How to Make a Gift Basket?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 July 2018 

Creating the perfect gift basket requires a lot of consideration. There are loads of things to think about; this goes from the items you will include to the presentation box. Of course, nobody is better in making perfect gift baskets than the Hamper Emporium, so we decided to share some of our top tips to make hampers! So, if you are thinking about creating a hamper, be sure to read through the tricks provided by the Hamper Emporium below.

How to Make a Baby Gift Basket?

Before we start making our baby gift baskets, we always ask ourselves who we are making the baby gift baskets for. For example, are we making baby gift baskets containing presents for the parents and the baby, or do we stick to items for the baby alone?

Creating the perfect baby gift baskets also demands a theme; this could be the basic blue or pink theme, but also neutral themes such as grey, yellow, and red. Of course, some themes for baby gift baskets are not even based on colour, since some could be based on a children’s movie or book.

Even though you can be extremely creative with baby hampers, there is always one rule to consider. You must always include lots of functional items for the baby; this could be a comforter, growsuit, or even a teether. Simply ask yourself which items the baby can use and then add them to your created gift basket.

How to Make a Chocolate Gift Basket?

Chocolate gift baskets are popular for special occasions throughout the year. If you need a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or even Mother’s Day, one of our chocolate gift baskets is always appreciated. However, if you are looking to create your own chocolate gift baskets, these are some of the things to take into consideration.

No matter how you twist and turn it, chocolate gift baskets must contain a variety of chocolate selections. You are not obligated to choose chocolates from different chocolatiers, although it can help to ensure a better chocolate variety.

At the Hamper Emporium, we have chocolate gift baskets made in honour of a single chocolatier, Butlers Irish Chocolates. However, this is a brand with a large product range; this makes it possible to create an amazing hamper with plenty of chocolate variety.

When creating a chocolate gift basket for the first time, it is easier to choose chocolates from different brands. Do not hesitate to choose international brands either and go outside of your comfort zone with some more exotic chocolate options.

How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket?

Creating Christmas gift baskets can be the most challenging out of all gift basket creations, since the theme for these hampers requires some creativity, while sticking within the acceptable Christmas colours and patterns.

For the Christmas gift baskets at the Hamper Emporium, our team can go in many different directions. We offer traditional Christmas gift baskets, containing products such as handmade Christmas cake, a bottle of Australian shiraz, and a full selection of Christmas chocolates. Of course, we have other Christmas gift baskets too, which deviate from the norm but still fall within the Christmas theme.

Anyone who is quite creative can create an impressive Christmas gift basket, but that does not mean that this person will select the right products. The products you include in Christmas gift baskets must have a brilliant Christmas theme; this could relate to the nature of the product but also the packaging.

Naturally, the presentation box of your Christmas gift basket should meet the standards of Christmas too. When it comes down to selecting a presentation box, you can choose one that is made from a variety of materials. That being said, materials such as wood and cardboard tend to be most popular.

In addition to choosing the size and the material of the presentation box, you should also pay close attention to the colour of the box. For the holiday season, stick to colours such as white, red, and gold. However, a combination of dark blue and white can also be appropriate. Themed presentation boxes can also be an option; for example, a presentation box that has a grey colour and a bunch of white snowflakes.

Why Is Buying a Gift Basket from the Hamper Emporium Easier and Better?

Buying a gift basket from the Hamper Emporium can be more cost-effective and less time-consuming. Due to the fact we buy products in bulk, we can offer customers a much better deal than if they were to buy the products individually. We also take the hard work out of the presentation of gifts, immediately providing you with a matching presentation box. So, as soon as the gift basket arrives, it is ready to be gifted to your recipient.

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