What Are the Most Popular Gift Baskets for Corporate Gifts?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 July 2018 

Most Australian businesses choose the Hamper Emporium for all their corporate gift needs; this is no surprise, because the Hamper Emporium provides the most extensive collection of premium corporate gift baskets.

Curious which of our corporate gift baskets are most suitable for your recipient? Discover our top picks for Australian businesses below!

What Is the First Recommended Corporate Gift Basket?

One of the gift baskets we always suggest for businesses is the Emporium Hamper, one of the most extensive chocolate gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets. Inside this outstanding hamper from the chocolate gift baskets collection, customers can find an immense range of gourmet nibbles, wine, champagne, and even chocolate!

Since the Emporium Hamper is the largest gift basket in our entire collection, there are many reasons why businesses should choose this hamper over other chocolate gift baskets in our catalogue. Aside from luxurious gourmet treats, this option from our chocolate gift baskets collection contains the largest variety of chocolates; this includes chocolates from brands such as Butlers, Morgan’s, Ernest Hillier, and Willie’s Cacao.

Of course, businesses should not only choose one of these chocolate gift baskets because of the large collection of chocolates; this basket also includes shortbread, Cape Mentelle Shiraz, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Dom Perignon, and loads more. Check out the product description today and discover all the reasons why this is one of our best hampers!

What Is the Second Recommended Corporate Gift Basket?

The holiday season is the perfect time to advertise your business, especially if you intend on using an exquisite gift basket from the Hamper Emporium! We have several Christmas gift baskets in our catalogue that match your requirements; this includes our Classic Celebration Hamper.

Our Classic Celebration Hamper from the Christmas gift baskets catalogue contains everything your recipient needs for the ultimate Christmas party. Of course, since this is one of our largest Christmas gift baskets, the Classic Celebration Hamper from the Christmas gift baskets collection is also suitable for office sharing.

Inside the Classic Celebration Hamper from our Christmas gift baskets collection, customers can find an extensive selection of chocolates, savoury nibbles, condiments, biscuits, sweets, champagne, and even a genuine Merlot from Australia’s favourite winery Cape Mentelle.

With such a large selection of products, it is no surprise that many businesses choose the Classic Celebration Hamper to impress an important client or to reward their employees after a hard year’s work.

What Is the Third Recommended Corporate Gift Basket?

Businesses should also consider the Pure Gold Luxury Foodies Hamper for advertising, because this gift basket is bound to leave a lasting impression. The Pure Gold Luxury Foodies Hamper is packed with the finest luxury products and can be used for business advertising throughout the year.

One of the outstanding luxury products inside the Pure Gold Luxury Foodies Hamper is the Calvi ‘Mosto Oro’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive oil is quite special, from the taste of the olive oil to the packaging of the product!

The Calvi ‘Mosto Oro’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a slight almond flavour; this ensures that the olive oil leaves a remarkable taste in any dish it is used in. Of course, the flavour of the olive oil can be quite delicate too; this is one of the reasons why the manufacturer wrapped this olive oil in a special gold foil. The gold foil protects the olive oil inside against the sunlight, but also other factors that could influence the flavour of this amazing ingredient.

Our Pure Gold Luxury Foodies Hamper also contains an award-winning salted caramel sauce from Black St. Gourmet. The sauce tastes amazing on some vanilla ice cream, but it can also be used on other desserts. Of course, we also included the black truffle paste from Black St. Gourmet, which is going to impress your recipient.

Another product inside the Pure Gold Luxury Foodies Hamper that will leave a lasting impression is Butlers Gold Box Chocolate Assortment. Butlers Gold Box Chocolate Assortment is packed with the favourite chocolates of Butlers’ customers, so chocoholics will appreciate each confection hidden inside this chocolate box. Of course, your recipient will also explore the more exotic chocolates inside the hamper, including Willie’s Sierra Leone 70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Lime.

How Can I Customise the Corporate Gift Baskets for Advertising?

The Hamper Emporium is one of the few Australian hamper suppliers who provides a corporate branding service; this means we can customise a hamper of your choice to meet your brand! We provide anything from customised ribbons to engraved gifts, so businesses will have no problems finding that unique corporate gift they have been searching for.

Want to order corporate branding for one of the gift baskets at the Hamper Emporium? Get in touch with our team via telephone or email for more information.

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