White, Milk or Dark Chocolate? Which Does the Hamper Emporium Love Most?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 March 2016 

The Hamper Emporium has a beautiful selection of chocolate hampers filled with white, milk and dark chocolate, but which of these chocolates does the Hamper Emporium like the best? The answer to this question is all of them, because the Hamper Emporium has a true passion for chocolate! If you want to discover some of our premium chocolate hampers, be sure to read our hamper recommendations below!

Sensual Enjoyment with the Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper

Our Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper is one of our most popular chocolate hampers for couples, because this chocolate hamper is perfect for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Featuring an excellent bottle of champagne and a premium selection of chocolates, one of these chocolate hampers is going to make your Valentine’s Day or anniversary absolutely unforgettable!

The champagne in our Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper was obtained from the Veuve Clicquot champagne house, which has one of the most prominent champagne labels in France. When you are looking for sensual enjoyment, a bottle of luxurious Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne will certainly deliver.

Our Luxury Chocolate & Champagne Hamper also contains a premium selection of chocolates, which has been hand-selected by our experienced hamper designer. Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection and Chocolate Collection both come in a beautifully presented gift box. These chocolates appeal to everyone’s taste preferences and contain dark, milk and white chocolates!

The Perfect Pampering Experience for Women – The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper

There are a number of chocolate hampers on the Hamper Emporium that have been especially designed for women. The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper is one of those chocolate hampers, because it has a pink theme throughout the hamper.

Finding pink products to go in this dedicated chocolate hamper is one thing, but finding pink products of the highest quality is another. Fortunately, the Hamper Emporium has an experienced hamper designer who knows where to get gourmet products of the finest quality. Thanks to the efforts of our hamper designer, we were able to add magnificent products such as the Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé, Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses and a selection of MOR Cosmetics.

Of course, the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper would not be a chocolate hamper without a good amount of chocolates. To ensures the suitability of this hamper for chocoholics, we also added premium chocolate selections from Butlers and Willie’s Cacao. Butlers chocolates come in dark, milk and white chocolate form, while Willie’s Cacao brings you an exotic piece of chocolate unlike you ever experienced before.

Celebrate Christmas with the Chocolates & Red Hamper

The Chocolates & Red Hamper is one of our most popular chocolate hampers for the festive season. Inside this chocolate hamper, recipients will find an exquisite selection of Butlers chocolates, combined with an exotic chocolate square from Willie’s Cacao. To make the Chocolates & Red Hamper extra festive, we also added an exclusive shiraz from the Brown Brothers winery.

A bottle of 2010 Brown Brothers Cellar Release Shiraz is not so easy to obtain, considering it is only available at the cellar door of the Brown Brothers winery at the moment. The Hamper Emporium was able to acquire a few bottles of this Shiraz for their chocolate hampers, so lovers of chocolate and wine will certainly appreciate one of our Chocolates & Red Hampers. 

The 2010 Brown Brothers Cellar Release Shiraz is not only a great wine for wine drinkers, because it is also a desired collector’s item. Instead of drinking this Shiraz right away, the 2010 Brown Brothers Cellar Release Shiraz can be kept in a wine cellar for a couple of years until it has reached its preferred drinking time.

The Best of Australia & France – Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts Hamper!

Some chocolate hampers on the Hamper Emporium combine some of the best products two countries have to offer. Our Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts is one of those hampers, because it combines some of Australia’s best nibbles with France’s best champagne.
The Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts Hamper contains an exquisite bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne, a champagne that is favoured by celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Scarlet Johansson and Roger Federer. Given the fact that Moet & Chandon Champagne is known and loved all over the world, your recipient is bound to recognise it when he or she opens their beautiful gift hamper.

We also included some chocolate treats from Morgan’s, who successfully combined chocolate with coffee beans, fruits and roasted peanuts. If you would like to try something different than the traditional chocolate bar, or would like to provide a unique selection of chocolate to your recipient, Morgan’s boxes of nibbles are going to be the best choice.

Experience a Unique Gourmet Adventure with the Sweet and White Hamper

Many chocolate hampers of the Hamper Emporium deliver a completely unique gourmet experience. One of these chocolate hampers is our Sweet and White Hamper, which contains a variety of gourmet products in addition to a wide selection of chocolates.

In addition to “The Dessert Menu”, which is an excellent selection of Butlers chocolates, recipients can also count on delicious chocolate biscuits, gourmet crackers, a selection of fruit past and organic olives. 

The Hamper Emporium also added a bottle of 2014 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc to the mix, because you cannot have the ultimate gourmet experience when you do not have a good bottle of wine. The 2014 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc will certainly deliver the gourmet experience you are looking for and more, because this is an award-winning wine with many facets waiting to be uncovered.

More Chocolate Hampers on the Hamper Emporium

We only mentioned a few chocolate hampers that are available on the Hamper Emporium website, so you can have to look at our online catalogue to discover more hidden gems amongst out chocolate hamper range. If you are in need of premium chocolate or a gourmet experience, our catalogue will have something suitable for you!

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