It’s Time For Ladies To Take A Romantic Leap On February 29!

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:5 February 2020 

Did You Know 2020 Is A Leap Year?


The world is full of strange, but wonderful, traditions and we are fast approaching one of the most endearing and well-known ones. 

2020 is a Leap Year, meaning that on February 29, women can take control of their love lives and destinies. Tradition dictates that on this romantic day, we can get down on one knee and ask the love of our lives to marry us!

Here’s everything you need to know about this special day and how romantic gift hampers for men can complete the moment!  


Do Women Really Propose To Men On A Leap Year?


Recent surveys show that less than 2% of Australian women propose to our men, even though a large percentage actually think about it. So, why not make this new year adventurous and take that leap of romantic faith? 

All the pressure usually falls on men to pop the question, but if you feel the time is right, there is nothing wrong with coming up with your own ideas. If you want to make him feel special, loved and important, then there is no better way! Asking him to marry you could end up as the most romantic surprise ever!

So, come on, ladies. The time is nigh, and what do you really have to lose? Plan an exciting day together, a favourite rendezvous, or a touching thought.

Remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so be sure to include a romantic gift hamper for men or a gourmet food and wine basket in your proposal plan! 


The Fun History Of Leap Year Proposals


There are many stories about how this quaint Leap Year tradition evolved. It is thought to date back to Ireland during the 5th century. The legend is that St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women were kept waiting too long for marriage proposals.

St Patrick then decreed that each Leap Year, on this one day, women would be allowed to propose to their suitors.

The very first documented time this happened was in Scotland during the 13th century. Here, a wonderful law was also passed, decreeing that any suitor who refused his proposal must pay the penalty of a princely fine. This could range from a silk gown to 12 pairs of gloves for the jilted woman!


How To Plan The Perfect February Leap Year Proposal


  • Timing Is Of The Essence

    The most important factor is to be sure the time is right, and you are sure of the answer! Most couples broach the subject of marriage at some point in a light-hearted way. Be confident about how he feels about your future together and how your relationship will develop. 

  • Make It Totally Personal 

    When you are thinking about your proposal, be sure it’s perfect for him alone. Bring in some aspects of his personal ‘likes’, choose a favourite spot or include something that will bowl him over like a romantic gift hamper for men. Remember too, this may come as a complete surprise, so keep the setting private unless he enjoys grand public gestures!

  • Explore Your Feelings

    Think about exactly why you want to marry your partner and explain exactly why you have chosen him to share your life with. Saying you love someone is beautiful, but this can make your romantic moment that much more special. Being fully prepared and rehearsed in advance is a must for most people. 

  • Give Him Something To Treasure

    A thoughtful way for women to add to the proposal experience is to include a small gift. This gesture will be personal to you but could be something like a beautiful watch, eternity ring or engraved bangle. Or, choose something to share like a romantic gift hamper for men and a bottle of bubbly champagne.

  • Plan Your Words Carefully

    You may know what you want to say, but underestimate the emotion of the moment. It’s very easy to get tongue-tied or even back out when the moment is approaching. If you are not confident, then find a different way to communicate your thoughts. Write them down or add them to individual gifts in a romantic gift hamper for men.

  • Share Your Ring Shopping

    You don’t want your partner to miss out on the opportunity of making their own romantic gesture. Set a date together for choosing your sparkling engagement ring and make sure he is involved in the whole process. This means men can return the romantic favour, and you get to seal your fate together! 


Eight Romantic Proposal Plans For February 29


  1. As legend dictates women should be wearing a scarlet petticoat, why not treat yourself to one? It’s a fun thought and is sure to result in shared laughter and a positive romantic proposal result.
  2. A treasure hunt is a great idea, with hours of fun. Take him on an adventure and watch as he solves cryptic clues and uncovers hidden treasures. They could be anything from fun items to romantic gift hampers for men filled with favourite treats.
  3. Book a photographer and arrange a photoshoot in your chosen venue. Take some normal romantic or funny pictures of you both first. Then, when you get down on one knee, the moment and your man’s reaction will be captured forever. 
  4. Take him on a picnic to his favourite location. Pack some delicious finger foods, fruit and desserts; not forgetting the chocolate nibbles. Or design your own small romantic gift hampers for men, including food and drinks to share. 
  5. For regular hikers and nature lovers, you could arrange a long walk. Go there the day before to hide a bottle of sparkling champagne and glasses. What could be more romantic than sitting on a mountainside for the big moment?
  6. You could make or order a romantic gift hamper for men or a basket full of pampering goodies. Add little tags attached to the individual items listing all the reasons you love him. Attach your proposal to a vintage bottle of champagne!
  7. If you are worried about holding it together to propose, then why not send him a beautiful hand-written card? You can watch his surprise as he reads it. Or why not bake him an amazing proposal cake with your question iced on the top!
  8. You can’t go wrong with good food, so cook him a fabulous romantic dinner or fire up the barbie. If you’re too nervous to think about preparing food, then order a gorgeous romantic gift hamper for men, packed with gourmet flavours. This way, you can share a champagne toast and tasty treats once he is all yours. 
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However you propose this Leap Day, make sure it’s full of surprises and loving gestures. You can browse our full range of romantic gift hampers for men and start planning this special occasion now. Then it’s just a question of picking your moment.

It’s important to seize the day, and it will be a unique moment to treasure for both of you. Remind him that if he says no, he’ll have to buy you a rose, a new dress and a pair of gloves!

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