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What Can I Buy for the Best Dad This Father’s Day?

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:1 August 2018 

Is your dad truly the best dad in the world? Then he deserves a special treat! Fortunately, the Hamper Emporium can deliver that special treat in the form of our cheap Father’s Day hampers. These Melbourne Father’s Day hampers and Sydney Father’s Day hampers have been created by our hamper designer, so your dad can get a wonderful experience. Need some recommendations from the Father’s Day Hampers collection? Read our overview below for more information!

What Do I Buy for the Perfect Dad Who Likes Beer?

There are plenty of beer hampers in our Australian Father’s Day hampers collection, so customers will have many choices for dads who love beer. Of course, even the Hamper Emporium team has its favourites in the Father’s Day hampers range. For our team, this is the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper.

The Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper from the Australian Father’s Day hampers collection is an exquisite choice, because this hamper contains some of the world’s best beers. Inside the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper from the first Father Day presents collection, you can find beers such as Menabrea Birra Lager, La Trappe Blond, Hoegaarden White Beer, Chimay White Trappist and Bitburger Premium Beer.

Your dad will also get some delicious nibbles with this hamper from our Australian gifts for dads range, because this hamper also contains gourmet nibbles. These nibbles include Baylies Epicurean Delights Plain Lavash, the Native Australian Chip Company BBQ & Wild Thyme and Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives. So, if you want a good all-round beer hamper for your father, this is the advised choice!

What Do I Buy for the Perfect Dad Who Does Not Drink Alcohol?

If your dad does not drink alcohol, we can recommend the ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper from the Australian Father’s Day gift hampers collection. The ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper from the Father Day gifts collection only contains gourmet treats, so it does not contain any alcoholic beverages. However, this does not mean that this hamper is any less quality than our Father Day gifts with alcohol.

Inside the Entertainer Gourmet Hamper from the Father Day gifts range, customers can find many different gourmet brands. One of these brands is Baylies Epicurean Delights, an Australian gourmet brand that is known to handmake gourmet treats with fresh Australian ingredients. The Hamper Emporium certainly values the quality they can deliver, so Baylies Epicurean Delights is used in our finest gourmet hampers.

In addition to Baylies Epicurean Delights, the ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper also contains fresh Kalamata olives from Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives are simply bursting with flavour, because these organic olives come from an olive grove that is known to make the best Australian extra virgin olive oil! In conclusion, this hamper is simply packed with superior quality!

What Do I Buy for the Perfect Dad Who Likes Cider?

If your dad is quite a lover of a good cider, be sure to consider the ANZAC Ciders Hamper. The ANZAC Ciders Hamper is packed with premium ciders from Matilda Bay, Saxton and many others. The hamper also contains some delicate gourmet treats, which compliment all the ciders in the hamper.

One of the gourmet treats inside the ANZAC Ciders Hamper is the Baylies Epicurean Delights Plain Lavash. In true Baylies Epicurean Delights style, this lavash is made with fresh Australian ingredients in the Baylies Epicurean Delights kitchen.

What Do I Buy for the Perfect Dad Who Likes Chocolates?

Dads who like chocolate will undoubtedly appreciate the Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper. The Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper is a collection of champagne, chocolates, and a whole lot more. Naturally, customers can also count on the quality promise of the Hamper Emporium!

The Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper contains a lot of chocolate, which have been obtained from Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao. From Butlers Irish Chocolates, our hamper designer obtained Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection. From Willie’s Cacao, our hamper designer obtained the Willie’s Cacao White Chocolate Square.

Each of the chocolate selections in the Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper has something unique. For the Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection, it has a double layer of confections with some unique flavours such as lemon sorbet, dark truffle and milk chocolate gianduja. Willie’s Cacao White Chocolate offers the flavour of the purest cacao beans, which is loved by exotic chocolate lovers.

In addition to all that, your dad will also bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne. The champagne is one of the highest awarded French champagnes, delivering a palate of brioche and vanilla.

When you choose the Chocolates & Red Hamper for Father’s Day, you can also count on some extras that usually come with the gift hampers from the Hamper Emporium. Firstly, the hamper is accompanied by a free Australia-wide Father’s Day delivery. It also comes with a free gold gift card, which can be personalised by the customer. So, whether you need to get your Father’s Day gifts delivered or need some Australian personalised Father’s Day gifts, the Hamper Emporium can deliver both!

Where Can I Find More Gift Hampers for the Perfect Dad?

Do you want your dad to get the ultimate pampering experience? Do you want to keep your options open and discover some of our other quality hampers? If so, be sure to head over to the main range of Father’s Day hampers to discover more options!

Need some help selecting the right hamper for the perfect dad? Count on the experience of our expert team and contact us by telephone, email or live chat!

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