What Are the Best Corporate Perth Hampers?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:6 December 2017 

Are you looking to promote your company with one of the corporate Perth hampers in our catalogue? Then be sure to read on, because the Hamper Emporium is about to disclose their best corporate Perth hampers. Make sure you leave a lasting impression, and choose one of the recommended Perth Corporate Hampers below.

What Is the First Recommended Corporate Perth Hamper?

Our first recommendation from our corporate Perth Hampers catalogue is the Classic Celebration Hamper; this hamper is the best gift hamper to advertise your business during the holiday season. However, the Classic Celebration Hamper from our Perth hampers catalogue is used for other special celebrations too.

The Classic Celebration Hamper is one of the largest corporate Australian hampers in our catalogue, which means it is a suitable gift for several people working at a large company. Of course, it is also suitable to truly impress that one business relation, or that one prospective client you are trying to land.

With the Classic Celebration Hamper from our Australian hampers catalogue, you will be gifting your recipient the ultimate selection of gourmet nibbles; this includes anything from chocolates and shortbread to tapenades. The Classic Celebration Hamper from our Australian hampers catalogue also includes a bottle of champagne and an exquisite wine, which any recipient will appreciate greatly.

What Is the Second Recommended Corporate Perth Hamper?

Another way to impress your business relation is by choosing the Luxury Hennessy Hamper from our Australian hampers range. The Luxury Hennessy Hamper from the Australian hampers catalogue is the best gift hamper for businessmen, since it contains a genuine bottle of cognac.

When the best cognac in the world is mentioned, the name Hennessy often enters the discussion. Hennessy has been one of the most prominent cognac labels in the world, providing a quality drink with outstanding aroma and palate. So, if you are looking for the best gift hamper for the cognac lover, one of our Hennessy hampers could be best.

In addition to a genuine bottle of Hennessy cognac, customers can also find hand-selected gourmet treats inside the Luxury Hennessy Hamper. Naturally, each of the nibbles included in this hamper were selected for their specific flavour, since each of them matches the aroma and the palate of the Hennessy Cognac.

What Is the Third Recommended Corporate Perth Hamper?

Customers who want the best gift hamper for the whiskey lover should undoubtedly choose our number three in this overview, the Glenmorangie Whiskey Tasting Hamper. To please the whiskey lover, it is often best to provide them with a variety of whiskey flavours. Fortunately, the Glenmorangie Whiskey Tasting Hamper provides that combination with four different Glenmorangie whiskies.

The four whiskeys in the Glenmorangie Whiskey Tasting Hamper are obtained from the Glenmorangie core range; this is the range that contains the most outstanding releases from Glenmorangie, but also the whiskies that represent their brand best. If you are buying for a whiskey lover with a preference for Glenmorangie, there will be no doubt that this is the best gift hamper for them.

The whiskies inside the Glenmorangie Whiskey Tasting Hamper are beautifully complemented by some gourmet treats. Just like our Hennessy hamper, the treats inside our whiskey hamper are specifically selected to match each of the Glenmorangie whiskies. Since this hamper contains various whiskey flavours, customers can expect different flavours for the gourmet nibbles inside too.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Corporate Perth Hamper?

Our fourth recommendation is the Classic Port Hamper at the Hamper Emporium. The Classic Port Hamper has a 10-year-old Grand Tawny Port as the centrepiece, a lovely gift that always leaves a lasting impression with the recipient.

In true Hamper Emporium style, our hamper designer also added the matching gourmet nibbles for Penfold’s Father 10-Year-Old Grand Tawny Port. To please the port lover, he included Baylies Epicurean Delights crackers, Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives, various Gourmet Regional tapenades, and other remarkable treats that will make Penfold’s classic port even better.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Corporate Perth Hamper?

The fifth suggestion for an important business relation is the White Wine & Nibbles Hamper, a classic hamper that has been a part of the Hamper Emporium catalogue for many years. Of course, our team regularly updates the products inside the hamper; this to keep the hamper exciting and new.

This year, the Hamper Emporium has replaced the white wine inside the White Wine & Nibbles Hamper and chose a genuine Robert Oatley Signature Series Sauvignon Blanc. Since Robert Oatley is one of the most awarded wineries in the country, we are sure our customers agree with this new addition.

Businesses who need to buy something for the wine lover won’t be disappointed with the updated White Wine & Nibbles Hamper. Not only does it include the new Robert Oatley Signature Series Shiraz, it also includes many of our classic gourmet nibbles from Baylies Epicurean Delights, Gourmet Regional, Partridges Artisan Bakehouse, and many others.

Does your recipient prefer red wine over white? No problem, because the Hamper Emporium also provides the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper. As you may have guessed already, the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper is remarkably similar to the White Wine & Nibbles Hamper. However, the white wine has been replaced with a lovely red shiraz from the Robert Oatley signature series.

How Do I Add Corporate Branding to My Recommended Hamper?

As soon as you have selected your corporate hampers, you can acquire corporate branding at the Hamper Emporium. To order your corporate branding setup, please head over to the “corporate hampers” section on the website; this can be accessed from the main menu.

Need to order several corporate hampers? Be sure to use our bulk form to order corporate branding for several gift hampers immediately! Alternatively, you can contact the Hamper Emporium and place your order over the phone; this could be a timesaver for many customers!

Do you have a question about the corporate branding options for our recommended corporate hampers? Get in touch with our expert team via telephone, email, or chat.

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