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Corporate Gifts

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We offer a range of corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression on clients and customers, show your appreciation to your employees, and celebrate management's hard work and dedication. We've got gifts for all special occasions, including Christmas, the End of the Financial Year (EOFY), work anniversaries, and the successful completion of a project.

Explore our range and give your giftee a gift they'll cherish.

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Corporate gifts in Australia

The perfect corporate gift can help you make a great impression, say "thank you" the right way, and celebrate professional accomplishments and milestones. The Hamper Emporium has a gorgeous range of gifts for potential clients, valued customers, staff, managers, board members, shareholders, and everyone in between.

Our corporate gifts come with free shipping Australia-wide, and we provide a free premium card with each gift.

Explore our range and elevate your corporate gifting efforts today.

Corporate gift ideas 2023

  • Chandon Celebration Hamper – Best gift for corporate clients
  • Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper – Best gift for top-performers
  • Self-care and Tea Hamper – Best end-of-year gift
  • The Ultimate Foodies Hamper – Best gift for a team
  • Gourmet Nibbles Hamper – Best non-alcoholic gift
  • Sweet Bites Hamper – Best gift for people with a sweet tooth
  • A Touch of Luxury Hamper – Best gift for freshly onboarded clients

FAQs about corporate gifts

This section will answer your most common questions about corporate gifts.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of giving a present to clients, customers, staff, managers, board members, shareholders, and other company stakeholders. Corporate gifting helps companies:

  • Show appreciation
  • Give their business a competitive edge
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones
  • Get customers' attention
  • Distribute promotional merchandise to potential customers
  • Celebrate a special occasion (like the end of the year)
  • Build trust
  • Improve their brand awareness and image

Some companies gift promotional products like mugs, pens, and keyrings with the company's logo or name on them – though this is a more typical gift for a client, not an employee. Employees are typically given gift vouchers, gift sets, or hampers.

What are the most popular corporate gifts?

The most popular corporate gifts are branded promotional products like:

  1. Drink bottles
  2. Coffee mugs and cups
  3. Engraved keyrings (usually with the company logo)
  4. Tote bags
  5. T-shirts
  6. Office accessories with your logo on them
  7. Wine glasses
  8. Gift sets
  9. A themed gift box (like a chocolate gift box, for example)

Hampers are also steadily growing in popularity. Hampers are one of the most well-received types of corporate gifts because they contain a range of items, so there's something for everyone.

Do you offer any personalised corporate gifts?

Yes. You can customise our promotional corporate gifts by adding a custom ribbon with your logo and two brand colours and adding a custom gift tag with a personalised message. Our graphic designer can also create a custom gift tag for you.

Do you offer corporate gift delivery services?

Yes! We can deliver your promotional gifts Australia-wide, including to employees' homes, your head office, or one or more branches.

Here's how long shipping takes on average:

  • 1-5 business days to NSW, VIC, and QLD metro areas
  • 3-6 business days to TAS and SA metro areas
  • 5-12 business days to Perth, Darwin, and regional areas

What to gift to a company CEO?

A hamper is a very thoughtful gift for a CEO. Hampers truly spoil someone, and they're packed full of goodies people are unlikely to buy themselves.

We recommend the Moët Indulgence Cheese Hamper for CEOs. It features a bottle of Moët and Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne, two gourmet pastes, two types of wafers, and two types of Maggie Beer cheese.

Moet Indulgence Cheese Hamper

What are the best business gifts?

The best business gifts and promotional items are generous and have a personal touch that makes them memorable. Here are our top corporate gifts:

  1. Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper
  2. The Ultimate Foodies Hamper
  3. Red Wine & Sweet Bites Hamper
  4. Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper
  5. Rosé Sweet Epicure Hamper

What to give as a gift from a company?

A hamper or gift box is a fantastic gift for corporate customers, clients, staff, managers, and employees. Hampers contain a selection of items, so there's something for everyone. They're also full of luxury items that people don't buy for themselves.

We recommend that companies add a custom ribbon and gift tag to their gifts. They really pull the look of the hamper together, and they guarantee your gift recipient won't forget who it's from.

What are the rules for corporate gifts?

The Hamper Emporium has helped companies navigate corporate gifting for many years now, and here are a few rules we've learned along the way:

  • Check that your gift is acceptable under the compliance laws of the gift recipient's industry
  • Check that your gift recipient's company or entity allows them to accept gifts
  • Add your brand message and logo to the gift
  • Giveaways at corporate events are often subject to the rules of the entity holding the event
  • Don't just gift to new clients – include valued clients, too
  • If you're gifting internally, make sure your gifts are equitable and consistent between employees (though it's fine to reward tenured employees with higher-quality gifts)
  • If gifting internally, check if your company handbook allows the gifting of alcohol (some companies don't allow it on-site)

Should corporate gifts have custom branding?

Corporate gifts don't need custom branding to be effective, but it does help. Branded corporate gifts look more cohesive and professional. You don't need to include a promotional product or anything too flashy – a custom ribbon with your company logo and brand colours and a custom gift tag is more than enough.

Can I bulk order a particular proportional product?

Yes! We're happy to fulfil bulk orders. To place one, call our team on 1300 459 452, fill out the corporate enquiry form, or use our bulk ordering platform.

Treat your staff and clients to unforgettable corporate gifts

The Hamper Emporium's corporate gift service will impress your clients, staff, and stakeholders with gourmet food, high-quality homewares, and items they won't find anywhere else. We've got an extensive range of stunning corporate gift hampers.

Our gifts come with free delivery Australia-wide, plus we provide a free, premium card with each order. We can also customise your gifts with a custom ribbon and gift tag.

Explore our range and elevate your corporate gifting efforts today.

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