Why Are The Hamper Emporium Hampers The Best Hampers On The Market?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:8 April 2015 

Why The Hamper Emporium Hampers Are The Best On The Market?

There are dozens of retailers selling gift hampers, so why would you choose for Hamper Emporium gift hampers? Hamper Emporium offers many advantages to customers, from free deliveries to a large range of high quality products. So let us look at what Hamper Emporium can
offer you.

Gift Hampers Filled with Top Brands

Customers who visit our range of gift hampers will immediately notice a large amount of top brands. Hamper Emporium only selects products of the highest quality, so when you buy one of our hampers, you will surely find a number of brands that are known to be delicacies. Some of the top brands that Hamper Emporium offers are Butlers, Fardoulis, Brown Brothers, Elsa’s Story and many more.

Gorgeous & Luxurious Wrapping

People who shop at Hamper Emporium do not need to worry about wrapping their gift hamper. Hamper Emporium delivers each gift hamper in a luxurious keepsake box that will wow the recipient. 

From Gourmet Hampers to Corporate Hampers

The gift hampers on Hamper Emporium are not limited to one particular type. Some retailers limit themselves to only providing gourmet hampers, while others only provide wines or other alcoholic beverages. 

When you shop at Hamper Emporium, you will not experience this problem. The Hamper Emporium basically has every type of hamper, from gourmet hampers and alcoholic beverage hampers to baby gift hampers.

Plenty of Corporate Baskets

Hamper Emporium also specialises in corporate hampers, so you will find plenty of options for businesses. The Hamper Emporium offers special rates for bulk orders over 25 hampers and also provides a brilliant branding service.

Our company employs and in-house designer that can incorporate the brand of any company on a gift hamper. This service can offer a wide spectrum of things, going from customised gift tags to branded ribbons. Even if you have no idea what you would like, our in-house graphics designer can provide you with a branded corporate hamper that will look amazing. Businesses are also able to convey their own ideas to the designer, which will then be incorporated into the branded gift hamper of their choice.

Companies that order 25 gift hampers or more, can take advantage of a free branding set-up, which is also a great way to advertise. Do you want more information about our branding options? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly support staff.

Amazing Delivery Options

There are not a lot of companies that offer the same amount of delivery options as Hamper Emporium. Customers who buy a gift hamper on Hamper Emporium, can immediately take advantage of our free standard delivery service. The delivery times of the free standard delivery option may vary according to your location and generally lies between 1 to 7 days. Customers are also able to convey their individual delivery request to Hamper Emporium and our staff will try to accommodate where possible.

Customers living in the Sydney Metro area can use one of the extra delivery options of Hamper Emporium, the same day delivery. When customers place an order before 1 pm on weekdays, the order will arrive that same day. During a busy period, your gift hamper might arrive as late as 7 pm, but you can be sure that you will get it on that day.


Hamper Emporium also offers her clients the opportunity to return an order when they are not happy with an order they have received. It is also possible to cancel an order, but this must occur within 24 hours before the delivery date. 

Free Advice

Our company offers more than just gifts. When you shop at Hamper Emporium, you can always count on the professional advice of our team. Our staff has years of experience when it comes down to gift giving, so if you really cannot decide what type of gift to get, you can always count on our team!


With a large amount of services, products and even a free standard delivery, Hamper Emporium is definitely the best place in Australia to get your gifts. If you have bought from Hamper Emporium before, do not forget to visit us again! The Hamper Emporium range gets updated regularly, so you will find new items to discover on a regular basis.

Do you have any additional questions about Hamper Emporium or our gifts? Do not hesitate to contact us! Hamper Emporium can be reached by telephone or by using the chat function on our main page. Happy Giving!

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