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Great service my sister loved the hamper and the presentation. Will be doing business with you again.
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Great service and beautiful hamper delivered on time direct to person in hospital.Thanks heaps
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All went as smooth as silk, hard to improve when something works as well as this site - Congrats and many thank 2 you al. :)
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Very prompt service, and by all accounts the gift arrived quickly and was good value.Will use you again and recommend you to others.

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All You Need to Know About Hamper Emporium’s 2018 Australian Christmas Hampers

Every year, the Hamper Emporium is focused on providing the best Australian Christmas hampers to Australian customers, no matter where in Australia they live. This is not different in 2018, where a large range of new Australian Christmas hampers have found their way to our Christmas collection.

The new Christmas collection at the Hamper Emporium is extremely exciting. Our Christmas hampers contain some of the most delicious seasonal treats, obtained from both new and popular Hamper Emporium brands. So, any recipient who receives a gift basket will be remembering the products inside for a long time.

To find out everything you need to know about our Australian Christmas hampers this year, please read our information below!

What Is a Christmas Hamper?

A Christmas hamper is a seasonal hamper, which matches the Christmas season. Most Christmas hampers will contain products with a holiday theme; this could include shortbread, mince pies, and other food and drink that matches this festive time of year.

Please note that the items inside a Christmas hamper are not solely Christmas-themed items, they can also contain items that could be used throughout the year. So, when you look at our range of Christmas hampers, you will undoubtedly find something that your recipient would love to enjoy outside the Christmas season too.

Can I Use a Christmas Hamper as a Thank You Hamper?

Customers who need to thank someone during the holiday season could certainly use one of our Christmas hampers as a thank you hamper. Since a thank you hamper traditionally contains items such as wine and gourmet nibbles, you will find that our Xmas hampers fit that description without problems.

Of course, customers do not have to limit themselves to our Christmas hampers to find the perfect thank you hamper for their recipient. If you need a thank you hamper outside the holiday season, be sure to check out our gourmet food and chocolate categories too.

When you have found a suitable hamper, you can transform any gift basket into a thank you hamper by customising the text on the hamper’s gift tag; this can be done by entering your message on the designated field before the checkout.

Does the Hamper Emporium Provide Dedicated Melbourne Hampers During the Holiday Season?

When you shop at the Hamper Emporium, you can always find some dedicated hampers for your area; this means that you can obtain amazing Melbourne hampers from our collection. Our Melbourne hampers are packed with Christmas treats and delightful wines this holiday season, so we cannot wait to introduce you to our latest collection!

In addition to our Melbourne hampers, customers can also find Perth and Sydney hampers in our range, so there is a suitable choice for everyone. Like our Melbourne hampers, these hampers are also filled with season-bound treats, specifically selected for residents of Perth and Sydney.

What Are the Cut-Off Dates for Christmas 2018?

Christmas Delivery Cut-Off Dates - TBA

As you may know, Christmas hamper orders are usually associated with cut-off dates; this is done to avoid customers getting their hamper too late. If you are ordering a Christmas hamper from us this year, be sure to check the cut-off dates before you place an order, so you get your hamper on time.

All customers living outside major cities, or who live in a remote location, should order their Christmas hamper ahead of time. Even with premium delivery, the Hamper Emporium cannot guarantee the timely delivery of the gift hamper during the holiday season. To make sure your hamper arrives on time, be sure to refer to the delivery information on the product description page of your chosen hamper, which is summarised on the bottom of the page.

When Will I Get My Christmas Hamper?

If you order your hamper with the express delivery option, and you live in one of the major cities, you will receive your Christmas hamper the next business day. However, please consider that you must place your order before 1pm, otherwise your hamper will miss the courier’s collection. If you do order your Christmas hamper after 1pm, you should add another day to the delivery time.

Customers who decided on using our same day delivery can expect their hamper the same day. Of course, it is impossible for us to determine the exact time of your hamper delivery. During the holiday season, the hamper may be delivered as late as 9pm, since couriers are usually flooded with delivery requests during this time. Therefore, make sure to take this into consideration when you place your order.

Does the Hamper Emporium Still Provide Corporate Christmas Hampers in 2018?

The Hamper Emporium does not only provide Australian Christmas hampers for individuals, because each year we add several corporate Christmas hampers as well. These hampers can be personalised with the brand of the company. Our in-house graphics designer is always ready to make your vision a reality.

In 2018, the Hamper Emporium has many new Christmas hampers for you, but we still have our traditional corporate hampers as well. Therefore, there are many possible hampers that you could use to advertise your brand!

Once you have located the perfect Christmas hampers for your business relations, you can contact the Hamper Emporium for corporate branding; this can be done by telephone or email. Business clients can fill in the bulk order form as well and make the whole ordering process for multiple recipients a lot easier.

Please note that the Hamper Emporium offers deals on some bulk orders. If you wish to know more about these deals and how you can save on them, be sure to contact the Hamper Emporium before placing your bulk order for Christmas this year.

What Brands or Products Can I Expect from Hamper Emporium’s Christmas Hampers in 2018?

When you browse our range of Christmas hampers this year, you’ll notice that many trusted brands have returned to our hamper collection. You can also notice some new additions, which were hand-selected by our experienced hamper designer.

The range of champagnes, beers and wines in our 2018 Christmas range is truly exquisite, so we certainly recommend that customers have a look at some of these wines and champagnes before they choose a Christmas hamper for their recipient. Included are champagne and wine labels such as Piper-Heidsieck, Brown Brothers, Moet & Chandon, Cape Mentelle and Robert Oatley, so wine collectors will be quite excited about our range this year.

