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MOR La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle 390g

Beautiful scented candle from MOR Cosmetics, perfect for relaxation or as a decoration item in your home. The perfect addition to your exotic candle collection, providing a beautiful scent in your home. Beautiful MOR Cosmetics candle containing the finest ingredients and providing a beautiful scent.

Breathe in the fragrance of bygone times and relax in your own secret garden. This Aromatic Soy Candle will create tranquillity and enliven any space Relax with the MOR La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle

Hamper Emporium offers many products from MOR Cosmetics, including the MOR La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle. The beautiful soy candle will help you relax in even the most stressful times, so be sure you take advantage of our gift hampers containing this functional La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle.

Burns Longer

Many people are not familiar with the difference between soy wax candles and regular candles, but there is a crucial difference. Soy wax candles will burn considerably longer than normal candles and have an excellent fragrance release. The soy wax candle burns up to 60 hours and for that very reason is the La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle the perfect gift choice!

Gorgeous Fragrance

The La Bohemienne Aromatic Soy Candle from our gift hampers have a gorgeous fragrance. Customers will be able to detect balsamic blackberries, apple blossoms, tangerine, jasmine and vanilla sugar. 

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