Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle

Gorgeous cuddly toy from the Guess How Much I Love You story books, written by Sam McBratney. Officially licenced toy with an internal rattle that stimulates the baby’s senses, perfect for any newborn baby boy or girl. Beautiful cuddly toy, based on the Guess How Much I Love You story books written by Sam McBratney.

From Guess How Much I Love You Story Books, Little Nut Brown Hare makes a gorgeous first companion for baby.

Well-loved character from the story books Guess How Much I Love You, Little Nutbrown Hare will make a perfect first friend for baby.

Submerge Your Child in Story Books with the Little Nutbrown Hare Rattle

Customers who are familiar with the Guess How Much I Love You storybooks will probably recognise this Little Nutbrown Hare Rattle. The cuddly toy is a licensed addition to the famous storybooks and gives your child a visualisation of the stories you read to them. 
Let us take a closer look at this gorgeous toy and discover the additional gift hampers where you can find the Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle.

The Guess How Much I Love You Collection

Customers that choose one of our gift hampers containing the Little Nutbrown Hare Rattle, will also get addition items from the Guess How Much I Love You collection, including the story books written by Irish author Sam McBratney.

Safety Features

The Little Brown Hare Rattle is perfectly safe for any child, even newborn babies. The toy has an internal rattle, but no small objects on the outside that could be swallowed by the child. The design of this particular toy is therefore completely safe for young children. 
In addition to being incredibly cuddly, this rattle also functions as a comforter for a newborn baby.

Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle Gift Hampers

Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper

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Loved the world over, famous from the Guess How Much I Love You series, Little Nutbrown Hare will be a sweet little friend for baby.