Why Christmas Food Hampers Make Great Gifts!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:23 March 2019 

It may sound as corny as some Christmas carols, but part of the joy of Christmas is definitely the giving of gifts. Seeing someone you love receive a gift they need or want is a wonderful thing! Gift giving can bring joy to the world. It can get those bells jingling and get everybody up and rocking’ around the Christmas tree.

But finding the right gift for your friends and family so that they don’t roll their eyes and give you the silent (night) treatment can be difficult. Perhaps buying gifts is something you find really hard, or maybe there is just nothing they need or want? You may even be buying for someone you don’t know that well – the new girlfriend your teenage son is bringing to Christmas lunch, or a staff member you rarely interact with. Perhaps you would like to buy gifts for your best clients – and you’ve never shared personal information. Regardless of whether it’s your mum and dad or your cleaning lady, getting the right gift can be tricky – even for those who like shopping!

Fortunately, customers can always count on the Hamper Emporium and its extensive knowledge and gift hamper range. Our collection contains some of the finest gift baskets, which are appreciated by almost all recipients; this means that a gift basket from our catalogue is a safe choice for the holiday season.

Do you still need some tips to buy the best Christmas gift? Check out our top tips below to come up with the best Christmas gifts this year.

How Do I Choose a Failsafe Gift?

If you know what they want, buy it. Otherwise buy something they need. There are three things in life that we class as needs, not wants. They are food, clothing and shelter. If you can buy someone a house, or at least a tent, well done - you’ve got the shelter covered. Clothing can be tricky – except for good old socks (don’t you dare!). Clothes have so many variables – size, colour, style, brand… lots of scope there to get it wrong. But food, food is the failsafe Christmas gift that everyone loves to receive. Well, this is Australia, so it’s food and grog of course.

Where Should I Shop?

That depends on your budget to a degree. But if you are going to buy food or alcohol as Christmas gifts, it is nice to find the finest gourmet products or liquor and present them in a way befitting of the festive season. Presentation is important! Why do you think so many stores offer a free gift-wrapping service at Christmas?

A basket or box makes a good basis for the presentation of a range of fine festive foods and drinks; this may involve going to many shops to find the things you want, as well as a suitable basket or box. If you don’t have that much time to spare, get online and order a Christmas food hamper from the 100% Australian-owned and operated gift-giving gurus at The Hamper Emporium.

But be warned – there are still decisions to be made! The Hamper Emporium have countless different Christmas food hampers for you to choose from – all of which are stunningly packaged and presented. They are filled with only the finest gourmet products, quality wines and beers available. Our hampers range in price too, so there is something to suit every budget. We even offer a free standard delivery on top.

Why Is a Christmas Food Hamper a Great Idea?

Everybody loves to eat, but a Christmas food hamper has much more to give than just feeding the family or friends at Christmas. Buying a gift basket from The Hamper Emporium enables you to give the gift of the finest, most delectable, quality gourmet products from the best suppliers available.

There is no vegemite or tim tams going in these baskets. A Christmas food hamper contains fine, premium quality epicurean foods. The champagne, wine and even the beers in the Hamper Emporium’s Christmas food hampers are top-shelf, boutique and craft-style liquors. When combined with gourmet style fruit cakes, puddings and fruit mince tarts, your food hamper has a very festive feel. Throw in the sweetest shortbread, jams, chutneys, various pastes such as the delicate quince paste, sweet and savoury sauces, an array of nuts, finely crafted chocolates, delicious dried fruits, sweet biscuits, savoury crackers, tasty tapenades, fudges, and decadent truffles and you have a gift fit for royalty.

The versatile Christmas food hamper is also the perfect gift when you need to give something non-personal; this might be to staff members, or clients, or even a neighbour. Everyone will be impressed with the magnificence of a Christmas food hamper and enjoy indulging in delicacies they don’t usually consume every day.

The other wonderful thing about giving a Christmas food hamper as a gift is that the contents can be enjoyed not just on Christmas day but for a long time after. Hampers are one of those ‘keeps-on-giving’ kind of gifts, at least for a while.

How Do I Make a Christmas Hamper a Little More Personal?

At the Hamper Emporium, the range of gift baskets includes some themed food hampers, such as chocolate, wine or craft beers and ales, giving you the opportunity to choose a hamper suited to your gift recipient.

The contents of these themed hampers are carefully chosen to match the delicious treats included with the main product. The Hamper Emporium’s Robert Oatley Shiraz and Christmas Cake Hamper is a fine example of this, where the elegance of the wine has been thoughtfully paired with a fruity Christmas cake and other decadent treats all guaranteed to work in harmony with each other to tantalise the taste buds.

For chocoholics the Luxury Chocolate and Veuve hamper has all the most indulgent forms of chocolate, peanut brittle, shortbread, chocolate-coated macadamias and more. When washed down with a heavenly glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne it is truly one of life’s epicurean pleasures.

Surely, with all this going for them, The Hamper Emporium’s Christmas food hampers should get their own verse in the Twelve Days of Christmas?

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