9 Ways To Promote Your Business Creatively In 2020

Just because it’s the festive season, it doesn’t mean that marketing and promoting your business grinds to a halt. In fact, it’s the ideal time!


Planning how to promote your business for 2020 in a saturated market is increasingly difficult. There are so many products and companies taking customers attention and a huge range of choices for them. Today, marketing necessitates getting highly creative and ‘thinking outside the box’.


If you have a new business or a limited budget, it can be even harder vying for position. How exactly can you send your message to your target audience? How can you boost corporate visibility and increase sales cost-effectively?


Here are some of our thoughts from the team at The Hamper Emporium!


How To Promote Your Business In 9 Easy Steps


1. Don’t Ignore Social Media


Nowadays, you need a social media presence, even if you don’t want it. A potent tool, some companies have been built solely by using it exclusively. As you learn how to promote your business this way and gather momentum, it will start to yield some great results. Be original and credible when you post your thoughts. Promote your products and be sure to include relevant advice that helps customers learn more about you and your products.


  • Choose the right platforms for your business
  • Stimulate customer engagement & communication
  • Use interesting visual & video content
  • Don’t blatantly advertise - be interactive
  • Always provide customer value first
  • Develop a friendly online community
  • Create step by step tutorials & useful guides


2. Go For Quality & Mobile-friendliness


Branding is vitally important when you are thinking about how to promote your business. Your website creates the first impression, so it needs to reflect your company and values well. You need to capture visitors attention immediately and keep them. Your site needs to be attractive, user-friendly and offer something beneficial. Does it represent your business and entice customers to stay? Does it have a clear CTA and value for them?


How to promote your business in 2020 means it’s time to reassess your website and aim to keep your customers entertained and wholly engaged!


If you want your website to be visible, then it needs to be mobile-friendly too. Google algorithms use over 200 ranking factors, but now place a higher emphasis on mobile-first. Search engines exist primarily to give people a great online experience, so it makes complete sense. Most internet searches today involve mobile phones and not computers, so ignore this at your peril!


3. Connect With Your Local Community


Think smart when you are planning how to promote your business and your overall marketing efforts. The best place to start is in your local community. Find out what’s going on and be active. Find the right influencers and start to spread your message. Local networking groups and like-minded businesses offer some great opportunities for connecting with new customers and business advocates. Knowledge is power!


  • Attend local networking events
  • Host community group meetings
  • Sponsor a local team or venue
  • Organise fundraising or a charity run
  • Find out where your target customers spend time
  • Volunteer your expertise and advice


Get your marketing message out there!


4. Collaborate With Other Businesses


When you partner with other businesses, it is a magnet for attracting new customers. So, when active in your local community, use it to your advantage. Form a like-minded group of non-competitive business minds and get busy collaborating on how to promote your business together! When you cross-promote and provide synergy, you can expand promotions, reach more people and instantly increase your customer base.


The focus should be on finding the right partners and then working and supporting each other to gain visibility and increase sales. To maximise the impact, you can take successful long-term partnerships as far as you want. Why not host joint events, loyalty schemes and share email lists? There are no limits on how successful your efforts can be and the benefits it can generate.


5. Become A Networking Fan


How to promote your business the easy way? There is no better way than by getting out there and meeting new people. Strengthening your connections by networking takes time and commitment and is all about sharing. It has multiple benefits, including finding fresh ideas and a different perspective. Advice, support and opportunities come with this, and a strong network is a great asset that will build profits too.


  • Be a great listener or communicator
  • Stay positive, friendly & approachable
  • Be generous - always give before you ask
  • Collaborate & work to build trust
  • Be sincere - always follow up
  • Find ways to engage or help people


6. Create Incredible Content


Customers today demand great content, and there are numerous ways to share information. Using different methods from blogging to submitting online articles will ensure that your business gains authority. Expert advice and information is like gold dust and will keep traffic flowing to your website. It also helps to improve your ranking, connect with customers, and strengthens brand awareness.


Keeping your content fresh keeps your business relevant. In a saturated market, it’s crucial to maintain business success and promote your brand at every opportunity. How to promote your business is about much more than offering an outstanding service. Content marketing keeps you in customers minds, delivers value, and keeps them engaged and coming back.


7. Strengthen Your Branding


It takes time and energy to position and strengthen a brand. It must immediately connect with customers, be memorable, and promote your product. It defines your business and differentiates you from competitors. Strong branding can create a customer connection and turn them into lifelong fans. So, when you think about how to promote your business, don’t just pay attention to logos. Branding needs to be credible and memorable across all media channels.


  • Create consistent, symbolic branding
  • Every area must demonstrate value
  • Target your message consistently
  • Use high design standards
  • Claim your niche and become an expert
  • Provide fabulous customer service
  • Always exceed customer expectations


8. Establish Strong Customer Relationships


It’s easy for any business, big or small, to lose track of their customers. They will change over time, so it’s vitally important to keep up-to-date with changing needs. Strong customer relationships mean that you will also understand ways you can re-connect or support them. It’s easier and cheaper to retain customers than to attract new ones, and it’s the number one way to get referrals.


How to promote your business includes developing killer customer relationships. This involves professional communication and listening to customers. They expect excellent services so, exceed their expectations and raise the bar. Invite feedback and respond positively, even if it’s negative. Connect with customers whenever you can and show appreciation for their business by saying thank you or with loyalty rewards.


9. Help Others To Enjoy Your Marketing


All your marketing should be of use to customers when planning how to promote your business. There are many ways that you can make your marketing efforts a welcome intrusion. Rather than being an annoyance to your audience, make your promotions fun and inclusive.


  • Provide solutions, useful & educational information
  • Host online classes, training or webinars
  • Provide assistance on popular relevant forums
  • Gift and give away desirable small gifts
  • Provide ‘experience’ free samples or trials
  • Encourage product trials with honest reviews
  • Always keep your customers entertained


Stay At The Forefront Of Customers Minds


It’s an essential factor when you are planning how to promote your business. If you have a great idea, it might even go viral!


These inexpensive ideas will help you build your business, engage customers and ultimately ensure your brand is at the forefront. Remember, it’s not always about having a bottomless marketing budget. It’s about effort and relevance.


The festive season is a fabulous time to start, so why not do it today? Browse through our incredible Corporate Hampers or Christmas Hampers and get set to make a mark with your customer appreciation and branding!


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