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Butlers Chocolates White Hot Chocolate 230g

Butlers' famous white hot chocolate, containing up to ten cups of hot chocolate mix. Luxurious white chocolate cups from chocolate giant Butlers, an Irish company famous for their creamy chocolates. The ultimate treat for chocoholics, a selection of the finest white hot chocolate cups from Butlers.

A unique white chocolate experience that doesn't disappoint, made by Butlers Chocolate, the Purveyors of Happiness. A twist on traditional hot chocolate, savour the rich joy that Butlers white hot chocolate brings.
Butlers White Hot Chocolate, Feel the Ultimate Chocolate Experience

Everyone who loves chocolate likes to experiment a little. Instead of the standard hot chocolate, why not try something slightly more adventurous. One of Butlers most popular inventions, the white hot chocolate milk, is now available in our Christmas hampers!

Traditional Flavours with Passion

Butlers chocolate is famous for many things. The original Butlers chocolate was first released in 1932, when Marion Butler created her first line of chocolates called “Chez Nous Chocolates.” 

The company was eventually bought by Seamus Sorensen in 1959, who eventually named the company Butlers to honour the memory of its founder. 

Butlers chocolates is still run by the Sorensen dynasty, staying true to the traditional and exceptional flavours that Marion Butler started the company with.

The Butlers Range 

Over the past few years, Butlers has released a wide variety of chocolates. From the traditional dark chocolates to milk chocolate with a bit of a twist, the Butlers range has it all.

Of course, your chocolate experience is not complete without experiencing a white chocolate milk. So what better way to experience white chocolate milk than choosing one of Butlers latest releases? 

White Chocolate Christmas Hampers

Do you want to taste Butlers white hot chocolate for yourself? Or do you want to gift it to someone who really loves chocolate? Then we have good news for you! Hamper Emporium has added this particular Butlers release to a great number of our Christmas hampers.

Is there any better way to spend the holidays then enjoying a great time with the family while drinking one of the most delicious cups of hot chocolate you have ever tasted? We don't think so either, so have a quick look at our Christmas hampers and discover everything we have
to offer you.

Want More Chocolate?

Are you looking for more Christmas hampers with chocolate? Then you are also in the right place at Hamper Emporium! Just like you, Hamper Emporium does like a good piece of chocolate, so we selected a large range of chocolates for many of our gift hampers.

The types and forms of chocolates you will find in our Christmas hampers is pretty diverse as well. We provide everything from dark chocolate to white and milk chocolate. In addition to that, you can also count on a good amount of truffles and pralines.

Some of the gift hampers we can recommend to you, especially where chocolate is concerned, are the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hampers, the Pure Indulgence Hampers or The Sweetest of Gift Hampers.

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