How To Plan A Spa Day At Home

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:3 January 2024 

Who isn't in need of a little rest, relaxation, and recuperation? There's no better place to chill and unwind than in the cosiness of your own home. You can create your very own spa ritual and emerge the very next day feeling fully refreshed and empowered.

You don't need to turn your living space into a fancy wellness retreat, either. Your spa day at home can be as straightforward as ordering a luxurious spa pamper hamper and revelling in hot water with a glass of wine. Or maybe you want to get together with your girlfriends and share a fun, relaxing girls' day packed with laughter. Or you could surprise your mum on Mother's Day with a home spa session for the two of you to catch up.

No matter your goal, we can show you how to plan a spa day at home. And, if you fancy some much-needed pampering without splurging on expensive treatments, a self-care hamper is a perfect place to start, so we'll also share our best suggestions for pamper hampers.

7 useful tips for how to plan a spa day at home

Spa days are perfect for easing sore muscles, exfoliating dead skin cells, taking the edge off of dry skin, and engaging in some much-needed self-care.

However, relaxation can't happen without the right environment! So, here are seven tips to help you create the perfect spa day from the comfort of your own home:

#1. Create a day spa atmosphere

When you're creating your own spa day at home, setting the overall mood and creating a cosy feeling is a must for relaxation. Clear away clutter and gather your favourite aromatherapy candles or oil diffusers (plus 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil). Dim the lighting, or string up some fairy lights for extra effect.

Our range of hampers with candles are also a great place to start.

 #2. Add mood music

Soothing background music is important in any spa setting. Silence can and does fill your brain with random and cluttered thoughts! Choose your favourite romantic tracks or find the perfect Spotify playlist that includes sounds from nature and whale songs.

#3. Find snuggly accessories

Once you're happy with your space and the sounds and smells of your spa retreat, it's time for all the extras that will make your experience special. Use your fluffiest bathrobe and slippers and your best towels. Comfort and leisure really are the essence of a spa day at home.

Speaking of accessories, a luxury hamper is a perfect companion for a spa day at home – especially our A Touch of Luxury With Chandon Hamper. This hamper features a bottle of Chandon Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut NV, a gorgeous soy candle, two stemless champagne flutes, and a selection of gourmet sweet treats from Morgan's, The Woods Farm, and Maggie Beer.

It's a great gift for spa-loving gals on their birthdays, Mother's Day, or any day in between.

A Touch of Luxury With Chandon Hamper

#4. Make refreshing drinks

Quench your thirst with your favourite mocktails and healthy fruit juices. You can also try out flavoured water recipes by infusing seasonal fruit and fresh herbs like raspberries, lemon, cucumber, or mint in water. Green tea is also a great choice if you'd rather drink a hot beverage.

Not only will a drink nourish you from the inside, but you can relax with a glass of something special and delicious.

#5. Quieten your mind

It's best to start your spa experience unwinding in a different room so you can cultivate the zen energy before entering the spa itself. Or take it outdoors and relax in the sun with a good book. Switch off your phone and sit or lie for half an hour, enjoy some herbal tea, and start to relax and unwind. Once you feel warm and calm, then move to your spa area.

#6. Choose some beauty treatments

The atmosphere is set, so now it's nearly time to sit back and relax. But first, lay out a selection of spa treatments you might want to try. Here are a handful of our best suggestions:

  • Moisten dry skin with coconut oil
  • Add bath salts or bath oils to your bath
  • Make your own body scrub
  • Create your own at-home facial
  • Massage your facial skin with a jade roller
  • Apply gel nails
  • Get a leave-in hair treatment and let it bake under a shower cap for 10-15 mins
  • Apply a rich body cream

#7. Soak away your cares

Once your restorative skin treatments are complete, then a long bath or shower is in store. There's no better way to maintain the relaxing pleasure of a pampering spa session than finishing your day with a long soak. Take your essential oil diffuser and music with you and wallow in self-indulgence.

How to host a sensationally chic spa party for friends

A girls' spa day at home is a fabulous idea for a get-together with friends. It's guaranteed to be fun and soul-restoring at the same time. You can even go all out and plan a full-on slumber party with midnight snacks.

The steps we covered above on how to create a spa day at home will still apply, but each treatment will need its own special area. Make each room cosy and luxurious with cushions, gentle lights, and a selection of little treats.

Additionally, ask your guests to bring:

  • Relaxing loungewear
  • Open-toe fluffy slippers
  • A bath and hand towel
  • Any spa treatment products they love
  • Extra candles or nightlights
  • Spa playlists
  • Eye masks
  • Their favourite bottle of wine or cocktail ingredients
  • Overnight bags and a pillow

You'll need to decide which treatments you'll offer and set these up. Plan it so that each rotation happens around every 30 minutes. You could even make cute spa day signs for each station so that everyone moves in the same direction. Don't forget a station for the drinks and nibbles!

Your at-home spa night checklist for a fun event

Before your friends arrive, add the finishing touches and create an atmosphere to relax and unwind. Close the curtains, light the candles, start playing soft music, and prepare for some fun and laughter by ticking off these checklist items:

Open a refreshing bar

No spa gathering with friends is complete without a fully stocked bar. You can serve herbal teas and fill large jugs with mint leaves, fruit, ice, and water. But also be sure to serve some of the good stuff too! Choose sparkling wine or champagne to make your spa day awesome.

Serve up tasty indulgences

Yes, we know spas are supposed to be healthy, but they're also about pampering and indulgence. Celebrate and enjoy some sweet nibbles while you all lounge. If your friends are there for the whole afternoon, serve a wonderful selection of gourmet snacks, dips, pastries, and desserts that continue until late.

Mani-pedi station

Clear your living room table and put out all the basic equipment. This can include polish and remover, nail files, buffers, hand lotion, and towels. Encourage mingling while nails dry, and make sure you let everyone try some fabulous nail art and nail stickers!

Face mask station

No pamper spa party is complete without relaxing, moisturising face masks. Provide a selection for different skin types, or you can even make your own with natural ingredients from your fridge. Set up brushes to apply them, headbands, small mirrors, and a bowl of iced cucumber for people to beautify their eyes.

Massage station

It's wonderful to have a gentle back, shoulder, and arm massage before you totally chill out. Use a natural product like olive or almond oil or a non-oily massage product. Ask friends to stay for two rounds before moving on. Everyone does one massage and receives one massage.

Meditation lounge

The final tip on how to make a DIY spa day at home is to designate one quiet room as a meditation lounge. You can put blankets or yoga mats on the floor so friends can really zone out. Keep the room silent or play some meditation tapes and let them stay as long as they want!

Our best pamper hampers for a spa day at home

Pamper hampers are a spa day in a box, so they're a great gift for a Mum who wants a spa day for Mother's Day or a lady who loves to lounge in style. So, because we know that gift shopping is far from easy, here are our top hamper recommendations:

Opulent Wellness Hamper

Plan a great spa day at home with The Hamper Emporium

So, now you know how to treat yourself with these awesome spa day ideas that you can do at home for yourself, with friends, or as a special mother-daughter spa day for Mother's Day. We hope that you've found our tips useful, and if you just want to make things easy, try one of our luxurious pamper hampers. Explore our full range of pamper hampers and relax and unwind.


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