15 Things Every New Mum Should Know

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:6 May 2020 

Words of Wisdom for New Mums


If your wife, daughter, or best friend is welcoming her first child into the world, she’s probably counting down the days until she meets her precious baby. Most women experience both nervousness and excitement at the idea of becoming a mother. Holding your baby in your arms for the first time is its own special wonderful. But caring for a newborn for the first time can be intimidating. Through those hazy first days to the chaos of bringing baby home, the highs and lows and the joys and frustrations of motherhood will blend together.


Being a mother is hard work, but it is also a wonderfully rewarding experience for many women. First-time mothers will look to other women for reassurance and advice. Every woman’s journey as a mum is unique, but shared wisdom and advice from experienced mothers is always welcome. Knowing what to expect can help take the fear and uncertainty out of becoming a mum for the first time.


The Best Advice to Give New Mums


If you’re a mother yourself, you might have personal experience to share about the things every new mum should know. Passing on your knowledge about what to expect in the first few months after baby is born will help a new mum adjust to motherhood without losing her sanity!


For some women, those early days as a new mum is a blur! It’s not until someone else shares their experience that they’ll remember, 'oh my gosh, that happened to me!' Swapping tales of motherhood and sharing newborn baby stories can be a great way to help a new mum. If you’re planning a baby shower or going to visit your friend for the first time after her baby is born don’t just bring a gift box – take with you some pearls of wisdom to share with a first-time mum.


What do you wish someone had told you before you became a mother? We’ll share with you fifteen essential things all new mothers need to know as they embark on their adventure into motherhood.


Baby Shower


15 Things Every New Mum Should Know


1. Your life will radically change


Your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine right now. And it’s okay. It goes beyond changes to routine; becoming a parent changes you as a person. Embrace the change and enjoy the process of discovery as you find new interests and new passions.


2. Nothing ever goes 'as planned'


While having a goal is wonderful, don’t be too focused on the small steps along the way. This goes for your birth plan as well as baby’s first year (and beyond). Motherhood is a journey. Enjoy every new adventure and don’t worry if things don’t go as you expected them to.


3. It will be years before you manage to drink your tea while it’s hot


Best if you just give up on that idea now. Hot tea is overrated anyway.


4. This too shall pass


While the days of cry, feed, clean, sleep, repeat might seem exhausting and never-ending, they will pass. Teething pain will pass. That wheezing cough from a winter cold will pass. But the loving bond you create in these early days with your baby will blossom as she grows up.


5. Enjoy every moment


Very soon, you’ll look back and wonder at how fast time flies. Take every chance to breathe and enjoy the moment. Take photos of all of baby’s first big moments but don’t forget the little things like quiet newborn snuggles and laying together in the sunshine. If friends ask for gift ideas to buy, a photo album will become a treasured new mum gift for you to look back on.


6. It’s totally normal


Whatever ‘it’ is, it’s okay. There’s a whole world of ‘normal’ when it comes to babies and first-time mums. That squishy nose, baby hic-cups, waking at 2am every morning, sleeping for 8 hours straight, not sleeping for 8 hours straight, not sleeping unless you hold him, refusing to sleep if you hold him! It’s all normal. Try not to sweat the little things. If welcoming your baby hasn’t been the joyful experience you expected, hang in there. You’re not alone, and it’s normal. If bringing your newborn home has been an absolute delight and you’re feeling full of energy and part of you is just waiting for the other shoe to drop because everyone else says those first few months are tough… just go with it. It’s totally normal.


7. Trust your instincts


You’ll get to know your baby better than anyone else. Don’t doubt the strength of your maternal instincts. If something feels right or wrong to you, go with your gut.


8. You don’t have to listen to advice


Not everyone will give you advice that works for you. Amy Poehler’s motto, “Good for her! Not for me.” is a great one to live by. You’ll find your confidence as a mum sooner if you recognise that there’s no need to compare your journey with that of other mums.


9. Make time for yourself


There is nothing wrong with demanding some ‘me’ time or taking advantage of baby’s nap time to do something frivolous for yourself. Who cares if there’s washing to hang out? Take a bath. Read a book. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Don’t stop doing the things you love.


10. Your post-baby body is not something to worry about


So what if Kate and Meghan are leaving hospital with their royal babies looking like they just emerged from a pampering spa retreat… no one is actually worried about your weight or body changes after birth. Put on your trackies. Eat that chocolate treat. Sleep when you can. The important thing is that you and your baby are happy and healthy.


11. Sleep deprivation is not a joke


You might laugh about it sometimes, but sleep deprivation is rough. It will leave you physically and mentally exhausted, prevent good decision making, and leave your emotions raw. Sleep when baby sleeps. If your baby needs to be held in order to sleep, then that’s what you need to do. If you achieve nothing all day except sleep and feed your baby, that’s 100% fine.


12. Treat yourself


You’re important. You can’t take care of your baby until you’ve taken care of yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. Buy yourself a gift. Book in for that massage. Splurge on a gourmet treat. You deserve it.


13. Find time to be with your partner


You’re in this together so it goes without saying that your partner should be sharing as much baby time as possible. But it’s important to also connect one-on-one with your partner. Sharing an evening with a bottle of wine might be a luxury you can’t imagine right now but, if you can, ordering takeaway and surprising them with a bottle of wine would make a wonderful treat for you both. If that won’t work, even just laying together on the couch or pushing the pram together so you have time for a real conversation is a good way to maintain your connection.


14. Ask for help


Parenting advice is only helpful to a point. At some stage, you’ll probably need some more practical hands-on help. It’s okay to ask for help. Friends and family will love to know what they can offer from babysitting, a trip to the shops, or just hanging out with another adult for the afternoon.


15. You’re doing a great job!


At some point, most mums worry that they are doing it all wrong. Try not to expect too much of yourself. Your baby doesn’t need you to be super-mum. At the end of the day, just being there is enough. Don’t doubt your abilities or underrate your achievements. You’re doing a great job!


Buying a Gift For a New Mum


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