8 Tips For A Memorable First Date

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:15 May 2020 


How to Have a Great First Date


First dates can be a minefield. For many, just the thought of one fills them with dread. We all have at least one memory of a disaster that still makes us cringe with embarrassment.


Dating is never an exact science. That perfect first date is a balanced mixture of things and very different for each one of us. So, how can you do everything in your power to make sure sparks fly? Here are eight tips to help make that first date memorable.


1. Keep it Uncomplicated


Any first date, particularly if you don’t know much about them, is packed with uncertainty. Trying to impress with a romantic meal after a stressful business day or an afternoon out can be disastrous. Keep the date simple, easy and short. It’s much better to meet for a coffee first and then arrange something spontaneously if things are going well.


2. Preparation is Important


Like a job interview, a first date needs some thought and preparation in advance. This could be thinking about questions to ask, exciting things to talk about or some funny stories to tell. Make sure to give your confidence a boost in advance with a little bit of practice at home in front of the mirror!


3. Create an Impression


We all know that the first impression counts and that it is likely to last. Psychologists say our opinions are formed in just a few seconds and that it’s mostly about appearance, attitude and presence. While it sounds complicated, a good way to create a positive impression is by bringing a small gourmet gift. Also, by smiling. It’s happy, likable, positive, and catching!


4. Listen as Much as You Talk


Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, but it can be overwhelming if you are nervous. It’s not always interesting for your date either and can send out completely the wrong signals. The trick is to find a balance. Listen with interest to your date and then respond intelligently. Summarise any points and then ask a follow up question.


5. Let Go of Perfection


This one might sound a little counterintuitive. You've put time and effort into the planning stage, but in the moment, it's time to let go of any rigid ideas about how the date 'should' go. You're here to enjoy yourself and get to know the person, and the only way you'll be able to do either of those things is to relax. 


6. Always Show Appreciation


Be kind to your new date and make them smile. They are sure to have made hours of effort or invested in a new dress. So, make sure to show your appreciation and compliment them on how they look. It’s guaranteed to make your date feel more confident and comfortable. People will always remember how someone makes them feel, even if the date doesn’t work out.


7. Pay Attention to the Science


Body language is an essential communication and we use it whether it is conscious or not. We reveal things about ourselves and conclude things about other people. Make sure to maintain eye contact when you are talking and watch for gestures, mannerisms and expressions. Don't go too overboard, but make sure you're not sending out the wrong signals.


8. Use the Right Follow Up


If everything went well, the connection was there and conversation flowed, what next? Well, the success of a first date also depends on the follow-up and arranging the next date. Doing this correctly is vital, and it’s also important not to put the other person on the spot. Tell them what an amazing date it was, suggest meeting again, and maybe have a small gift delivered to brighten their day.


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