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What Chocolate Hampers Do You Have for Mother’s Day?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:20 April 2016 

The chocolate gifts in the Hamper Emporium catalogue are definitely suitable for Mother’s Day. Instead of creating a basic chocolate hamper with Cadbury chocolate or American chocolate, why not grab one of our luxury chocolate hampers containing premium chocolates from well-known international brands. Want to get familiar with our gift baskets for Mother’s Day? Discover some of the finest chocolate hampers for Mother’s Day below!

The Pure Indulgence Hamper for a Complete Pampering Experience

When you want to gift your mum the ultimate pampering experience, the Pure Indulgence Hamper from the Hamper Emporium shop will be perfect. The Pure Indulgence Chocolate Hampers has more than delicious chocolate, basic milk chocolate and plain chocolate bars, because our Pure Indulgence Chocolate Hampers contain premium chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao, as well as a range of sweets that is unmatched in quality and flavour.

Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao are two chocolate brands that are used quite regularly in the chocolate hampers of the Hamper Emporium. Each brand has their own set of unique characteristics. Butlers Irish Chocolates is mainly known for handmade chocolates with full flavours, while Willie’s Cacao is known for the use of premium exotic cacao beans.

Our Pure Indulgence Hamper contains more than chocolate, because it also contains an incredible selection of biscuits and sweets, which includes biscuits from Maison Fossier. French biscuit manufacturer Maison Fossier has been around since the 1700s, so their biscuits are baked according to tradition and with plenty of experience. We decided that the biscuits of Maison Fossier could not be missing for Mother’s Day, which is why we added Maison Fossier French Palmier Pastries, Maison Fossier French Almond Macarons and Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses.

In addition to the large range of biscuits, sweets and chocolates, customers can also enjoy an excellent bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne, one of the finest champagnes this world has to offer. With Moet & Chandon Champagne, your mum is bound to have an unforgettable Mother’s Day, so be sure to grab a Pure Indulgence Hamper for your mum this year!

The Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper for Luxury Loving Mums

When your mum loves the finest things in life, one of our luxury chocolate hampers is going to go down well. One of these luxury chocolate hampers is the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper, which contains a luxurious bottle of French champagne, outstanding chocolates and a hand-selected range of biscuits and sweets.

The hamper designer of the Hamper Emporium wanted to make sure that this hamper contained some of the most luxurious products in the world, which is why Hamper Emporium’s hamper designer selected Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne for this gift hamper.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne is made with a large variety of grapes, which comes from 50 to 60 different vineyards in France. Thanks to the combination of grapes, the Veuve Clicquot champagne house is able to deliver a champagne that is unmatched where aroma and taste palate are concerned.

The chocolate selection in the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper is provided by Butlers Irish Chocolates, which is by far one of the best chocolate brands in the world. When you obtain the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper for your mum this year, she will receive the Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection, which is delivered in a gift wrapped box, and the Butlers Chocolates Handmade Chocolate Collection.

The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper for Trendy Mums

If you mum is someone who enjoys following the latest trends, and purchases a lot of cosmetics, the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper will be the best gift for Mother’s Day. The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper is not just an average chocolate hamper for Mother’s Day, because it also contains a variety of products from MOR Cosmetics.

To ensure your mum will get all the cosmetics she needs on Mother’s Day, we have added three of the finest products from the MOR Marshmallow range; this includes the MOR Marshmallow Perfume Oil, the MOR Marshmallow Hand Cream and the MOR Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap. All these products have the trademarked marshmallow fragrance, so your mum is bound to love these.

Of course, a chocolate hamper for Mother’s Day would not be complete without a large selection of premium chocolates. For the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper, the Hamper Emporium relied on trusted brands Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao.

The Sweetest of Gift Hampers

If your mum has a serious sweet tooth, she is going to love the Sweetest of Gift Hampers. In the Sweetest of Gift Hampers, your mum will find the best sweet treats in the world, which includes brands such as Maison Fossier, Butlers Irish Chocolates, Luken & May and many more.

A sweet hamper would be incomplete without a selection of cupcakes, which is why the Hamper Emporium added Great Temptations Carrot & Walnut Cupcakes to the mix. Great Temptations cupcakes are made with fresh Australian ingredients, which deliver cupcakes with popular flavours such as vanilla swirl and chocolate.

When you have a large amount of sweet treats in a gift hamper, you will need something to clear your taste palate. Still, this particular hamper needed something that could clear the taste palate but complement the sweet treats at the same time. For that reason, the Hamper Emporium team selected Harney & Sons Vanilla Camoro Tea.

Harney & Sons Vanilla Camoro Tea can be consumed at dessert time, but can also provide our customers with a good night sleep. The tea does not contain any caffeine, which means that you do not have to worry if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. This popular black tea is definitely the perfect product to finish this chocolate hamper, and will be appreciated by mums who like to take good care of themselves.

Free Delivery on Mother’s Day Hampers

When you order a Mother’s Day hamper from the Hamper Emporium this year, you will get a free standard delivery! Make sure you pick one of our great quality hampers and benefit from all the perks you can get from the Hamper Emporium!