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Behind The Scenes: Our New Years Resolutions

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:31 December 2020 

Staff Resolutions For Bright New Beginnings In 2021


Suddenly the New Year is right on our doorstep and annual New Year's resolutions 2020/2021 are on most people's minds. It’s been a challenging year for many people, making this lovely tradition even more important than ever. Everyone needs cheering up, to feel more in control, and have positive things to look forward to. Exciting new beginnings always happen with change.


The Hamper Emporium team has been sharing our thoughts on unique New Year resolutions and searching for inspiration. It’s something we do every year as an incentive to make them and stick to them! Usually, they revolve around our own behaviour, with exercising, losing weight and a healthy diet always featuring highly in the top 10 New Year's resolutions list.


But, somehow these typically popular resolutions don’t seem appropriate this year. They don’t seem big enough or bright enough. As our plans for New Year's Eve and celebrations are going to be a lot different then maybe our resolutions should look different, too!


Creative New Year's Resolutions That Will Make A Difference





Nikki, Director of Marketing


After the terrible bush fires this year affected so many people across Australia, I think it should be more about spreading goodwill. Some of our suppliers were involved, and I saw first-hand just how devastating the effect was. For me, my New Year resolution will be about doing more to support good causes and local communities. There’s always a small way we can all help as individuals, even if it’s just buying local. I think it’s an important year in so many ways for reaching out and caring.


Sam, Senior Graphic Designer


I agree completely. I’m an avid eco supporter, and the effect on the countryside and wildlife was disastrous and heartbreaking to watch. With the pandemic then taking centre stage, there’s still so much to be done to help. Also, important things like pollution have lost public attention too. My resolution is to try to make a difference to our beautiful country and planet however I can. I’m even coming to work on my bike!


Katharine, Digital Marketing Assistant


My New Year resolution has to be about family and friends (but don’t tell them). I’m pretty good at keeping in touch, but this year has made me realise how easy it is to take things for granted. We’ve been fairly lucky in Australia, but I see how so many families have been separated from their loved ones this year. So, I’m going to focus on making more time for cosy chats and get-togethers with them all. They’re going to be in for a few surprises too.


Michelle, Copywriter


I think mine has to be about trying to live life to the fullest and being more spontaneous. I’m usually so busy working that I don’t even look up, let alone have any quality time doing new things with loved ones. I’m always cheerful and see the best in everything, but I reckon if I can spread that positive thinking around, it would be a great thing. There’s nothing better than cheering someone up or spreading a smile far and wide!


Sofia, Brand Manager


I know we said health was an ordinary New Year resolution, but I think it’s extra important this year. It’s shown how vital staying fit and healthy actually is like never before and not just physically. It’s about being aware of mental health too and taking time out to relax and pamper yourself a bit. It’s about doing things you love every day, helping people along and generally feeling happy. I’m with Michelle on the smiles too; spread them everywhere.


A gourmet meal with friends


5 Tips For Sticking To Your New Year Resolutions


  1. Choose one meaningful thing that you are passionate about in life

  2. Plan small ways you can do something each day towards success

  3. Commit to a date and be firm and motivated in your commitment

  4. Stay strong and if you fail at the first hurdle start again the next day

  5. Celebrate every success, however small, and reward yourself with a treat!


Relaxing at home


Simple Lifestyle Tweaks To Chime In The Changes For 2021


What is your New Year resolution? This year, ours are more about life and good-for-everyone goals. They will make you, and everyone around you, feel fantastic. As the bells chime at midnight this year, nearly everyone will be glad this year is over and psyched to make the new one amazing. It’s all about positive vibes, reaching out, and creating new memories. This is the New Year to savour every moment, enjoy every small thing and spread that love around!


Whatever your New Years resolution ideas 2020 / 2021, we hope we gave you some inspiration and festive food for thought.


Happy New Year from everyone at The Hamper Emporium!


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