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If you're looking for bereavement gifts and keepsakes to offer condolences to a family member or friend who's recently suffered a loss, we can help. We offer a range of premium, thoughtful bereavement gifts – explore our range today.

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Bereavement gifts Australia

Finding premium, thoughtful bereavement gifts to send to your loved ones who have recently lost someone they love can be tough. The right gift says, "I'm here for you", "they're forever in my heart", and "I love you", while also helping them to smile during this difficult period.

The Hamper Emporium has many gifts that match this description. Our gifts come with free shipping and a customisable card. We offer same-day shipping in the Sydney metro area on orders placed before 11 AM.

Browse our selection of bereavement gifts and share your feelings through a luxury gift.

FAQs about bereavement gifts

In this section, we'll address your most common questions about bereavement gifts.

What gift do you give someone after a death?

The most popular bereavement and remembrance gifts are cards with words of love and bouquets of flowers. Additionally, some people give the following gifts:

  • A scented candle
  • Tangible support through helping with funeral planning
  • Chocolates
  • Food
  • Tea
  • Wine

What gifts to give for bereavement?

Cards with messages of love and hope and bouquets of flowers are the most popular bereavement gifts. Though, if you're looking for unique bereavement gifts, you might prefer one of these gift ideas:

  • Art depicting the night sky on the day the deceased person was born
  • A small, potted tree or bush that can be planted to remember the deceased
  • Jewellery featuring hair from the deceased
  • Small fireplace ornaments of the deceased
  • Small stones featuring quotes from the deceased
  • Packets of seeds
  • Engraved ornaments
  • Macrame art

What is the best bereavement gift in Australia?

In our opinion, the Wish You Well Hamper is the best gift for a bereaved loved one. This thoughtful present includes a bottle of Mr Riggs Sulis Langhorne Creek Cabernet, a Booderee hand wash, a waffle tea towel, and a Himalayan rock salt and grater set – all presented in a premium keepsake box.

What do you put in a grief care package?

If you're looking for inspiration for a bereavement care package, we recommend including items like:

  • Premade meals
  • Gift vouchers for meal delivery services
  • Fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden
  • Snacks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Wine
  • Luxury soap, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Essential oils for healing and wellness
  • Bath products
  • Skincare products
  • A guided journal
  • Candles
  • Pet food

What are some condolence gifts (not flowers)?

If you're looking for sympathy gifts to offer condolences that aren't flowers, here are some suggestions inspired by our range of bereavement gifts:

  • Lounging in Luxury Hamper – One of our favourite bereavement gifts for men
  • Naturally Nourishing Hamper – One of our favourite bereavement gifts for women
  • Self-Care & Tea Hamper – A good gift for a tea drinker
  • Opulent Wellness Hamper – A good gift for a spa lover
  • Foodies Hamper – The best gift for an epicurious person
  • Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper – The best gift for a family
  • Indulgent Home Essentials With Red Wine Hamper – A good gift for a grieving male friend
  • A Touch Of Luxury Hamper – A good gift for a grieving female friend

Where can you deliver bereavement gifts to?

We can deliver bereavement gifts to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, and many more destinations around Australia. We offer two shipping options: standard shipping (which is free with all orders) and express shipping. Standard shipping to major cities takes 1-5 business days, and express shipping takes three business days.

Say "I'm here for you" with our bereavement gifts

We can help you find sentimental gifts for someone who lost a loved one recently. Our gifts are designed to celebrate the life of the deceased person, offer comfort, and express your love. Each of our bereavement sympathy gifts comes with free shipping and a customisable card.

Browse our collection of bereavement gifts today.

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