10 Daily Habits To Help Boost Your Happiness

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:20 March 2020 


Do you feel like your life just keeps getting busier and busier? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re not alone.


We live in a fast-paced world. Long to-do lists, overflowing inboxes and burning the candle at both ends are all considered the norm. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO, a student or a stay at home parent — you could probably benefit from slowing down and enjoying life’s small joys.


Here are 10 simple habits that can help boost your happiness, no matter what your daily routine looks like:


Don’t snooze your alarm


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you get up instantly, eager to start your day? If that’s the case, move on to the next tip… You’re already nailing this! If you hit the snooze button even once, keep reading.


Snoozing your alarm often results in fragmented sleep. This means that those extra 10 or 20 minutes won’t help you feel any better during the day. Not only that, but they might actively be making you feel worse.


Sleep inertia is the drowsy, groggy feeling you have immediately after waking. When you snooze your alarm repeatedly, this state can last for up to four hours after your wakeup call! To squeeze the most out of your day, make a habit of getting up with your first alarm. Your body will thank you for it.


Have a morning routine


We don’t always control what happens during the day. Many of us have obligations, meetings and appointments to fill our waking hours. There’s one thing you might get a little more say in, though; your morning.


A morning routine could include the following:


  • Writing in a journal
  • Meditating
  • Doing yoga
  • Listening to music
  • Making a nutritious breakfast
  • Listening to your favourite music


There is no one cookie-cutter way to start your day, so set up a morning routine that feels right for you. By figuring this out, and sticking to it, you’re giving yourself a gift that will last long past your morning cup of coffee.


Indulge in nature


Nothing quite beats the feeling of sinking your toes into the sand or relaxing in the shade of a beautiful tree. In our increasingly electronic lives, we can sometimes become disconnected from nature. This is especially true for the city-dwellers out there.


Spending time in nature is the ultimate way to lift your mood. If you’re lucky enough to live surrounded by the natural world this one should be easy to achieve. But don’t stress if you spend most of your days surrounded by concrete, there are other ways to feel this connection.


Research has shown that even keeping a pot plant nearby can have a positive impact on your mood. So adopt a houseplant for your desk or workspace (just don’t forget to water it!). Not only will it make the room more inviting, but you’ll reap benefits you wouldn’t otherwise.


Take time to breathe


We all know the fabulous benefits of meditation by now: reduced stress, gratitude and emotional health, to name a few. While a traditional meditation practice works for some, don’t think you have to sit cross-legged and chant to feel a difference.


Breath awareness is putting thought and intention into your breathing as you move through the day. Do you take short, shallow breaths? Are you making use of your diaphragm? Taking deep belly breaths will change how you feel dramatically.


Leave notes where you will see them to regularly check in on your breathing. Not only can it increase happiness, but you might just feel more in touch with your body and emotions.


Fuel your body


Have you ever been in a bad mood that miraculously disappeared once you ate something? There’s actually a scientific reason for that.


Food provides your body with the fuel it needs to function. During digestion, nutrients are broken down into glucose, which enters the bloodstream and gives you energy. When these glucose levels drop, your body switches over to survival mode.


Some studies have shown that low glucose levels can trigger fear, anxiety and anger. By keeping up a balanced diet, you can avoid those ‘hangry’ moments. Make time for three meals a day and keep snacks with you on the go (you can’t go wrong with roasted almonds). Remember, balance is key!




Moving your body isn’t just great for your overall health, it’s amazing for stress-relief as well. Don’t be put off if you’re not exactly an athletic person. There are all different kinds of exercise to suit even the most devout couch potatoes!


The good news is that even small amounts of exercise can have a large impact on your mood. Take a ten-minute walk on your lunch break, dance to an upbeat playlist or dust off that old bike for a Saturday morning ride.


If you like more of an intense workout, branch out! Hit up a local class or running group. No matter what you choose, you’ll be making the most of those natural endorphins in no time.


Cultivate connection


Take some time out to connect with the people around you. Do something kind for a stranger, cook dinner for your friend, or maybe gift your mum with a gorgeous pamper hamper to say thanks for everything she does.


Humans are social creatures. Lacking social connection has a direct impact on not only your physical health but your happiness and well-being as well. So nurture your close relationships and cultivate new ones. After all, you never know when a new friend is just around the corner!


Unwind and pamper


‘Self-care’ isn’t just a trendy phrase that people throw around on the internet. In fact, by definition, it’s anything we do to benefit our mental, emotional and physical health. Looking after yourself is essential, though often it’s easy to overlook.


Instead of claiming you don’t have time, do something to refuel yourself today. This might be indulging in a delicious glass of wine with dinner, unwinding with a bath soak or slathering your hands with rose-scented lotion before you go to bed.


Pamper gifts can be an excellent place to start — whether they’re for yourself or a loved one. By looking after yourself, you’ll be energised and able to focus on what really makes you happy.


Practice gratitude


No matter how lucky you are, it can be so easy to dwell on everything you don’t have. That’s where gratitude comes in. Studies have found that expressing gratitude is strongly related to greater happiness. That’s right, people who regularly give thanks tend to feel more positive emotions.


So how can you go about being more grateful? Well, it can take whatever form feels best for you. Maybe keeping a gratitude journal, where you note down the positives from each day, helps you collect your thoughts. Perhaps you’d rather set aside time every week to list the things you’re grateful for.


Either way, taking some time to dwell on what you’re most grateful for in life is bound to have you feeling more upbeat.


Hit the hay


We’ve all felt it… That cranky, exhausted state when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. It’s enough to throw you off all day, and can even impact you in the days that follow. Yep, it’s safe to say that getting a good night’s rest is absolutely essential to your emotional wellbeing.


It can be tempting to stay up late bingeing on your latest Netflix obsession or perhaps reading a good book, but think twice if you’re constantly burning the midnight oil.


To ensure eight hours of shut-eye, invest in a luxurious eye mask or burn a delicious scented candle to burn before you go to sleep. Being well-rested will set you up to be a happier, healthier version of you.


Invest in your happiness


Whatever it means for you, start investing in yourself and the ones you love. Whether it be a simple commitment like going to bed earlier, or a luxurious indulgence (French champagne and chocolate, anyone?), you deserve to take time out for yourself.


Check out our delightful range of pamper hampers if you need an idea of where to get started. Don’t be shy, spread the love (and happiness) around!


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