Christmas In July In Australia: What It Is, Why We Celebrate It, & More

Date Posted:15 July 2022 

Christmas in July is an informal, Christmas-like celebration held in July. Since it's finally cold in July down under, it's a time for twinkling fairy lights, a festive feast with friends, drinks by the fire, and celebrating while snow is falling somewhere in the country.

It's by no means a replacement for the real Christmas, nor is it an official holiday, but Christmas in July is growing in popularity.

So, what exactly is Christmas in July? How did it start, and why do we celebrate it? (Apart from the obvious reason as an excuse to catch up with family and friends and have a few drinks together, of course.)

Let's find out…

FAQs about Christmas in July

We've compiled a list of your most common Christmas in July questions, and in this section, we'll answer them.

What day in July does Australia celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in July, as the name suggests, falls on the 25th of July – exactly seven months from the previous Christmas and five months before the next one. This July celebration isn't a proper Christmas, and most Aussies that observe it celebrate it on the weekend closest to the 25th.

Interestingly, some people in the northern hemisphere appear to believe that Australians don't celebrate Christmas in December at all, and instead, we celebrate it in July. The thought behind this misconception is that Christmas is tied to cold weather rather than a religious celebration.

What do you need to know about Christmas in July?

Here are some things you need to know about celebrating Christmas in July:

  • Christmas in July is sometimes called "Australia's Yuletide" or "Yulefest"
  • Christmas in July falls on the 25th, but it's often celebrated on the weekend closest to that date
  • It's socially acceptable to wear Christmas attire to a Christmas in July party
  • People often eat Christmas foods like plum pudding
  • Gifting isn't common at Christmas in July parties
  • Some workplaces observe Christmas in July with an informal morning or afternoon tea
  • Charity drives are common during Christmas in July parties
  • Sending Christmas cards isn't required for Christmas in July

Why does Australia celebrate Christmas in July?

Some Australians celebrate Christmas in July because they want to get the full Christmas experience – cold weather included. In the northern hemisphere, Christmas means knitted jumpers, meeting friends at a mulled wine garden, playing in the snow, getting into the festive spirit by the fire, and indulging in warm puddings throughout the holiday season. None of those things are particularly appealing when it's 30+ outside.

Christmas in July parties are also an excuse for friends, family members, and Christmas enthusiasts alike to get together. Australia doesn't have any major holidays in winter, and because it's unpleasant outside, people are less social during the colder months.

One annual Christmas also isn't enough for many Christmas lovers, especially those with a large and treasured collection of Christmas decorations.

What countries celebrate Christmas in July?

Christmas in July isn't currently an official holiday in any country (as far as we could find online, at least), but it's popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, the U.S. and some countries in Europe.

What is the history of Christmas in July?

There are many theories online about where the idea behind Christmas in July originated. Some say it was first mentioned in a French opera back in 1892; others believe a North Carolina girl's camp started it in 1933. A Baptist church in Philadelphia claims they used it as a way to gather gifts early on in the year to make sure they had enough time to distribute them to their missions all around the world.

The phrase "Christmas in July" has been around in Australia since the early 1980s, and many believe that it came from a group of visiting Irish tourists who saw the snowfall in the Blue Mountain region of New South Wales. They apparently were reminded of Christmases spent back home and started to feel homesick. After convincing the owner of their hotel to throw an event called "Yulefest" to celebrate Christmas, word spread like wildfire, and soon all of the Blue Mountains region joined in.

Today, the occasion is celebrated with a Christmas in July feast with friends and family members.

Do we celebrate Christmas in July?

Yes, many Australians celebrate Christmas in July, though it's not as popular as the real Christmas. The most common ways to celebrate the occasion include having a Christmas in July dinner with friends, attending a winter festival, going ice skating, making gourmet hot chocolate, and attending local community events.

What is the best way to start your own Christmas in July tradition?

Together with family and friends, of course! Why not hold your very own Christmas in July party and invite your friends for a night of gourmet snacks, pudding, and winter fun? The trick to creating a great party is to have a variety of activities for people to enjoy. We recommend board games, card games, a make-your-own hot chocolate station, relaxing by the fire, and dancing.

What are some Christmas in July Australia tips?

Here are some tips for those looking to hold their very own Christmas in July party:

  • Make mulled wine
  • Try melted cheese stations
  • Make Christmas pudding
  • Create pumpkin spice hot chocolates
  • Hang up Christmas lights
  • Prepare a proper Christmas feast with roast, roast vegetables, and all the trimmings
  • Set up some fire pits outside
  • Raise money for a charity

Are there any Christmas in July events in Australia for 2023?

There are many small charity and community events for Christmas in July in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Hobart, and Darwin in 2023. For a full list of local events, refer to your local paper.

Here are some larger, more popular Christmas in July events:




  • Tinseltown
  • Chill Fest Campbelltown
  • Bathurst Winter Festival
  • Pittwater Ice Skating Spectacular
  • Bondi Festival
  • Christmas in July at Parliament House
  • Bastille Festival


  • Christmas in July at P.J. O'Brien's
  • Christmas in July at Gasthaus on Queen
  • The Queen Victoria Winter Night Market
  • Christmas in July with Four Pillars at Arbory Bar and Eatery
  • Winter Wonderland at Grazeland
  • The Beer Run
  • The Winter Village
  • Sovereign Hill's Winter Wonderlights

Brisbane/ the Gold Coast

  • Christmas in July at The Hop & Pickle
  • Christmas in July at the Shingle Inn City Hall
  • VEND Christmas in July Twilight Pop-up Markets
  • Christmas in July at The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Christmas in July at Method To The Madness
  • The Winter Village


  • Christmas in July at Peel Manor House
  • Christmas in July at Durty Nelly's Irish Pub
  • Christmas in July at Galway Hooker Pub
  • The Winter Village


  • The Winter Village
  • Dinner at the Mawson Lakes Hotel
  • Elvis A Vegas Christmas in July
  • Mamaly Christmas in July


  • Christmas in July Festival

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Why wait for December? Celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a less formal and official version of Christmas where Aussies can experience all the joys of a white Christmas from home. Hopefully, you learned something from this blog post, and we answered all your Christmas in July questions.

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