Naturally, our range of Christmas hampers contains gourmet treats and food as well. Our hamper designer added some trusted and popular brands from previous years, which includes Morgan’s, Copperpot, Byron Bay and Butlers Irish Chocolates, but also new delights from Gourmet Regional and Trentham Tucker. In conclusion, all types of treats to please real gourmet lovers.

Are There Any New Australian Christmas Hampers at the Hamper Emporium This Year?

We like to keep things new and exciting at the Hamper Emporium, because our valued customers only deserve the best from us. To ensure our range of Australian Christmas hampers stays interesting, our hamper designer creates some new themed additions every year.

Adding new Christmas hampers to the mix has advantages for our customers. Not only do customers have a larger selection of Xmas hampers to choose from, they will find it much easier to locate a Christmas hamper that contains the products their recipient loves.

Individual customers are not the only ones who benefit from the new additions to our collection of Xmas hampers. The new Xmas hampers at the Hamper Emporium are also good news for businesses! At the Hamper Emporium, we have many businesses and corporations who return to us every year; this to find the perfect corporate gift for their important business relations. With a new selection of Xmas hampers this Christmas, businesses and corporations will not be disappointed.

Of course, the new Xmas hampers at the Hamper Emporium do not take away from some of our classics, which prove extremely popular every year. So, before you decide on a hamper, be sure to check out all the options this year!

What to Put into a Christmas Hamper?

Looking to create the perfect gift for the holiday season? If so, you could consider creating a Christmas hamper yourself! Of course, there are many things you could put inside a Christmas hamper; this includes gourmet foods, cosmetics, grooming products, and Christmas treats. You could also choose one of the gift baskets and gift hampers from the Hamper Emporium, saving you some valuable time!

How Do You Put Together a Christmas Hamper?

Creating a Christmas hamper demands quite a bit of skill, because a quality gift always requires a lot of consideration. At the Hamper Emporium, customers can find countless pamper hampers, gourmet hampers, gift baskets, and gift hampers, which could provide you with some much-needed inspiration for the holiday season. Of course, obtaining one of our quality gift baskets is much more affordable than obtaining all the products yourself, since the Hamper Emporium can provide you with a much better deal.

What Do You Put in a Christmas Hamper?

When you look at the Christmas hampers at the Hamper Emporium, you will immediately find loads of products that can be put in a Christmas hamper. In our catalogue, we regularly use products such as gourmet nibbles, wines, champagnes, and even skincare products. All these products are suitable for holiday season baskets.

What to Include in a Christmas Hamper?

Customers who take a closer look at the Christmas hampers available at the Hamper Emporium will notice that our Christmas hampers contain a variety of products, focussed around the preferences of each individual recipient. For example, recipients who are fond of wine will appreciate a wine gift basket most. However, recipients who are chocoholics will prefer one of the Christmas hampers filled with chocolate. So, the products you include in a Christmas hamper must not only have a Christmas theme, they should also match your recipient’s preferences perfectly.

What Do You Put in a Homemade Christmas Hamper?

Much like the Christmas hampers available at the Hamper Emporium, there are many things you can include in a homemade Christmas hamper. One recommendation is creating some homemade cakes and Christmas treats, which are always appreciated during the holiday season. You can also purchase one of the Christmas hampers at the Hamper Emporium and create your own hamper from scratch, although our team does include a stunning keepsake box with each of our gift hampers, which could prove more convenient to you.

How to Make a Christmas Hamper Box?

Customers who prefer to create their own hamper box can do so. While we provide a keepsake box with each of our gift hampers, some customers like to create their own to give the gift basket their signature touch.

You can create a hamper box from various materials, but these materials are subject to the heaviness of the content. For example, if you have a hamper with loads of heavy wine bottles, then something sturdy made from wood will be recommended. However, if you have lots of light items, you can use a simple material such as cardboard.

How Should I Choose the Perfect Christmas Hamper for My Recipient?

Choosing a Christmas hamper often comes down to your recipient and their personal preferences. However, this decision can be more difficult if you are unaware of these personal preferences. If you are struggling with this problem, you could choose one of our hampers by popularity, and let other Hamper Emporium customers help you decide on the best Christmas hamper for your recipient.

Of course, customers can still count on the expert advice of the Hamper Emporium team for Christmas 2018. So, if you are stuck on choosing a Christmas hamper for your recipient, or if you need a special corporate hamper for an important client, feel free to contact our experienced gift-giving team.

There are many ways to contact the Hamper Emporium during the Christmas season this year; this includes a message on the website, email and telephone. However, please note that the holiday season is especially busy for us, even though we try to deal with all requests immediately as they come in. If you cannot reach us by telephone immediately, or if you have a request outside business hours, please send us an email or a website message and we will get back to you asap.

The Hamper Emporium is the leading supplier of the finest quality Christmas hampers, so be sure to consider us this year when you’re shopping for Christmas presents. Our range of Christmas hampers includes a wide range of products, going from champagnes and wines to chocolates and biscuits, making sure that you can easily find a Christmas hamper to match your recipient!

All products inside our Christmas hampers are carefully selected by our hamper designer; this to make sure that only the best quality products make it to the consumer. Thanks to this selection, our customers can also count on some of the best-known gourmet brands, including Moet & Chandon, Butlers Irish Chocolate, Le Cordon Blue, Willie’s Cacao and a whole lot more. So, check out our latest Christmas hampers to discover all the wonderful gifts the Hamper Emporium has in store for you this year!