The Best Valentines Songs Of All Time

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:22 January 2020 

What Is The Best Love Song Of All Time?

You can ask 100+ people what is their best Valentine song ever and you will get 100 + answers, all different. For most people, a song for Valentine’s Day is about love finding love, feeling in love, the experience of love. For some, their Valentine’s Day song is a memory of a time and place that love was experienced, shared or even lost. 

For some people a song for Valentine’s Day will make them cry, smile, laugh dance or all four! 

The songs can be from any genre, pop, jazz country, soul, R&B or opera, and today technology has made it so easy to find romantic songs or your special song. You know the one every couple has, even if they don’t acknowledge it. You can find playlists already compiled for you on YouTube, Spotify or any number of music sites. The fun though is in making your own playlist as the perfect Valentines Day gift.

When I started writing this, it quickly became clear that no one song is ‘the’ song, so after some thought, a decision was made that a few little interviews of work colleagues might give some insight into the question, what is the perfect Valentine’s Day Song?

The idea got expanded a little bit, read on and find out what evolved!


Gwenda’s Valentine’s Day Song & Perfect Day

Q: What is your perfect Valentine’s Day Song?

A: With not even a thought, her reply was Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf.

Q: Why that particular song? (In a slightly shocked voice)

A: Been on a few dates, with my now-husband (of 30 years) and he was late meeting me when the cafe behind me was playing Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell, and I was singing along when this bloke came roaring up on his motorbike in his uniform. I remember thinking ‘that's fit’ then realising it was him, cue dropped mouth and frantically beating heart. That feeling is still there today, and whenever I hear that song, I remember it that feeling. 

Q: How would your perfect Valentines Day go?

A: A bike ride anywhere, with a picnic break, just us no grandkids, no dogs, no car.

Q: Oh, nice, and what would you take on this picnic - one of our Valentine's gift hampers?

A: Of course, now hubby can not have a drink, but I can enjoy a glass of red wine. We both like savoury nibbles, so, a bit of a no brainer really, I would take the Ultimate Foodies Hamper with Trinders. It is the perfect mix of savoury and sweet and those Byron Bay Cookie Triple Choc Fudge Bag are what love is all about! The hamper is unique, not your everyday nibbles but gourmet treat time. All the better enjoyed with a couple of glasses of a particularly fine Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot.

Q: Share four other songs you would have on your Valentine’s Day playlist?

A: That's hard but I think I would include ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay sultry and slow. Then pick up the pace with ‘Faithfully’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. My last one would be ‘Something’ by the Beatles.

Q: What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

A: A day without all the obligations of everyday life - and a subscription to a monthly wine delivery!


Lesley’s Favourite Songs For Valentine’s Day

Q: What is your perfect Valentine’s Day Song?

A: My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra an oldie but something about it resonates even today.

Q: Why that particular song?

A: I like the words, and I love the tune, you know the sort of sound you sway to, easy listening when you are with someone or on your own.

Q: How would your perfect Valentines Day go?

A: Well other than a week away somewhere exotic, I think a day at the beach somewhere quiet where you can hear yourself speak or listen to the waves. Just spending quality time with someone you love makes anything you do extraordinary.

Q: Would you take one of our Hampers on your beach trip?

A: No, I’d save that for when we got home. Cuddling up in front of a film with the Moët & Australian Chocolates and Nuts hamper- a perfect end to a perfect day.

Q: Share four other songs you would have on your Valentine’s Day playlist?

A: That’s easy anything by Alicia Keys, especially ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. I would also have ‘Turn Me On’ by Norah Jones, and ‘Shallow’ By Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Q: What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

A: Easy - a cruise or even a short holiday break at a spa.


Nikki’s Valentine’s Day Romantic Song

Q: What is your perfect Valentine’s Day Song?

A: It’s an oldie but always makes me smile, its The Pretenders ‘I’ll Stand By You’, remember first hearing it on Dawson’s Creek.

Q: Why that particular song?

A: Well, it wasn’t that TV series! It was playing when I first met my husband at a party had our first slow dance to it. We played it for our first dance at our wedding; it’s just an evocative, romantic song.  

Q: How would your perfect Valentines Day go?

A: I can think of some incredibly romantic things to do but with three kids and no nearby babysitters its almost impossible at the moment to do much. What I am planning is a very active day for the kids and an early night. Then, we will sneak out to the pool and lie on the beach beds, drink wine, eat nibbles, watch the stars listen to music and talk. Never seems to be time to talk these days.

Q: Wine and Nibbles? One of our Emporium Hampers?

A: Of course, the hamper for us is actually two! The White Wine Nibbles hamper with a bottle of delicious Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2018 and the accompanying gourmet nibbles, that's for me. Still, I’ll share, and the other would be the James Squire Ale hamper, chilled beer and more gourmet nibbles, spot-on for a night together. 

Q: Share four other songs you would have on your Valentine’s Day playlist?

A: For me, I would have to have ‘Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You’ can’t remember who sings it. My valentine song list would also have to have Lionel Richie & Diana Ross singing ‘Endless Love’. I would also have to play ‘Because You Loved Me’ by Celine Dion & ‘A Naturel Woman’ by Aretha Franklin.

Q: What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

A: Babysitters! I’m not sure but chocolates always go down well with me. Although I would love a fancy meal at a good gourmet restaurant.

So our verdict on the best ever song for Valentine's Day?

There appears to be no one perfect song but many, special to individuals for a host of different reasons. The songs of love are endless, and the messages they contain are powerful - have fun choosing your Valentine’s Day playlist and Valentine’s Day gifts.

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