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Give the perfect candle hampers to set the tone and create just the right moment. Our candle gift hampers suit a range of different gifting occasions. To pamper, choose a relaxation bath and candle hamper featuring a gorgeously scented candle and restorative gifts. For a special evening, choose romantic wine and candle hampers to create an intimate mood. To let someone know you are thinking of them, choose a soothing candle and tea gift basket. Your scented candle gifts for her will delight.

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Candle Hampers Australia

There are many reasons to give candles as a gift. Make any candle gift set even more wonderful by pairing a stunning candle with a selection of gifts to create the perfect candle hamper to suit the occasion. Our favourite combinations are pamper and candles with relaxing bath products, beautiful tea and candle gift sets, and romantic wine and candle gift baskets.

Gift Hampers with Candles Delivered

Escape the everyday and indulge in the beautiful fragrance of hand poured, soy wax candles with a generous burn time. For luxury candle gifts Australia with delivery, a candle hamper makes for an impressive present. From relaxation to romance, wine and candle gift baskets will delight. Scented candles are luxurious gifts that help set the mood, whether that's relaxation, cosiness, or romance.

You'll find a selection of beautiful and unique candle gift hampers delivered to delight at The Hamper Emporium. For a new or soon-to-be-mum, give a relaxing new baby or pregnancy hamper with a candle to encourage her to take a little me time. Candles and champagne hampers are the ultimate in lazy weekend gift ideas, and a candle and chocolates hamper is the perfect reward for a job well done. Candle and diffuser hampers make wonderful homewares gifts. Sending a sympathy candle gift hamper is a nice way to offer your condolences.

Romantic Candle Gift Boxes

Gift boxes with candles are considered romantic because they create a special level of intimacy. For a more impressive gift basket when choosing candles for wedding gifts or an anniversary, pair with chocolate and wine for a complete candle hamper. Offer them a chance to relax and unwind with a range of different scented candles for men and women.

What goes with a candle as a gift?

Candle gifts are versatile and can be paired with different items to create a unique gifting experience. Wine and candle gift baskets are wonderful for a romantic candle gift or for a housewarming present. Pairing chocolate and a candle makes a lovely thank you or pampering gift. Create candle and spa gift baskets by choosing skincare, fragrances, or a robe.

The most popular gifts to pair with candles are:

  • Relaxing bath soak
  • Silk eye mask
  • Organic tea
  • Bath robe
  • Flowers
  • Wine or champagne
  • Chocolates
  • Scent diffuser
  • Skincare
  • Journal

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