper from the Australian food hampers catalogue. For this gift basket, we have selected brands such as Morgan’s and Gourmet Regional, but also our popular brands Butlers Irish Chocolates, Willie’s Cacao, and The Woods Farm.

What Is the Third Great Gift Idea for My Spouse?

Some of the Australian food hampers at The Hamper Emporium are made with female recipients in mind; this is certainly the case for the Jurlique Pure Indulgence Hamper from the Australian Christmas hampers collection. Inside this hamper, you will find more than gourmet treats and champagne, since this gift basket contains some beauty products from Jurlique.

Beauty products are popular gifts during the holidays, so they could not be missing from our Australian Christmas hampers for women. Of course, not just any cosmetic brands will do at The Hamper Emporium; this is why we solely use brands such as Jurlique, L’Occitane, and MOR Cosmetics for our Australian Christmas hampers. When you choose The Hamper Emporium, superior quality is always guaranteed.

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What Is the Fourth Great Gift Idea for My Spouse?

Looking for something shiny, sparkly, luxurious, or valuable? Look no further than the Rosé Hamper Featuring Crystals from Swarovski®, one of the latest additions to our collection of Australian Christmas hampers.

The  Rosé Hamper Featuring Crystals from Swarovski® includes a lot of sparkle! While we often recommend this hamper from the Australian Christmas hampers collection for couples, it can be a brilliant gift for your spouse too.

Inside the Rosé Hamper Featuring Crystals from Swarovski®, customers can find three unique crackers containing Mestige Earrings, Solitaire Necklace, and Cufflinks. Naturally, each of these items also contains Crystals from Swarovski®, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. If your spouse has a Swarovski® obsession, this hamper should be on top of your list.

How Are the Christmas Hampers from The Hamper Emporium Presented?

Each of the Christmas gift baskets from The Hamper Emporium comes in a beautiful presentation box. Naturally, the provided presentation box will match the special occasion you buy it for. For example, during the holiday season, we provide festive and luxurious presentations, while our christening hampers contain a more neutral and cute presentation. To see an example of the presentation boxes, simply check the product image of your chosen gift basket.

How Long Can I Order Gift Baskets for My Spouse This Holiday Season?

The Hamper Emporium has extended the delivery time for all Christmas hampers; what this means is that customers can order later than usual and get a delivery up to Christmas Eve! While estimated delivery times are still a factor, it does give customers a lot more time to decide on Christmas presents.

Do you have a question about one of the gift hampers currently available at The Hamper Emporium? Get in touch with our team via telephone or email for more information.

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