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15 Fun Things To Do At Home

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:24 April 2020 

What To Do At Home During A Pandemic


So, you’ve cleaned out the fridge, dusted the bookshelves, and watched countless hours of funny animal videos on the internet… and you’re only up to day 5 of quarantine…. If you’re desperately in search of inspiration for things to do at home while in self-isolation we’ve got 15 great ideas to beat the boredom. COVID-19 has certainly changed our daily lives. Limited social interaction and changes in work routines have left many of us feeling isolated and depressed. If you’re struggling with boredom, or if the kids are driving you insane looking for something to do, we’ve got the inspiration you need to keep everyone entertained at home.


1. Teddy Bear Hunt


Neighbourhoods all over Australia are organising stuffed teddy bear hunts to distract and entertain kids while on lockdown with the coronavirus pandemic. Inspired by Michael Rosen’s children’s book 'We’re Going on a Bear Hunt', people leave stuffed animals in their windows or outside their houses (somewhere the teddy bear is easily visible from the street) so kids can walk around and hunt for bears. It’s an easy activity to do with kids that will get them outside and in the fresh air while still being in line with important social-distancing safety guidelines. Find out if your local neighbourhood is getting involved, or organise it yourself.


2. Draw a Chalk Rainbow


Grab your colourful chalks and head outside to draw a rainbow or spread some cheer with an encouraging message on your driveway. Kids will love to share their colourful drawings with others. Decorating the neighbourhood footpath or the road in front of your house is a fun activity the kids can do outside that will help them remain positive and cheerful. If the whole street gets involved, drawing colourful chalk rainbows it’s a fun way to spread some cheer and build a sense of community connection.


3. Start A Garden


Kids and adults alike will love the chance to get out into the garden and plant some seeds or seedlings. Planting a combination of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, watching them grow, and then harvesting your own produce is a super fun activity to do at home with the kids. It’s also a great learning experience to make homeschooling fun.


4. Discover What’s In Your Backyard


Costa wants to know ‘'What’s In Your Backyard?' with his new campaign to encourage kids to get outside and explore nature in their backyard. If you want to learn more about the amazing flora and fauna in your area, there’s online resources from Landcare Australia that will help. Birdwatching or exploring your backyard can be a fun thing to do at home for all ages.


5. Rearrange the Furniture


If you’re looking for fun things to do at home by yourself, you could try rearranging the furniture. It’ll be just like taking a holiday in your own home! Spruce the place up and make some more space by trialling a few new room arrangements. If you’re going to be stuck in the house for a while, now’s the time to redecorate!


6. Declutter Your Home


Use this time to clean out your linen cupboard, organise the garage, and see what’s hiding in the junk drawer. You’ll feel more joy in your own space if everything is organised and free from clutter. If you’re the sort of person who likes to stay organised, a good de-clutter is a good activity to pass time at home on a rainy day.


7. Discover A New Podcast


There’s a whole world of entertaining and informative podcasts that you’ve never had time for before! Listening to a podcast can be a fun thing to do at home alone, with your partner, or with the family. There’s podcasts on all sorts of cool topics from social comedy, true crime, weird facts, relationships, and more.


8. Experiment With A New Recipe


It doesn’t matter if you’re a gourmet foodie or totally inept in the kitchen. Learning to cook or playing around with some new recipe inspiration is an awesome activity to keep you entertained at home alone or with the family. Improving your cooking skills will pay off when you invite your friends around for a dinner party later on.


9. Have a Wine or Beer Tasting Evening


If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at home with your partner, you can host a wine appreciation and tasting evening. Pour several glasses of wine, mix them up so you don’t know what you’re drinking, and rate your beverages. See if you can identify each wine and then pick a favourite so you know what to order more of next time. You could expand your horizons and discover a new beer or favourite wine.


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10. Have a Driveway Picnic


Have dinner with the neighbours, in a socially distant sort of way! Drop some invitations in the mailboxes along your street and plan a driveway picnic. Each family can bring their dinner out onto the lawn about an hour before sunset and sit in their own yard while catching up with the neighbours. A street driveway dinner party is a fun home activity to keep connections alive during COVID-19 isolation.


11. Host a Netflix Movie Session


Just because you can’t invite your friends over to watch a movie, doesn’t mean you have to watch TV alone. Make some popcorn, Skype a friend, and then kick back and Netflix & Chill together as you watch the same movie online with your friends! Commentating and critiquing the movie as you watch it together is a fun way to stay connected with friends online.


12. Play Online Party Games


If you live alone and are wanting ideas for fun things to do, there’s a range of great party apps and games you can play online with friends. Stay in touch and help make the evenings more fun by inviting your friends to join you in an online multiplayer game like virtual trivia or one of the JackBox Party games.


13. Start a New Hobby


This is the perfect time to start a new hobby. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a language, improve your chess game, learn calligraphy, or start scrapbooking… there’s countless new hobbies you can start right now for fun things to do at home on your own.


14. Exercise Online


All these isolation snacks and no exercise is a recipe for disaster! Get online and find a fun exercise program to do at home. Yoga is easy to learn at home and a great activity to help you stay fit and clear your mind. If you want something fun to keep the family active at home, there’s a heap of great online exercise videos for kids on YouTube. Set yourself a daily exercise goal before opening that next packet of chocolate coated nuts…


15. Create A Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a fun and easy family activity that you can do at home to banish boredom. Hide treats or little toys around the house for the kids to discover. You could also get creative and make it a sexy scavenger hunt for a fun activity to share at home with your partner. Make up some clues and lead them on a fun scavenger hunt to find a special gift basket or surprise at the end of their hunt.


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It’s not hard to get creative and come up with some fun activities to spread joy at home. Reach out to your friends by organising fun things to do online together. Or use your time at home for some imaginative and fun family bonding time. Spreading the love with some fun activities or gift giving is a great way to keep the joy alive and show your appreciation for a happy and healthy family.


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