Valentines Gifts For Him & Her

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:27 January 2020 

When you are thinking of making Valentine's Day special for him or her, it is all about showing how much you care for your partner, making them feel extra special on a day that encapsulates love. It does not have to be serious; it can be fun and flirty, just a little different from the day to day norm. From Valentine's hampers to jumping out of planes, it is all about sharing and caring.


Valentine's Gifts For Him - Ladies It's Time To Take Hold Of The Reins!


Are you struggling with what to do for your loved one on Valentine's day? The thing is almost all of us want to make the day special, to show how much we appreciate and value our loved ones, and we like to give it all an element of surprise.


Traditionally the man is supposed to plan the Valentine day; maybe it's time to turn that on its head and surprise him. Take a look at our top tips to turn this 2020 Valentine's Day on its head.


Surprise Him With a Gift


Men like to be surprised too, so send him a gift! It does not matter if it is a new relationship or a long-established one if you put your mind to it, you can still surprise him.


  • Love Letter Time Capsule - fill a glass bottle with messages of love inserted into capsules, to be opened as required!
  • Compact leather monogrammed keyholder - men and their keys, they always have so many. One of these allows a certain number of keys, usually six, to be folded into the case, stops all the jangling discomfort of the keys in their pockets.
  • Choose one of our specially prepared hampers for him. This could be a pamper hamper, like the L'Occitane & Cape Mentelle hamper which includes a luxury robe, a range of excellent French skincare, a bottle of deliciously smooth Cape Mentelle 'Trinders' Cabernet Merlot and some gourmet treats to nibble as he chills. Nothing stopping you indulging in Valentine's hamper for yourself and have a pamper evening together.
  • Treat him to his favourite drink, be that beer, whiskey, cider or champagne and maybe an engraved glass to go with his favourite tipple.
  • Hot Sauce Kit - if your bloke is, or thinks he is a dab hand at the barbie then this is the kit for him. He can then boast away to his heart's content at your next meat feast.
  • Ticketmaster Gift cards - this way he can choose which event, concert or game he wants to go to, with you as his +1 of course! A Tile Pro - the perfect gift to help him find the items he is always misplacing, keys, wallet etc.


You can check out ideas for surprise gifts from several online sources, including Pinterest or online stores like who have put together a comprehensive range of gifts and prices for Valentine's Day.


Go Adventurous: Together


Book that adventure that keeps getting talked about and never actually happens. Then go on it with him. Create memories by having a scary, fun adventure together be that an escape room trip, shark cage diving, or jumping out of a plane.


Share His Favourite Activity


Show how much you love him by arranging a day doing what he loves. Be that fishing, sports, walking; this list is endless. You know what he likes, share it with him, make him number one for the day.


Romantic Dinner At Home


Cook his favourite foods or splash out on something a bit more special, light the candles, dim the lights, make a romantic playlist and enjoy time together. It's Valentine's Day be flirty as well as romantic, you know he loves it. Make it extra special by dressing as he likes to see you; you know the outfit!


Valentine's Day Gifts For Her - Come On Gents Show Her She Is Special To You


Of course, all of the above can apply to the lady in your life. Forgetting Valentine's Day is not an option if you care for the lady in your life. Making her feel special does not have to cost a fortune, especially when the cash is tight, it needs a little thought and some help from us.


Gifts On A Budget


  • Homemade card - if you are an artist spend some time and make a card for her, struggling for a verse check online, plenty available from soppy romance to humour. Not an artist, use the internet and your computer to design and print out a card. These homemade cards will be treasured forever.
  • Candy - your lady got a sweet tooth? You do not have to go for designer chocolate, make up a bag of her favourite store candies, that really shows you know what she likes. If she is a chocoholic, then melt some chocolate and dip some strawberries in it. You can also buy reasonably priced kits to make your own treats for her.
  • Flowers - a well-established tradition for Valentines Day but they can certainly be costly! Try buying one rose, or have you considered making your own? Plenty of online tutorials to make a variety of blooms, use sheet music or paper with love poems on for that extra special effect.
  • Be Relevant - if your partner is not traditional, then you do not have to be. Think outside the box and get her something you know she will love, be that a coat for her beloved pooch or a book from a series she is reading, you can buy the book or go for the Kindle option.
  • Cook her a meal - her favourite naturally but get some candles, rose petals even and make it romantic. Plus, do the washing up!
  • Music - make her a playlist of your special songs. All it takes is time and a bit of thought.
  • Plan an activity, this could be a walk in the park and maybe take a picnic with you or a specially prepared Valentine's hamper with nibbles and wine.


These Valentine's hampers will not break the bank, coming in at less than $100 and delivered free. Beautifully presented, they make any activity that little bit extra special.


  • Chandon Celebration Hamper $99
  • White Wine & Nibbles Hamper $99
  • Cape Mentelle Sweet Gourmet Hamper $89


5 Activities For Valentine's Day That Won't Cost A Lot


Go for a long drive, get away from it all. Don't forget that Valentine's Day playlist of favourite songs to keep you company and set the mood.


  • Movie, music and a takeaway - what could be better?
  • Play board games together
  • Get physical - go for a walk, hike or cycle or in a favourite spot, take the time to absorb the scenery - no charge for spectacular views, or sunrises and sunsets. Of course, Valentine's Day is all about love and loving, so time for the two of you is important.
  • Go to the beach - costs nothing and with a nice picnic or Valentine's hamper, music and your attention it can be very romantic.


Remember, whoever you are celebrating Valentine's Day with, on a budget or the skies the limit it is the thought that goes into the gift or activity you have planned that is important. This is the day when you can say 'I love you' in a thousand different ways.


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