Make Your Brand As Memorable As The Christmas Gift Itself

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:20 December 2019 


Secrets To Making Your Brand Memorable



Some brand names everyone can identify, others it depends on the category you are considering. Still, you will immediately recognise these five iconic Australian brands that have made an impact at home and internationally.



What Top Australian Brands Stand Out In Your Mind From 2019?


  1. Vegemite - is there anything more Australian? Don’t we all try and entice any overseas visitors to try it on toast? Of course, we do, making Aussies happy for over 90 years, this brand has built a reputation from childhood to adulthood and beyond.
  2. Bunnings - this iconic DIY store is leading the trade, why? It gives people what they want, and they know it; plus the store’s sausage sizzles and the catchy jingle & ad keeps it at the forefront of people’s minds. The store’s success is built on making everyone feel part of the brand.
  3. Qantas - homegrown pride has kept Qantas at the top of their game, placing Qantas as the International face of Australia and stimulating Aussie sentiment.
  4. Arnott’s - ‘no substitute for quality’ slogan and a strong link to all our childhood food memories keeps Arnott’s as popular today as it ever was, holding it so by relaunching their favourite cracker SAO, first launched in 1904!
  5. Billabong - keeping a finger on the pulse of Australians, there are very few who do not have at least one Billabong boardies, thongs, rashies and sunnies. A focus on the ever-growing beach culture, and providing stylish and relevant clothing pushes the culture forward; making this a respected international brand as well as an iconic Australian one.


How You Can Make Your Brand Iconic?


It has been shown that gaining the customer’s trust is paramount to all the above companies success stories. They have also clearly read the mandate that innovation and experience are required to build a dominating top Australian brand. Companies need to have the interest and drive to build a strong brand, as a lesser brand will note any weakness and quickly step into the breach.


So, what can you do? Here are a few suggestions.


Take Brand Building Seriously


Brand development is not a passing phase folks, and it is more than a bold ad, your brand has to affect people positively. It can then be shared and grow. The internet is a massive contributor to a brand’s discovery, recognition and growth. Your business team has to be fully aware of the internet phenomenon when creating and promoting a brand. It would help if you had a company strategy that positively focusses on brand building with strategies devised that utilise the skills of the marketing team, with input from all departments.


A company cannot sit on its laurels, saying they have a good product or excellent customer service, without showing they have, and getting their customers on-board with the ideas and products, especially if they want to be a top Australian brand.


Brand building is an essential part of who your company is, and you not only have to respect this but build on it, develop it, grow it! Now, back to how do we do that? Try these suggestions,


Actively Interact With Customers


No, a passive feedback form is not enough. Your company needs to be customer-centric, that is, actively listen to what is being said by your customers. Not in ‘yeah, yeah heard before’ sort of way but to collect, collate and evaluate both the positive and negative feedback. Keeping an eye on which is the higher. A lot of negative feedback is not the brand association you want. A high positive rate, keep up the innovation and learn from all experiences.


Invest In Your Online Image & Utilise Modern Tech


Internet technology has increased opportunities, not only for data collection but in an analysis of what is collected. Allowing you to understand your customers better, by evaluating their insights, this, in turn, helps you and your team better micromanage your business. By knowing what your customers feel, gathering intuitive online data is essential to making informed decisions. It would help if you incorporated new tech into your business, so is keeping on top of new directions, no sitting back and letting it happen.


Use social media effectively, is the route to the future and is a cost-effective plan. Speak to your target audience, get the ‘tone’ of your message right, use their language and jargon so that they will hear you. They must see you as well; this is easy to do by using high-impact, attention-grabbing photos or videos. These should be entertaining to watch and have responses that resonate with the customers. Also, reply to any comments or criticisms. Never answer blandly with dull, churned out statements. Let your customer know they have been heard - even if you don’t like what they say!


Be user- friendly with your website design, make sure it is super easy to navigate and with today’s mobile generations that your site is readable on mobile devices. Nothing will turn a consumer off your site as being unable to see your products or read your descriptions on their smartphones. Pick your software tools carefully, ensuring you can provide customer feedback, again building confidence in your brand.


Brand Building By Providing A Unique and Personal Approach


Your brand grows when people have something positive to react to. That can be your customer service, your quality product, you & your staff’s attitudes, how you treat your customers, clients and suppliers.


Take the time to study and evaluate feedback from your customers carefully, and don’t forget your suppliers!


Give bespoke or personalised items to your customers and suppliers. This is where a corporate hamper from Hamper Emporium is handy, not only do these make a unique and thoughtful gift, there is a diverse range to choose from, including delectable gourmet delights, with or without top Australian brand wine or Champagne.


There are savoury, sweet, pamper and chocolate gifts and combinations of all, what is more, these can have an additional personalised gift included. To make the hampers a part of your gifting strategy, we have evolved several corporate options that include your brand and logo. This can be as simple as the free premium personalised gift card or ribbon wrap, to wine wrappers with your brand or logo printed on. You can make these even more special by creating your designs with our corporate brand graphics team.


It would help if you match your gifts with the clients, this takes a little planning but is so worth it in terms of your brand’s growth. Getting to know your clients is a positive ongoing strategy that avoids mistakes like an alcohol gift to a Muslim, or a whole hamper of chocolates to a person with diabetes.


Find Opportunities To Let Your Clients Know Who You Are


To achieve a top Australian brand position, you need to be working closely with your marketing colleagues, to tell your customers, and target customers know who you are. Educate them in every way possible on your industry, product, service or brand. You can do this in several ways,


  • Infographics
  • Comprehensive guides
  • e-Books
  • Video tutorials


Co-operation goes both ways, so get your brand story out there, use every opportunity like marketing campaigns. Make them as personal as possible, avoid bland tech or scientific info - put the ‘human’ into it.


Becoming a top Australian brand can be a slow-building process or have an immediate impact. Whichever happens for you, remember, you need to put effort into maintaining your brand, set in the groundwork and it will evolve somewhat naturally. Much like everything else, your brand does require attention & TLC, especially as our tech world grows.


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