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How To Plan A Baby Shower That’s Truly Special

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:17 February 2020 


So, the exciting day is finally approaching, and it’s nearly time to meet the new bundle of joy. What better time to pamper the mum-to-be and celebrate a new life than with the perfect baby shower!


Of course just the idea of planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, so let us remove the stress with the ultimate guide of how to plan a baby shower.


Even if you’re a novice, it’s easy to organise if you start planning early. We’ve included everything you need to know, including tips for venues, themes, menus, fun and games.


Think of it as your handy guide to customising the perfect baby shower, adding those essential personal touches, from invitations to newborn baby shower gifts and baby hampers for mum & bub.



Getting Ready For The Bump To Arrive


The beautiful tradition of holding baby showers has been popular since the baby boom of the 1940s. It’s a lovely idea and the perfect opportunity for everyone to spoil mum and celebrate the beauty of new beginnings. 


It’s usual to host the baby shower when mum-to-be is between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant. It’s the ideal time while she’s still got some energy and has a cute bump. This early date also means that she can plan easily, exchange any duplicate gifts, and fill the nursery with gorgeous newborn baby shower gifts.



Why Is It So Important To Hold A Baby Shower?


As well as being great fun, a baby shower is also productive and can help new parents feel much less overwhelmed. Relieving anxiety and stress is important, and knowing that loving friends understand and have had the same worries is priceless. The chance to talk and laugh about feelings and experiences goes a long way.


It also gives new parents a helping hand with newborn baby shower gifts. Babies need so many things when they finally show their cute little faces and those special gifts can ensure that many essentials are already covered. Gifting essential items, from natural skincare to soft onesies, is just as important as expensive presents. Don’t forget some pampering treats for the new mum too! 



The Ultimate Checklist For Planning A Baby Shower


  1. Set a budget & date
  2. Find a relaxing venue
  3. Prepare a guest list
  4. Choose a fun theme
  5. Send out invitations
  6. Plan the menu & drinks
  7. Order a scrumptious cake
  8. Think about games & goody bags
  9. Plan some rough timings
  10.  List needed newborn baby shower gifts
  11. Assign a photographer
  12. Make a gorgeous guest book
  13. Shop for accessories & treats
  14. Cook or prepare any food 
  15. Remember the thank you notes!



The 5 Most Important Things To Personalise At A Baby Shower


Baby Shower Location

When choosing the venue, think about what the mum-to-be would like. Is she more relaxed in a home setting, or someone who loves the outdoors or brunching at a street cafe? The time of year, weather and budget will also need to be taken into consideration too! Wherever you decide on, if you keep her personality at the front of your mind, and come bearing newborn baby shower gifts, you won’t go far wrong.


Here are some popular baby shower location options to consider:

  • Cosy restaurant - just book brunch and enjoy!
  • Favourite cafe - coffee & cakes for sweet lovers
  • Party venue - personalise with decorations
  • Scenic outdoor - picnic in a beautiful location 
  • Beach barbecue - guests can bring food to share
  • Home - private and relaxed with catering on hand!
  • Spa session - fun and pampering for everyone 
  • Hobby day - art workshop, bowling alley or ice-skating rink


Guest List & Invitations

Work closely with mum-to-be when deciding on the guest list and date. Then get down to the all-important personalisation. Make sure the baby shower invitations are in keeping with the chosen theme, whether you opt for printed cards or electronic ones. It’s fun to create a Facebook event too, so everyone’s on a countdown to the party. Remember to include ideas for those much-needed essentials and newborn baby shower gifts.


Baby Shower Overall Theme

The chosen theme is one of the first steps for planning any baby shower. There are lots of great ideas around, and they usually also reflect the mum-to-be’s personality and favourite things. If you know the sex of the coming bundle of joy, you could include that too. The fun theme is then used for everything from the decoration ideas to favours, food and newborn baby shower gifts. The key is to unleash your creativity - from Harry Potter to Hawaii!


Menu, Refreshments & Treats

If you’re organising the catering, then baby shower food and refreshments don’t need to be complicated or expensive. You can prepare a tempting spread of finger food and light hors d'oeuvres. Design delicious desserts or bake something in keeping with the theme. Guests can even join in and bring dishes to share. Alternatively, you could order a fabulous gourmet hamper of chocolates, tasty treats and tempting nibbles. Don’t forget to offer soft drinks and a tipple of bubbly champagne for a toast to the new baby! 


Favours, Fun & Games

Most baby showers only last for a few hours but can make memories that last a lifetime. Make sure to take lots of photos, including the newborn baby shower gifts, and have some lovely favours for everyone to take home. Games with prizes are often a fun part of the celebration and can range from simple to absolutely hilarious. Choose between 3 and 5 well-known games like Baby Bucket List, tailor them to the theme, or keep them traditional. They are sure to have everyone crying with laughter!

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Useful Baby Shower Planning Tips


Along with the baby shower checklist, we have compiled some top tips to keep in mind before you start planning. It should be great fun to arrange, and just needs a strategy, some creativity and those wonderful personal touches. Your mum-to-be will have a fabulous time, lots of fun, gorgeous newborn baby shower gifts, and a thousand happy moments to cherish. 


  • Always ensure that the big decisions are made with mum-to-be in mind 
  • Consider her current food cravings and favourite things when planning
  • Choose fun invitations that give everyone a taste of what’s to come
  • Simple decorations make a huge statement: think balloons, flowers or confetti
  • Create an informal but festive atmosphere to meet & mingle 
  • Make a centrepiece of the lovely newborn baby shower gifts
  • Opening gifts can be time-consuming, so consider opening them later
  • Use pillows, cushions or throws for relaxing extra seating 
  • Take advantage of the internet for ideas and free printables 


Our tenth and most important tip is to fully enjoy the planning and your time at the baby shower. Celebrating the next milestone in mum-to-be’s life and welcoming a new arrival is exciting for everyone. The fun and joy are only just beginning!

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