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6 Awesome Party Games To Celebrate Christmas

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:24 November 2020 

Let’s Get Silly This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when we begin to reflect on 2020. We look forward to the year nearing its end. The Christmas tree goes up and Santa is almost here. We count down to the office Christmas party and the chance to have some fun with the team, before heading off into the holidays to spend time with family, friends and neighbours.


The silly season is all about having a good time with a few games and laughs and smiles all around. Funny Christmas party games for adults and kids are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Here are some ideas from us to you to bring some holiday cheer into your life. We’ll help you prepare a few fun games for the office Christmas party or family Christmas games to play with the kids at home. Enjoy our top picks for the best Christmas games 2020.


Family-friendly Christmas Party Games 2020

The greatest part about Christmas is having fun together as a family. Create your very own special holiday memories. You’ll add tons of fun with games that will include every age group at your Christmas table. A little bit of competition can make for hours of laughs and giggles.


1. Pin the nose on Rudolph (for the little ones)

Get everyone together to draw your very own family Rudolph or print a template to colour in together. Hang him up on the wall and use a red pom-pom with sticky tape attached to it for his nose. Blindfold every player, young and old, spin them around and around and have them try and pin the nose on Rudolph. Make sure to mark everyone’s attempt with their name and give everyone a go. The winner is the one closest to Rudolf’s actual nose position. 


2. Santa Limbo (for young and old)

This is a funny Christmas party game for kids or after a few drinks with friend or the work crew. Have everyone in the family put a "Santa Belly" under their shirt using a pillow when it is their turn. Find a broom or mop handle to use as a limbo stick and place it at a height suitable for all ages to start off with. Line up the youngest to oldest and let everyone have a go to limbo under the stick with their Santa Belly attached. Lower the stick a little bit each round. Keep the fun going until you have one clear winner. Note: If playing with the family, you could do a round for the littlies first, then an adult version later on after a few wines to add some more fun and laughs.


3. Stocking Guessing Game (fun for everyone)

The host of your family Christmas lunch needs to find some items to add to a Christmas stocking. Once it's stuffed, tie a ribbon or piece of string around the top of the stocking so no one can peek. By passing it around the circle, everyone can have a go at feeling what might be inside. After everyone has written down their guesses of what’s inside the stocking, the person who guesses the most correct items wins.


What to give as game prizes? 

The family Christmas party is the perfect day to hand out more surprises and prizes. Provide one to the winner of each game and have some small gifts for all those who played and had fun. Make sure to keep up the giving spirit of the holidays so that no one leaves the party disappointed. Group gifts to share are a great idea. If you’re planning Christmas party games for adults, you should definitely add in a few funny novelty gifts. For family games, it might be an idea to have backup gifts for the kids to avoid disappointment—especially the young ones still learning how to lose.


Family Christmas party games


Fun Office Christmas Party Games 2020

It is everyone’s favourite time of year; the time of giving and receiving, the time of reflection and time for some personal interaction with colleagues. It is wonderful to use a celebration like Christmas to get to know the new colleague that joined mid-year that you haven’t had time to chat with since, or to connect with remote workers. The best Christmas party games for work will help the staff to learn more about each other, and reveal their interests or skill sets. Work party games strengthen the office bond and support everyone’s ability to work as a team in the new year. 


If you’re in charge of planning the work Christmas party, the pressure is on! You need enjoyable office Christmas party games ideas to make sure your event is a success. While you can stick with tried and true party games so everyone knows the rules, it’s good to come up with some original ideas or different Christmas party games for adults to enjoy.


1. Holiday A to Z

Split the staff up into separate teams and hand out pre-printed papers with a vertically-arranged alphabet to each group. Every team has to now prove how creative they are and try to beat the advertising and marketing department. The very first team to complete the page with a holiday-themed word for each letter wins. Designate a judge before the start of the game and have him or her check the winning group’s list to see if they qualify. If they tried to be fast rather than accurate, move on to the second fastest team. This is a great game to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and observe some team work. 


2. Human Christmas Tree

Make up teams and get them to choose two to three reps to creatively form their group’s very own ‘Human Christmas Tree.’ Providing some Christmas decorations so each team can decorate themselves turns this into a funny party game for adults. There’s lots of ways to turn this game into some hilarious group fun. Make sure you have a designated judge to determine which crew has the best creative team tree and to choose a clear winner and runner-up. A time limit is optional but the pressure of a countdown will probably add to the fun.


3. Christmas Charades

Create a list of Christmas terms to act out before the party. Or go for an "events of 2020" theme. Ask your team to separate into smaller groups and get one person from each group to do the acting. Everyone should know how to play charades and add their unique twist to it, but stick to rules and do not allow the actors to add secret signals or even talk during their ‘performance’. Make sure to give everyone a point on their team chart when they guess correctly in the given time frame. The first team to get a previously set goal of points wins the game.


What to give as game prizes for adults? 

Christmas is a great time for extra gifts and who doesn’t love more gifts on top of their bonus? You could simply go for company wearables or merchandise for the winning teams of each game or give them corporate branded gift baskets. Depending on your business, prizes could be a bottle of wine or corporate branded items like laptop cases, T-shirts, notepads or other unique ideas. Everyone will love to take home their keepsake victory gift as the ultimate winners of the office Christmas party games challenge. No matter what you choose to gift to your staff members, colleagues and business partners, everyone will love showing off their personalised items in and around the office for the next year—until the next Christmas show comes along.


Prizes for work christmas party games


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