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Belgian Waffle Iron

Real, traditional Belgian waffle iron, which enables you to create authentic Belgian waffles. Functional Belgian waffle iron, created according to the Belgian traditions and the perfect addition to any kitchen. A real Belgian waffle iron, enabling aspiring cooks to create the most amazing Belgian waffles.

Make crispy edged golden classic waffles with this easy to clean stovetop Waffle Iron. Put it on the BBQ or campfire too! Real, traditional Belgian waffle iron, which enables you to create authentic Belgian waffles.
Bake Delicious Belgian Waffles with our Belgian Waffle Iron!

Many people believe that Belgian waffles can be made with any waffle iron. This statement is incorrect, only a Belgian waffle iron can create the waffles Belgium is famous for. Let us take a closer look at the Belgian waffle iron and the gift hampers you will find it in.

Why a Belgian Waffle Iron is Different

The Belgian waffle is famous for golden crispy sides and a fluffy middle. However, it is impossible to create such a waffle with another waffle iron, simply because it is not designed to create this particular type of waffle.

A good Belgian waffle iron, which you can find in our gift hampers, is characterised by a number of things. Some of the most important factors for a Belgian waffle iron are even heat distribution, fast warming-up times and anti-stick coating. The traditional Belgian waffle iron also has a traditional square shape.

The Belgian waffle iron you can find in our gift hampers has all these characteristics. The best thing about this great waffle iron is that it can be used on the stove, barbecue and even campfire! This means that you can even bake traditional Belgian waffles when you go camping!

Breakfast in Bed Gift Hampers

Customers can find the traditional Belgian waffle iron in our Breakfast in Bed Gift Hampers. These gift hampers provide you more than just the Belgian waffle iron, because you will also find some recipe books, butter bursts and some gorgeous English tea. 

Get Your Waffle Iron Delivered for Free

Hamper Emporium believes that everyone should be able to enjoy gorgeous Belgian waffles, so we try to encourage people to purchase our gift hampers with the Belgian waffle iron. For that reason, we provide a free delivery for each customer buying one of our Breakfast in Bed Gift Hampers.

Customers in Sydney Metro can also get their hamper on the same day. The only thing customers have to do is select the same day delivery option before 1pm on a working day. Once we receive the order, we will process and deliver that very same day. That way you can enjoy gorgeous Belgian waffles in a matter of hours!

Food Hampers

Customers who like to enjoy delicious foods should also have a look at some of the food hampers we have to offer. Whether you like delicate French biscuits or true Australian snacks, our food hampers will definitely have something you like. 

Purchasing one of our food hampers is also very beneficial, because we also provide a free delivery for all customers purchasing one of our food hampers.

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