Christmas Chocolate Hampers Melbourne

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 November 2017 

Are you looking to pamper a Melbourne recipient with one of the best chocolate hampers in our collection? Then be sure to read through our information below, where we have listed the best Melbourne hampers for chocoholics. Choose one of these chocolate hampers, and we can guarantee your recipient will be extremely happy this holiday season.

What Is the Number One Chocolate Hamper for the Chocoholic?

Our first recommendation is one of our most popular Melbourne hampers for the holiday season, the Champagne & Christmas Cake Hamper. The name of this hamper is surprisingly deceiving when looking for chocoholic gifts, but this hamper from our Melbourne hampers range does contain countless chocolates to pamper your recipient!

In addition to exquisite chocolates from Ernest Hillier, the Champagne & Christmas Cake Hamper from our Melbourne hampers collection contains an exquisite bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, beautifully complemented by a handmade Christmas cake. A sweet tooth will not want anything else from our Melbourne hampers range this holiday season.

What Is the Number Two Chocolate Hamper for the Chocoholic?

At the Hamper Emporium, customers can find many Australian hampers jam-packed with chocolates; this is certainly the case for one of the most extensive Australian hampers in our collection, the Sweet Epicure Hamper.

Not only is the Sweet Epicure Hamper from our Australian hampers range an excellent choice for the chocoholic during the holiday season, this hamper is guaranteed to be appreciated for other special occasions too. Inside the Sweet Epicure Hamper from the Australian hampers collection, customers can find chocolate selections from premium brands such as Butlers Irish Chocolates and Ernest Hillier, but also handmade sweet treats a sweet tooth will adore! So, this hamper from our Australian hampers collection should also be on your shortlist for the holidays.

What Is the Number Three Chocolate Hamper for the Chocoholic?

You do not always need the biggest budget to buy one of our best chocolate hampers, this much is proven by the Chandon Celebration Hamper in our chocolate hampers collection. Inside this hamper, customers can find a bottle of Chandon sparkling wine to celebrate the holidays, but also a selection of finger-licking chocolates.

To ensure premium quality for this budget-friendly hamper, our hampers designer chose chocolates from one of Australia’s leading chocolate brands, Ernest Hillier. The chocolate-covered treats are a big hit amongst chocoholics, but also recipients with a sweet tooth. So, this hamper could be gifted to many recipients during the holiday season.

What Is the Number Four Chocolate Hamper for the Chocoholic?

The number four chocolate hamper this holiday season is also one of the pamper hampers, since the following hamper was created to provide a pampering experience to all female recipients. Our exquisite L’Occitane Celebration Pamper Hamper from the pamper hampers collection is bound to do just that, especially with the immense selection of chocolates found in this lovely gift basket.

Our L’Occitane Celebration Pamper Hamper from the pamper hampers collection is not just your average chocolate gift basket though, since this hamper contains many other products that will provide your recipient with a relaxing and indulgent experience. In addition to chocolates, this hamper from the pamper hampers collection contains biscuits, sweets, cosmetics, sparkling wine, and a whole lot more! So, is there any reason why you shouldn’t choose this pamper hamper from the pamper hampers collection?

What Is the Number Five Chocolate Hamper for the Chocoholic?

The number five chocolate hamper for the chocoholic is another hamper you cannot pass on, the Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper. Suitable for chocoholics as well as champagne collectors, this chocolate basket will not let you down for any occasion.

In addition to the countless chocolates and the exquisite bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne, this hamper contains some extras too. Inside the hamper, customers can find some of Australia’s most popular treats, including tapenades and shortbread! So, if you decide to gift this hamper for a special occasion, it will take your recipient some time to discover everything this chocolate gift basket offers!

Can I Get Corporate Branding for the Chocolate Baskets at the Hamper Emporium?

Customers can get corporate branding for any gift hamper at the Hamper Emporium; this includes our chocolate baskets. To acquire corporate branding, simply head over to the corporate hampers page to discover options such as ribbons, gift tags, experience vouchers, and engraved gifts.

Where Can I Discover More Chocolate Gift Baskets for Chocoholics?

Need more inspiration for a chocoholic’s gift? Check out the other chocolate gift baskets available at the Hamper Emporium. On our website, customers can find a dedicated section, which only contains chocolate gift baskets. So, select “chocolate hampers” from the main menu and check out the other goodies waiting for you in our collection.

Do you have a question about a chocolate gift basket or the products it contains? Feel free to contact the Hamper Emporium team via telephone, email, or instant messaging.