The Art Of Creating Perfect Christmas Hampers

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:20 September 2019 

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Christmas Gift Hamper This Year



A delightful luxury hamper among the gifts under the Christmas tree is guaranteed to give you a magical, warm festive feeling. Here at The Hamper Emporium, we love thinking of new ideas and planning what to put in a Christmas hamper that will make it extra special. It's all part of our exciting countdown to Christmas.


However, there is an art and a certain beauty to doing it yourself if you have the time. Not only will it be an entirely personal and unique thought, but you can add some homemade luxuries too. You can choose to make it as simple or as lavish as you want and pack it full with sumptuous goodies you associate with the festive season.


So, why not get creative and spread some festive cheer to put smiles on the faces of your family and friends? Here is some inspiration from us to get you started on your very first perfect Christmas hamper. Enjoy!



A Touch Of Style



The first thing to do is to find yourself a beautiful container. If it's for a traditional Christmas hamper then a wicker basket is ideal, or a gorgeous cardboard box. Alternatively, choose something creative like a sturdy wooden crate, a terracotta planter or even a metal bucket. Think about the person you are making it for, and find inspiration from their personality. You could get even more inventive and use crockery or glass bowls, trays, decorative tins or even a giant teapot!


Crepe paper, tissue paper or eco-friendly brown paper bags all work well to put at the bottom of your gift basket to display your goodies nicely. You can even experiment with different materials like straw or natural popcorn. Make shred to pack the corners by spending a bit of time cutting strips, then curl it by pulling it over the edge of the scissor blade. Spice up your perfect Christmas hamper with festive colours and add some sparkle with baubles, sequins or glitter!



Think Outside The Box



Now comes the fun bit! When you're thinking about what to put in a Christmas hamper, it doesn't always need to be about classic Yuletide food and drink. You can select any theme from crafts and cookery right through to gardening or reading. The important thing is that the theme and content is something that they will love. Of course, it's always nice to add a few extra seasonal favourites like delicious chocolates, tempting nibbles or sparkling wine.


If your chosen theme is already a mouth-watering feast of flavours, then you can also add a special Christmas gift. Sneak in a gorgeous pair of earrings, makeup, a hand-knitted hat or leather gloves. Choose things to suit their personality and add a surprise like scented candles, baseball gloves or an enticing new book. Perfect Christmas hampers are all about preparation!



Pack It With Thoughtful Treats



Filling your hamper with a sublime feast, delicious treats or surprise gifts is the most enjoyable pastime. Here are some ideas to give you food for thought on what to put in a Christmas hamper!



Cheeseboard Flavour



A hamper for a cheese lover is an absolute must. Treat them to a selection of delectable flavours from smooth soft-ripened varieties like Brie to the distinct, crumbly blue cheeses. Add some rosemary flavoured thins, butter flavoured crackers or oat biscuits. Don't forget homemade accompaniments like spiced chutneys, savoury relishes or slices of rich, fruity cake. Top it off with wine or a baked Camembert kit, and every cheese fan will think it's a perfect Christmas hamper.



Chocolate Delight



Chocolate loving friends and family can never have too much chocolate, especially at Christmas. When you're planning what to put in a Christmas hamper for them select their favourite creamy treats and complement them with something new. Bittersweet flavours, white delights or seductive selections. Keep them sated with a bevvy of different flavours and chocolate-dipped nuts and sweets. Make your own succulent truffles or chocolate log or gift a chocolate cupcake kit for those avid baking fans.



Breakfast Time



Start Christmas morning with a luxurious hamper filled with a designer selection of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Breakfast goodies and Christmas go hand in hand. Fill your basket with aromatic infusions and succulent flavours. Indulge their taste buds with rich coffee beans and boxes, natural herb teas, or cinnamon and chile chocolate drinks. Homemade preserves, coffee filters, mugs or a trendy teapot will complete this perfect Christmas hamper and provide a morning jolt of heaven.



Seriously Pampering



Pampering hampers of any kind for him or her never go amiss. Timeless beauty products like natural lotions, potions and perfumes combine for the perfect relaxation tool. Bath bombs, body sprays, heady essential oils, deluxe shaving kits and divine skincare products are the ideal additions. Also, think about what to put in a Christmas hamper for those extra Christmas party essentials. Add in a bottle of bubbly, aromatherapy candles, a relaxing music CD or a seriously soft and sensuous bathrobe.



Arts & Crafts



Christmas baskets lend themselves to almost any favourite hobby, art or craft you can think of. From sports and the gym to gardening, reading or painting, anyone will love one of these. Choose a new book or paintbrushes and ink, shiny golf balls or a fun chef's apron and build from there. For instance, baking fans will adore colourful jars of sprinkles, sugars, aromatic herbs, spices and cinnamon sticks. This is the perfect Christmas hamper choice for everyone, and you can top it up with tasty homemade treats and their top tipple.



Add Some Extra Sparkle



Whatever theme you decide on for your perfect Christmas hamper, adding a touch of Christmas cheer with some sparkling bubbly Champagne is almost compulsory. Depending on your budget, you can't go wrong with a classic Moët & Chandon or Impérial Rosé pink champagne. There's a whole host of award-winning Australian wines to choose from too, including sparkling whites, Christmassy rosé wines and deep-blooded reds.


If you feel like a change, you don't have to stick with these standard drinks options. What do you put in a Christmas hamper with a difference? Flavoured vodkas or designer gins are an added twist and sure to make an impression. Or why not choose Limoncello with its essential and intense Christmassy flavour? Make up a crate of a selection of crisp traditional ciders, feisty real ales or another favourite tipple. You really can't go far wrong.



Festive Finishing Touches



When it comes to the final touches on your perfect Christmas hamper, always wrap your hamper with transparent cellophane. It's just so tempting to glimpse the contents. Coloured cellophane will add a stunning professional look, and you can even shrink wrap it using your hairdryer. Satin ribbons and shimmering bows make the perfect finishing touches and can also be used to keep your carefully positioned gifts in place.


In the spirit of Christmas, why not add some seasonal decorations to your hamper? You can use warm coloured bells and baubles or tiny Christmas trees, snowflakes or snowmen. Place a fresh sprig of Holly or Mistletoe in place of the bow. The objective when deciding what to put in a Christmas hamper is to create one that looks fabulous, festive and fun to open.


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